Mosaic Weighted Blanket Review 2021

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Owner Laura LeMond founded Mosaic Weighted Blankets in 2011. She suffered from Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and found that sleeping with weight on her while she slept resulted in an increased sense of calm. Mosaic Weighted Blankets is the result of LeMond’s personal experiments and her desire to help others.

Mosaic focuses primarily on weighted blankets, including options for both children and adults. Different blanket designs include varying shell materials to create different feels. Multiple color options and weights are available.

While there are multiple blanket options available, most fall into five main categories:

  • Minky Blanket – The Minky Blanket has a soft, minky shell and comes in four size options.
  • Cotton Blanket – The Cotton Blanket has a breathable cotton shell and comes in six size options.
  • Organic Blankets – The Organic Blanket has an organic cotton shell and comes in three size options. An organic cotton weighted comforter is also available.
  • Coolmax Weighted Blanket – The Coolmax Weighted Blanket’s shell uses Coolmax fabric, which is engineered for breathability and moisture-wicking. It comes in four sizes.
  • Grab Bag Weighted Blanket – The Grab Bag Weighted Blanket is available in two size options. It has a cotton shell,  but you do not select the fabric color.

This review will focus exclusively on the blanket options listed above. However, Mosaic also produces a waterproof weighted hospital blanket, a weighted travel blanket, a weighted sleep mask, a weighted shoulder wrap, a weighted lap pad, and more.

In this review, we’ll cover the Mosaic’s construction, performance, pros and cons, company details, and much more.

  1. Several shell fabric options with distinct feels
  2. Multiple sizes, weights, and designs
  3. Options for children and adults
  1. Plastic pellets may make noise
  2. Plastic pellets might be felt through the shell

In-depth Mosaic Weighted Blanket Review

Types of Mosaic Weighted Blankets

Mosaic Weighted Blankets produces a large array of weighted blanket options with varying designs and benefits. Most of these weighted blanket options vary primarily in the type of fabric used in the shell. The composition of the shell affects the feel and breathability of the blanket, which can also affect who the blanket is best for.

  • Coolmax Weighted Blanket: The Coolmax Weighted Blanket is fabricated for people who tend to sleep hot. The shell uses Coolmax fabric, which is constructed to sleep cool by wicking moisture and allowing airflow.
  • Minky Weighted Blanket: The Minky Weighted blanket may be a good choice for people who enjoy a soft, plush feel. The shell is constructed of minky polyester.
  • Organic Cotton Weighted Comforter: The Organic Cotton Weighted Comforter and the Organic Cotton Weighted Blanket have shells composed of organic cotton, so they may appeal to eco-conscious sleepers.
  • Cotton Weighted Blanket: The Cotton Weighted Blanket uses a shell made of cotton. Since cotton is breathable, it may appeal to sleepers who tend to sleep somewhat hot but do not feel the need for a blanket engineered specifically for cooling.
  • Grab Bag Weighted Blanket: The Grab Bag Weighted Blanket uses a cotton shell. However, you cannot select the color of the fabric. Because of this, the price point is lower, so it may be an excellent choice for budget-minded customers who aren’t picky about the fabric color.

Sizing and Pricing

Prices between the Mosaic Weighted Blankets vary based on the blankets’ construction and options.

In general, weighted blankets that use higher-quality materials come at a higher price point. The same is true of Mosaic Weighted Blankets. The Organic Cotton Weighted Blanket and the Organic Cotton Weighted Comforter are generally more expensive than Mosaic’s other offerings. However, if you are passionate about organic materials, this expense may be justified.

The Grab Bag Weighted Blanket is Mosaic’s most budget-friendly option. While it uses the same materials as some of Mosaic’s higher-priced options, there are no color options for the fabric.

Most weighted blankets cost between $100 and $300, though you’ll also find more expensive options. Mosaic’s options fall into the average price range. The tables below detail the size and weight options, and the blanket prices.

SizeDimensionsWeight Options
Child38″ x 50″5, 8, 10 lbs.
Throw30” x 60”8, 10, 12 lbs.
Twin42″ x 72″10, 12, 15, 18, 20 lbs.
Full54” x 75”15, 18, 20, 25 lbs.
Queen60” x 80”20, 25 lbs.
King76” x 80”20, 25 lbs.
Weighted BlanketsOrganic Cotton Weighted ComforterGrab Bag Weighted BlanketWeighted Blanket For Anxiety

**Prices listed are from company website. Prices may fluctuate on third-party sites like Amazon.

Materials and Design Information

Mosaic Gray Minky Weighted Blanket

Mosaic produces a huge array of design options for both children and adults.

Children’s blankets are available in solid colors, but you can also find lots of fun patterns that children may enjoy. Pattern options include superheroes, animals, and characters from popular movies, games, and TV shows.

Adult blankets are available in many of the same patterns as children’s blankets, but there are also unique pattern options available.

Color options include Black, Blanca White, Beige, Latte, Brown, Lavender, Gray, Ocean Blue, Light Aqua, Navy Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, and many more.

While Mosaic offers a lot of color and pattern options, note that the exact options vary between blanket options. Not all design options are available for all blankets. Check Mosaic’s website for specific design details.

Mosaic Weighted Blanket Performance

If you’re looking for choices, Mosaic has them in droves.

Mosaic produces multiple blanket styles, including the Coolmax Weighted Blanket, the Minky Weighted Blanket, the Organic Cotton Weighted Comforter, the Organic Cotton Weighted Blanket, the Cotton Weighted Blanket, and the Grab Bag Weighted Blanket. Each blanket offers distinct benefits to suit sleepers’ needs and preferences.

Mosaic also has multiple size and weight options. The size options may make it easier to select the dimensions that are right for you and your bed. The weight options give you more flexibility to find your preferred weight.

Additionally, Mosaic has dozens of color and pattern options. There is enough variety to match virtually any aesthetic, whether you’re looking for a simple look, and elegant option, or a fun pattern. The construction and design of the blankets are solid, but the options are what makes Mosaic stand out.

The table below shows how we rate the Mosaic Weighted Blankets on a scale from 1 (worst) to 10 (best):

Inner Fill★★★★★★★★☆☆
Outer Material★★★★★★★★★☆
Weight Options★★★★★★★★★☆
Distribution of Fill★★★★★★★★★☆
Ease and Use of Cleaning★★★★★★★★★☆
  • Inner Fill: Mosaic Weighted Blankets use hypoallergenic pellets composed of BPA-free plastic. Since these pellets are bigger than most glass beads, you may be more likely to hear them shift position or feel them through the blanket. Larger plastic pellets are also unlikely to provide the close contouring associated with glass beads.
  • Outer Fill: Different Mosaic blanket options use different shell constructions, allowing you to choose the feel of the shell. Options include a minky polyester, breathable cotton, organic cotton, and Coolmax fabric.
  • Breathability: The breathability of the shell varies between blanket options. The cotton, organic cotton, and Coolmax shells are more breathable than the minky shell, which provides a cozier feel. The plastic bead fill is not as breathable as most glass fill.
  • Weight Options: Weight options vary between blanket options and size options. In total, there are eight weight options, so most sleepers should be able to find a weight that feels appropriate to them.
  • Distribution of Inner Fill: Mosaic Weighted Blankets use quilted squares to distribute the plastic pellets for even weight distribution. This ensures they don’t bunch up in one corner or pool at the bottom.
  • Durability: The Mosaic Weighted Blankets appear to have tight seams and high-quality construction, and we would expect them to be at least as durable as most other weighted blankets on the market.
  • Ease of Use and Cleaning: Mosaic Weighted Blankets are machine washable. However, larger blankets and blankets over 12 pounds require a commercial washer. Mosaic recommends washing in cold water and laying flat to dry.

How Do Customers Rate the Mosaic Weighted Blanket?

MosaicWeightedBlankets.comCoolmax Weighted Blanket: 4.9/5 (22 reviews) Minky Weighted Blanket: 4.9/5 (225 reviews) Cotton Weighted Blanket, Grab Bag Weighted Blanket, Organic Cotton Weighted Comforter, Organic Cotton Weighted Blanket: 4.5/5 (864 reviews)
Amazon.com3.5/5 (2 reviews)
Google ShoppingN/A
Consumer ReportsN/A

How Heavy Should My Mosaic Weighted Blanket Be?

Most sleepers prefer a weighted blanket that weighs approximately 10 percent of their body weight. This is also the ratio that Mosaic recommends. Mosaic notes, however, that you might select a children’s blanket 1-2 pounds over 10 percent of the child’s body weight since the child will grow. Mosaic recommends that anxiety sufferers may prefer a heavier option. Mosaic also suggests that shared blankets should be 20-25 pounds for a Queen or King size bed.

Note that weighted blankets are not usually recommended for children under eight years old unless directly recommended by a medical provider. Additionally, patients with medical conditions should consult with their doctor to ensure a weighted blanket is appropriate for their needs and condition.

The table below shows Mosaic’s recommendations for blanket weights based on the user’s body weight.

Blanket WeightBody Weight
5 lbs.30-49 lbs.
8 lbs.50-79 lbs.
10 lbs.80-99 lbs.
12 lbs.100-119 lbs.
15 lbs120-149 lbs.
18 lbs.150-179 lbs.
20 lbs.180-199 lbs.
25 lbs.200+ lbs.

Company Information

With so many weighted blanket options on the market, the policies and reputation of the company may be particularly notable. Learning this information ahead of time can help you save potential headaches down the road if you encounter a problem with your weighted blanket. The table below shares information on Mosaic’s shipping, return, and warranty policies. Then, we’ll give you a quick overview of Mosaic’s background and reputation.

AvailabilityMosaic can ship its weighted blankets anywhere where UPS ships, which includes the United States and international destinations. You can purchase Mosaic’s full product line through the company’s website. Select items are also available on Amazon.
ShippingItems in stock usually ship within 1-3 days. Some items may take up to two weeks to ship, depending on availability. UPS Ground shipping is free on orders over $149.95.
TrialMosaic has a 30-day, money-back guarantee. To initiate a return, contact Mosaic via telephone or email. You will receive a printable shipping label. Drop the prepared package off at UPS to return it. The customer is responsible for shipping charges, which are deducted from the refund. Note that Mosaic does not accept returns on laundered or soiled items. A restocking fee may apply if the product is deemed in “used” condition.
WarrantyNo warranty is currently available.

Customer Service: Most customers appear to be satisfied with Mosaic’s customer service team.

Reputation: Mosaic built its reputation around selling a variety of weighted blankets with abundant design options.

BBB Rating: The Better Business Bureau receives an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Years in Business: Mosaic started in 2011.

Physical Stores: Mosaic does not currently have brick-and-mortar stores.

Contact Information: [email protected], 1-512-514-5529,