Best Mattresses for the Money

How to Buy a Great Value Bed

When making a big purchase for your home, it’s natural to want to make sure you get your decision right. This means not just finding a great product but also getting excellent value. With a new mattress, though, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of options, and it can be hard to know what’s actually a good mattress and a good deal.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the top 5 best mattresses for the money. We’ll focus on how you can get the most value for your dollar and ensure that you get a great night’s sleep without spending a fortune. To help you understand how we made these picks, we’ll also tell you about the types of mattresses that are available and the key factors to look for when mattress shopping.

Our Top Picks


Time is money, so it can be frustrating to spend hours and hours just trying to find a great deal on a mattress. We’ve made it simple by selecting our top 5 best mattresses for the money. You’ll find these top picks listed in the table below with more detailed information about each mattress below the table.


Tuft & Needle Foam Firm $575 (Queen)
Original Foam Medium-Firm $999
  Saatva Innerspring Plush Soft / Luxury Firm / Firm $999
Pure Green Latex Soft / Medium / Firm  $899 – $1,199
Helix Hybrid Customizable $995

Tuft & Needle

The price of the original Tuft & Needle mattress — $575 for a Queen — may seem to be too good to be true, but it’s real, making this a clear choice as one of our best mattresses for the money.

But we don’t recommend the Tuft & Needle just because of the low price. It also has an extensive track record of satisfied customers who love the simple, two-layer, all-foam design. The top comfort layer is made with a special polyfoam that is able to respond to the body but that maintains a medium-firm feel without abundant sink.

The mattress comes with free shipping and a 100-night sleep trial, so people looking for a budget option with tons of verified reviews, there’s nothing to lose by going with the Tuft & Needle mattress.


Tuft and Needle Mattress


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Though the Purple mattress, at $999 for a Queen, comes in at a higher price than the Tuft & Needle mattress, it offers an innovative design beloved by thousands of customers, making it a great value for the money.

The Purple mattress does not employ normal or traditional foams in its comfort layer. Rather, it has a proprietary material, known as a hyper-elastic polymer, that is built to offer support, comfort, and resilience without the drawbacks of traditional memory foam. This polymer is a grid of squares that compress in response to body weight but that quickly take their original shape again when that weight is removed.

This mattress also comes with free shipping and a 100-night no-risk sleep trial, so for customers looking for something different, the Purple mattress is clearly one of the best mattresses for the money.


Purple Mattress


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The Saatva mattress is an innerspring option but with a twist — in addition to the primary base of coils, it has a second, thinner layer of micro-coils that enhance both responsiveness and resilience. It can be purchased in three different firmness levels (Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm), and each of these is available at the same price, giving you more choice as a customer and more ability to find the feel that will work best for you. At $999 for a Queen, this mattress delivers with great materials, innovative design, and a bevy of proven reviews.

Saatva has upped its game by offering free white-glove delivery (which includes setup of the mattress and haul-away of your old mattress). The company also offers a 120-night sleep trial, but be aware that $99 will be deducted from your refund if you choose to return the mattress.


Saatva Mattress


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Sleep on Latex Pure Green Mattress

Latex mattresses have historically been out of the price range of most shoppers, but the Sleep on Latex Pure Green mattress is available for a price that is comparable to most of the popular foam options on the market. The exact price depends on which height you choose (7” or 9”) and which firmness level (Soft, Medium, Firm). The most expensive choice in Queen size, though, is $1,199, making this mattress an impressive value.

It provides this value because it’s loaded with high-quality latex that maintains a level of bounce without sacrificing contouring that is needed to offer pressure point relief. With free shipping, and free returns during the 100-night sleep trial, this is solidly the best latex mattress for the money.



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For customers seeking a hybrid that won’t break the bank, the Helix mattress is a great choice for the money. At $995 for a Queen mattress, it is more affordable than most hybrids. It is made with innerspring coils, support polyfoam, and a specialty polyfoam with characteristics of both latex and memory foam.

More than anything, though, what separates the Helix from other options is that it is customized for each sleeper. The company inputs your answers from an online sleep quiz into a proprietary algorithm that makes adjustments to the specifics of the mattress composition in order to fit your needs.

Given the value of this customization, the price of the Helix could be much higher, but it’s available a price that’s in the range of our other choices. It also comes with free shipping and a 100-night sleep trial.

Helix Mattress


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How Much Does a Good Mattress Cost?


As a general rule, you should be able to get a high quality mattress in a Queen size for around $1,000 or below.

Over the past several years, a new dynamic has emerged in the mattress industry, and that is the rapid growth of mattresses sold online and shipped directly to customers as a bed-in-a-box. With dozens of new companies and mattress models available, competition has increased and prices have dropped, which is all good news for you as a mattress shopper.

The cost of a mattress depends on many factors including the size, the brand, the materials, and whether there are any special features or components. Within each type of mattress, there is a range of prices, but excellent foam, latex, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses are available for right around $1,000 or under.

Another important thing to keep in mind when looking at prices of mattresses is that it’s rare for a customers to ever pay the full listed retail price. This is true both in brick-and-mortar mattress stores and online. Sales, coupons, promotions, and discounts are extremely common, and you should vow to never pay the “sticker” price for any mattress.

How Do You Find Good Value?


While it may be tempting to just look at price when mattress shopping, that’s a quick way to wind up with a mattress that you’ll regret buying. Taking price into account is essential, but to really find the best mattress for the money, you also need to look at some other considerations.



The quality of the materials used in a mattress can make or break the performance of that mattress. Most mattresses are built with a combination of different layers, and if any layer has been shortchanged in terms of quality, it can drag down the ability of the mattress as a whole to offer support and comfort.

When looking at the materials, first look to see if the mattress seller has published detailed specifications of what’s in each layer. Ideally, these are easily found on the company’s website and include not just basic descriptions or names but nitty-gritty details (such as the density of the foams that are used or the type and number of coils used). It’s fair to be skeptical if this information isn’t available or if it’s vague.



An essential element of a good night’s sleep is support from your mattress. Specifically, we use the term support to describe how well a mattress accommodates your body’s pressure points so that it can keep your spine in proper alignment. Without proper support, you’ll be at risk of all sorts of aches and pains in your back and neck, and the odds are low that you’ll wake up feeling well or feeling rejuvenated.

All levels of a mattress can contribute to support, but the comfort layer — which may actually be made up of several different layers of materials — provides the most important and direct support to the body. If a comfort layer is weak, thin, or insufficiently responsive, you’re likely to have issues when it comes to support.

Though there may be certain exceptions, we generally look for a baseline thickness of the comfort layer of at least 3”. This helps to make sure that there is enough thickness in this layer to cushion the body and not put excess pressure on the support core of the mattress. We also look for materials that are high-performance, offering contouring and responsiveness without just causing your body to sink into the mattress.



Another vital consideration is finding a mattress that is comfortable, and firmness is a core piece of comfort. The firmness scale from 1-10 is a common system used to describe how hard or soft a mattress is, with 1 being the softest and 10 the hardest.

There is no such thing as “universal comfort” or one firmness that works for everyone. This is necessarily subjective, and opinions diverge about what is most comfortable. Yet for most sleepers, a mattress that falls between 5 and 7 on the firmness scale, normally considered medium-firm, is the most comfortable.

If your mattress isn’t comfortable, you will struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. For this reason, taking the firmness level — along with price — into account to find a mattress that fits your preferences is necessary to find a mattress that is a good value and that will work for you.



In order for a product like a mattress to be worth the money, it has to last for a reasonable amount of time. Most mattresses can be expected to last 6-8 years or longer, but if your mattress starts to have problems — such as noticeable sagging — before that time, the value of your investment will take a major hit.

As a result, durability is important to look for when seeking out the best mattress for the money. The two best ways to judge durability are by the materials and by reviews. If a mattress is made with excellent materials — such as high-density foams in the comfort layer — it will be more likely to hold up with regular use. And if a mattress has a history of good reviews over a period of years, it is a solid indication that the mattress normally stands the test of time.


Verified Reviews

One of the best ways that we can know about the quality of a mattress is to consider how it fares in customer reviews. Specifically, we look for information that comes from verified customer reviews and from product testers who are independent from the company making the mattress.

A track record of customer satisfaction can tell us a lot about how well the mattress performs and how well it holds up over many nights of use. Though this type of reliable information can be hard to find, you can rest assured that when we select our top choices for our guides, we take this kind of customer satisfaction information into account.


Sleep Trial

If it’s your first time buying a mattress online, you may be worried about spending good money on a mattress that you can’t first lie on to test out. You’re not alone in this concern, and that’s why almost every online mattress company offers an extended sleep trial.

During a sleep trial, which can range from 30 nights to a full year, you get to use the mattress in your own bedroom. Most sleep trials are around 100 nights. During this trial, you have the option to return the mattress for a full refund if you find that it isn’t comfortable or doesn’t meet your expectations.

Most companies offer this kind of sleep trial as a straightforward, no-hassle policy, but sometimes there are specific terms and conditions. For example, some companies may require that you try the mattress out for 30 nights as a “break in” period before returning it. Even if there are terms such as these, a sleep trial is a customer-friendly way to help make sure that your mattress purchase doesn’t become a sunk cost, and if you want to make sure you get the best mattress for your money, you should make sure that it comes with an extended sleep trial.


Customer Service Reputation

When you buy a mattress online, you’re putting a lot of faith in the company selling you the mattress. You can’t just walk into their store and get customer support. So finding a company that is attentive and works to quickly address customer service needs is a priority, and that’s why we take customer service satisfaction ratings into account when we select our top picks.


Free Shipping

Traditionally in brick-and-mortar mattress stores, additional costs for things like shipping and installation could cause your total purchase price to rapidly escalate. That’s rarely an issue online, where most mattress sellers offer free shipping as part of your purchase. However, we always encourage you to double check and make sure that there’s no cost to you as a hidden shipping charge will cost you more out of pocket and reduce the value you get for your mattress.


What Types of Mattresses are Available?



What is a foam mattress?

  • A foam mattress only has foam layers and does not include other materials (like coils).
  • Most foam mattresses use several types of foam such as memory foam, polyfoam, and latex foam.
  • The firmness, support, and overall performance of a foam mattress is determined by the way that different foam layers are stacked on one another within the mattress.
  • The top layer — the one you sleep on — is known as the comfort layer, although the “comfort layer” may be made up of a few different, thinner layers designed to work in concert with one another.
  • The bottom layer is normally a thicker polyfoam that may have a layer or two of “transition foam” between it and the comfort layer.

Are foam mattresses a good value for the money?

Yes, very often.

  • Foam mattresses have seen the greatest rise in competition over the past several years, which has helped to ensure that many excellent values are available.
  • This competition has also driven innovation, improving the quality of foams to enhance their support and comfort while minimizing downsides.
  • A quality foam mattress can usually be found in a Queen size at a price range of $600-$1,000, although prices can range much higher for luxury options.



What are latex mattresses?

  • A “true latex” or “all latex” mattress is one that is made only with this material, a type of rubber. This separates a latex mattress from a mattress that includes just one layer of latex.
  • The two types of latex you’ll find used in mattresses are Talalay and Dunlop. They share many similar characteristics, including resilience and responsiveness, but Talalay is normally bouncier.
  • An all-latex mattress tends to be heavier and more difficult to move than other similarly sized mattresses.

Are latex mattresses a good value for the money?


  • Traditionally, latex has been a very expensive material for mattresses, so all-latex mattresses typically had a much higher price tag.
  • While on average latex is still more expensive, there is more competition and more brands that have quality options available at solid prices.
  • Even if the total price of latex is somewhat higher, it can still be a great value given its ability to offer an excellent sleep surface thanks to its ability offer moderate contouring, resilience, and durability.



What are innerspring mattresses?

  • An innerspring mattress is built around a support core made of metal coils.
  • We categorize a mattress as an innerspring if the comfort layer is less than 3” thick. If it is thicker than this, we categorize the mattress as a hybrid.
  • Most mattresses that you’ll find with coils are now using pocketed coils. These coils do not rely on the coils around them to compress, which allows them to be more responsive to the specific point where pressure is applied.
  • Coils offer a high-level of resilience, so most innersprings have a bouncier feel, though the exact feel of the mattress will depend on how the comfort layer has been built (its materials and the thickness of those materials).

Are innerspring mattresses a good value for the money?

Yes, sometimes.

  • Because these are the most traditional and well-known type of mattress, you’ll encounter an enormous price range for these mattresses.
  • Bargain basement innersprings usually won’t be a good value because they will fail to offer support or durability. Luxury innersprings usually have lots of extra features that are only worth it for shoppers with a huge budget.
  • Some innersprings, though, fall into a sweet spot of an affordable price and excellent performance.



What is a hybrid mattress?

  • In a hybrid mattress, you’ll find a support core of innerspring coils. Above the coils, though, the comfort layer in a hybrid is 3” or thicker.
  • Mattress makers build the comfort layer with materials like memory foam, customized polyfoams, or latex in order to supplement the coils with more supportive materials.
  • How a hybrid feels and how well it promotes your spinal alignment will be predicated primarily on how the comfort layer is designed.
  • Hybrids are becoming more popular, and many new models of hybrids with innovative designs are being introduced with the potential to further competition and decrease prices.

Are hybrid mattresses a good value for the money?

Yes, sometimes.

  • As they involve a range of materials and a more complex design, some hybrids can trend toward higher prices.
  • At the same time, because of competition, more and more hybrids are becoming available at accessible prices while maintaining a high level of design and materials quality.



What is an airbed?

  • An airbed has an internal air chamber attached to a pump that can add or remove air from this chamber in real time.
  • The amount of air that is in the chamber directly affects the feel of the bed.
  • Sleepers can thus easily modify their bed’s firmness by adding or removing air using a remote control (or a smartphone app).
  • Most airbeds have two air chambers — one for each side of the bed — allowing people sharing a bed to have a different feel on each side.
  • On top of the air chamber, many airbeds will have some type of comfort layer.
  • There are fewer manufacturers of airbeds, and they tend to be quite a bit more expensive than other mattress types.

Are airbeds a good value for the money?


  • Airbeds involve specialized electronics to control the air chamber, and fewer companies have entered the market to offer these beds. As a result, less competition usually means higher prices.
  • Prices for airbeds with a thick and responsive comfort layer tend to be even higher.
  • Without this extra comfort layer, many airbeds will fail to provide enough contouring support, reducing their ability to offer good value.