Zenhaven Mattress Review

Editor’s Rating – 8.8/10

More and more customers are realizing that latex mattresses can deliver a great night’s sleep with their combination of contouring, resilience, and durability.

The Zenhaven mattress, made by the Saatva mattress company, is built with high-end Talalay latex that offers an excellent blend of softness and bounce. The Zenhaven also comes with a unique feature: each side of the mattress has a different firmness level, allowing you to simply flip the mattress if you want it to be more or less firm. Though the Zenhaven is somewhat more expensive than most foam mattresses, it nevertheless provides solid value and great performance.

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Zenhaven Mattress – Green Materials, Innovative Design, Great Mattress

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Zenhaven Mattress Specs


Cover Organic Cotton
Flame Retardant Organic New Zealand Wool 1/2″
Top/Bottom (Luxury Plush) Talalay Latex 1.5″ 14-19
Luxury Plush Support Talalay Latex 3″ 25-29
Gentle Firm Support Talalay Latex 3″ 30-34
Top/Bottom (Gentle Firm) Talalay Latex 1.5″ 20-24


How is the Zenhaven Mattress Built? 


The Zenhaven mattress has 6 layers. While we’ll list these from “top to bottom,” in the case of the Zenhaven, the mattress is reversible such that either side can be facing up.

  • Top layer: .5″ of wool inside an organic cotton cover.
  • Second layer: 1.5″ of Talalay latex with an ILD of 20-24. The feel of this layer is Gentle Firm.
  • Third layer: 3″ of Talalay latex with an ILD of 30-34.
  • Fourth layer: 3″ of Talalay latex with an ILD of 25-29.
  • Fifth layer: 1.5″ of Talalay latex with an ILD of 14-19. The feel of this layer is Luxury Plush.
  • Bottom layer: .5″ of wool inside an organic cotton cover.

This mattress is built with a solid and innovative design. It uses thick layers of high-end latex, but each latex layer has a slightly different firmness level. The company has placed these layers carefully within the mattress so that each side has a different firmness feel while the mattress as a whole is durable. The use of wool and organic cotton in the cover can also help with temperature regulation and a comfortable and inviting feel.

Comfort and Firmness

Customers can choose whether they want to sleep on the Luxury Plush size of the mattress (firmness of 4-5) or on the Gentle Firm side (7-8). In offering two firmness options, the company shows off its recognition that there is no such thing as “universal firmness,” and in this process, gives customers of this mattress more choice and ability to find a comfort level that works for them.

While both sides can be expected to have the common characteristics of latex — notably bounce and resilience — customers will likely find that they sink more into the Luxury Plush side. This may offer a feeling of more hug to the body, though some hug can still be expected on the Gentle Firm side as well.



Support is all about how well a mattress promotes spinal alignment, and the Zenhaven does an excellent job in this regard. While latex usually does not sink as much as a material like traditional memory foam, it nevertheless is able to compress in proportion to how weight is applied to it. As a result, it can give extra cushion where it is most needed, helping to relieve pressure points in the body. In addition, the Zenhaven has designed their latex to have 5 “zones” that are intended to make the mattress more responsive and cushioning in the heavier parts of the body.

While most sleepers will find this to offer plenty of support, some may want a more enhanced amount of contouring to the body. Though the Luxury Plush side will have a bit more hug and contouring, latex in general offers slightly less of this type of feel compared to traditional memory foam.

Sizing and Pricing

Mattress Sizes Price
Twin $1,299
Twin XL $1,349
Full $1,699
Queen $1,899
King $2,499
California King $2,499

Firmness, Trial, Warranty

Firmness Sleep Trial Warranty
Luxury Plush (4-5) or
Gentle Firm (7-8)
120 nights
($99 return shipping fee)
20 years


Zenhaven Mattress Ratings

  • Materials and Quality 95%
  • Support and Comfort 90%
  • Cooling 90%
  • Edge Support 80%
  • Trial/Warranty 75%
  • Value 80%

Edge Support

Though the Zenhaven does not have any special design elements intended to increase edge support, it nonetheless performs relatively well in this area. The overall strength of the latex layers in this mattress helps to maintain support at the edge as does the quick resilience of the latex foams. While we don’t recommend deliberately hanging off the edge of this bed at night, it offers above-average edge support.


How does it handle motion? Is it responsive? 

The Zenhaven mattress is around average when it comes to motion transfer. On the Luxury Plush side, because there is more sink into the mattress, there is less motion transfer than on the Gentle Firm side. On the Gentle Firm side, in particular, you can expect to notice some movement by a partner sharing the bed. This happens largely due to the bounce of the latex, which makes it harder to isolate motion.

In terms of responsiveness, the Zenhaven offers a great blend of contouring and resilience. It certainly compresses to accommodate your bodyweight, especially with the 5-zone latex design. At the same time, it springs back to its original shape quickly, and this bounce helps to make it easy to move about on the mattress.

Does it regulate temperature? Does it sleep hot?

Like most latex mattresses, the Zenhaven has few problems when it comes to sleeping hot. Latex does not have major heat retention tendencies, and the resilience of the latex helps keep you from sinking too far into the mattress in a way that blocks airflow. Most people find that latex has excellent temperature regulation and is more inclined to sleep cool, and this is true of the Zenhaven mattress.


The Leesa mattress is built to be a crowd-pleaser, and it succeeds. As long as you’re not looking for anything out of the ordinary in your mattress, like extra firmness or an especially cool sleep, the Leesa is likely to meet all your needs and then some.

It’s perfect for the average sleeper, and its track record of excellent reviews supports that. The Leesa is made of high-quality materials and features and great balance of support and cushion for your aches, pains, and tired joints. Minimal motion transfer makes it a great mattress for couples as well. If you’re thinking about buying a Leesa mattress, you’re in for a treat.

Is there a smell?

While you may notice a slight smell when the mattress is brand new, there is no serious offgassing that occurs with a latex mattress like the Zenhaven. In addition, because it is made mostly with natural materials, there is a much lower propensity for a chemical smell.

How durable is it?

The Zenhaven mattress is one that should hold up well over years and years of regular use. First, latex tends to be a more durable material, and this mattress uses latex that is produced according to high standards. Second, there are no clear weak layers in this mattress. Each latex layer is thick enough to absorb the expected amounts of weight and pressure. We have found few customer reports of durability issues with the Zenhaven mattress.

What Do Zenhaven Customers Think?

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Amazing Mattress!

“I’ve had other highly-regarded mattresses in the past, but the Zenhaven stands head and shoulders above them all. Quality construction, excellent customer service, and–most important–more than 200 nights of amazing sleep without any soreness in the morning are characteristics of the Zenhaven. I am a huge fan.”



The Most Comfortable Mattress We’ve Owned

“After having the Zenhaven for about 4 months now, we can say that it is by far the most comfortable mattress we’ve owned. We’ve found it to have the perfect balance between firmness and some give, and can consequently sleep really well in about any position. Will definitely consider the Zenhaven as we replace other mattresses around the house.”



Best mattress I have ever owned

“I wish I would have pull the trigger on this purchase earlier. It is amazing how great this mattress is. So much better than memory foam. It is hard to put into words the difference it makes. I guess I just never knew what I’ve been missing out on all these years. Very pleased.”



Happy Camper!

“Both my husband and I LOVE this mattress. Great from night one. Still love it 6 months later. We are still on the soft side and find it plenty firm, but nice to know I have a “new” firmer bed with just the flip of the mattress. Latex is like nothing else. Firm but bouncy, breathable, you don’t sink in like foam and it works great with an adjustable base. Also I bought the Zenhaven because of the organic materials and humane wool gathering practices. And great customer service. Thanks!!!”


Who is the Zenhaven mattress best suited for?

The truth is, given the quality of its design, including the 2-in-1 firmness option, the Zenhaven is well-suited for most sleepers. The firm side can be excellent for back and stomach sleepers, while the softer side can help accommodate the pressure points of side sleepers.

Given the bounce in the mattress, it’s also an excellent choice for people who prioritize having a mattress that is good for sex, and with its thick and well-built layers, it also makes for a great option for heavy sleepers.

Lastly, given that it is made with mostly natural materials, the Zenhaven is an top pick for people who want something with a “greener” design.


Zenhaven Mattress Review – Conclusion

The Zenhaven mattress is built with an innovative design and a commitment to quality materials. As a result, it delivers excellent performance nearly across the board and is a viable option for almost anyone. It has just the right amount of contouring and bounce, and with two firmness options to choose from, caters to the needs of most sleepers. It also comes with free white-glove delivery.

The only downsides to the Zenhaven mattress have to do with cost. Its initial cost is higher than most foam mattresses and some other latex mattresses on the market. Also, if you decide to return the mattress, you have to pay a $99 fee, which makes the sleep trial not truly 100% risk free.

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