DreamHug Weighted Blanket Review 2021

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DreamHug focuses squarely on sleep. The company’s main focus is weighted blankets, but it also produces several other sleep-related products, including a body pillow and CBD oil products.

The DreamHug Weighted Blanket comes in three sizes and three weights. A 48-inch by 72-inch blanket comes in three weight options: 10 pounds, 15 pounds, and 20 pounds. Queen and King size options weigh 20 pounds each.

The weighted blanket itself is white, and a Cool Gray duvet cover is included with the purchase. The duvet cover is composed of soft, micro plush fleece. The fill uses high-density plastic poly pellets constructed of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This material is engineered to be non-toxic, durable, and machine washable.

In this full product review, we’ll provide in-depth information on the DreamHug Weighted Blanket. The review will address the blanket’s construction, materials, pricing, performance, pros and cons, and other factors that may impact how suitable the DreamHug Weighted Blanket is for you.


In-depth DreamHug Weighted Blanket Review

Materials and Options

The DreamHug Weighted Blanket comes in three sizes. The 48-inch by 72-inch option is about the size of a large throw. While no sizes specifically for Twin- or Full- size beds are available, the smaller throw size option can accommodate these mattress sizes. Queen- and King- size options are also available.

DreamHug Weighted Blanket


Inner Material

Outer Material


Weight Options

Color and Design Options
The DreamHug BlanketHigh-density plastic poly pellets Cotton shell

Poly-cotton micro plush fleece duvet cover

48” x 72”10, 15, 20 lbs.White shell

Cool Gray duvet cover

DreamHug Weighted Blanket (Queen/King)High-density plastic poly pelletsCotton shell

Poly-cotton micro plush fleece duvet cover

Standard Queen Size: 86” x 96”

Standard King Size: 88” x 102”

20 lbs.White shell

Cool Gray duvet cover

Pricing Information

The table below gives the list prices for DreamHug Weighted Blankets. Generally, the heavier and larger blankets are more expensive, which is common with all weighted blankets since these blankets require more material. If you have a larger bed or prefer a heavier blanket, this extra expense may be worth it to get a blanket that more closely matches your preferences and needs.

While the prices listed below may give some sticker shock, note that DreamHug frequently offers significant discounts that put its blanket prices in line with the average price range for weighted blankets.

Blanket OptionPrice
The DreamHug Weighted Blanket – 48” x 72” – 10 lbs.$399.99
The DreamHug Weighted Blanket – 48” x 72” – 15 lbs.$419.99
The DreamHug Weighted Blanket – 48” x 72” – 20 lbs.$439.97
The DreamHug Weighted Blanket – Queen $499.97
DreamHug Weighted Blanket – King $599.97

**Prices listed are from company website. Prices may fluctuate on third-party sites like Amazon.

DreamHug Weighted Blanket Performance

The DreamHug Weighted Blanket doesn’t have a huge array of choices, but what it does, it does well. This makes the DreamHug Weighted Blanket a good choice for sleepers with relatively neutral preferences.

The DreamHug Weighted Blanket is available in three size options and three weight options. Not all weights are available for all sizes, but this provides enough choice to satisfy many sleepers. The weighted blanket is currently available in only one color: the shell is white, and the duvet cover is Cool Gray. While this doesn’t offer customers a choice, it is a good, neutral option that can fit well into most bedroom designs.

The DreamHug Weighted Blanket’s duvet cover gives sleepers more room to adjust the feel of the blanket to match their preferences. The duvet cover is removable, allowing you to select between the soft, plush feel of the duvet cover and the traditional, breathable feel of the cotton shell.

In the table below, we’ll share how we rate the DreamHug Weighted Blanket’s performance on a scale of 1 (worst) to 10 (best):

Inner Fill8.0
Outer Material9.5
Weight Options9.2
Distribution of Fill9.3
Ease of Use and Cleaning9.9
  • Inner Fill: The DreamHug Weighted Blanket is filled with high-density plastic poly pellets, which are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This material is durable and can hold up to repeated machine washes. Additionally, it is non-toxic, so you can feel comfortable having it around your kids and pets. While it is a high-quality material, plastic pellets do not usually provide as much contouring and breathability as glass bead fill.
  • Outer Fill: The DreamHug Weighted Blanket has a cotton shell and comes with a removable poly-cotton micro plush fleece duvet cover. The cotton shell is smooth and breathable, while the duvet cover has a plusher feel. 
  • Breathability: The blanket’s cotton shell is breathable, but the micro plush fleece duvet cover tends to sleep hotter. Those who prefer a cozier feel may enjoy the cover, while those who tend to sleep hot may choose to remove it. The DreamHug Weighted Blanket’s plastic pellet fill is unlikely to provide as much breathability as glass bead fill.
  • Weight Options: DreamHug currently has three weight options: 10 pounds, 15 pounds, and 20 pounds. The 48-inch by 72-inch blanket comes in all three weight options. The Queen and King size options weigh 20 pounds each.
  • Distribution of Inner Fill: Quilted squares distribute the fill in the weighted blanket. The inner blanket ties to the duvet cover to reduce the likelihood of it shifting or pooling inside the cover. 
  • Durability: The DreamHug Weighted Blanket is still fairly new, so there is not yet long-term information from customers on its durability. However, based on the quality materials and construction, we would expect it to have similar longevity to other weighted blankets, which is usually around three to four years. 
  • Ease of Use and Cleaning: Both the blanket and the duvet cover are washable. DreamHug recommends you separate the two components before washing. Use non-chlorine bleach and wash in cold water with like colors. Both components can be tumble-dried on low. Dry cleaning is also possible.

How Heavy Should My DreamHug Weighted Blanket Be?

DreamHug recommends that you select a weighted blanket that is approximately 8 percent to 10 percent of your body weight or within one to two pounds of this calculation. DreamHug also suggests that you might select a heavier or lighter blanket than recommended if you have strong preferences.

The company notes that anyone who weighs under 50 pounds or who is under 3 years of age should not use the DreamHug Weighted Blanket due to potential health risks. We also suggest that children under eight years of age should only use weighted blankets if they have been prescribed by a health professional. Additionally, patients with medical conditions may want to consult their doctors before using a weighted blanket.

The table below gives DreamHug’s specific suggestions for which blanket weights are appropriate for which weight groups. However, the ideal weight of a blanket boils down to personal preference, so this may vary between sleepers.

Blanket WeightBody Weight
10 lbs.70-130 lbs.
15 lbs.130-170 lbs.
20 lbs.170-220 lbs.

How Do Customers Rate the DreamHug Weighted Blanket?

DreamHug.com5/5 (92 reviews)
Google ShoppingN/A
Consumer ReportsN/A

Company Information

Want to know more about what to expect when you buy a DreamHug Weighted Blanket? We’ve gathered information on the blanket’s availability, shipping policies, trial period and warranty. We also take a look at DreamHug in more depth, including the company’s reputation, Better Business Bureau rating, contact information, and more.

AvailabilityDreamHug currently sells the DreamHug Weighted Blanket through its official website. It can be shipped domestically and around the world.
ShippingDreamHug ships both domestically and internationally, including to P.O. boxes and military addresses. However, additional shipping costs may apply.

Within the United States, in-stock blankets are usually delivered in two to five business days.
TrialDreamHug offers a 30-day trial. The trial period begins the day the blanket is delivered. To make a return, email customer service to initiate the process. All returns must be in their original packaging.
WarrantyDreamHug does not currently provide a warranty.

Customer Service: Most customers appear to be satisfied with DreamHug’s customer service department.

Reputation: DreamHug is still a young company forging a reputation. However, it is currently best known for its weighted blankets.

BBB Rating: The Better Business Bureau has not yet rated DreamHug.

Years in Business: DreamHug launched in 2017.

Physical Stores: DreamHug does not have brick-and-mortar stores.

Contact Information: [email protected], 1-877-724-0804, DreamHug.com