Tuft & Needle Mattress Review

Editor’s Rating – 8.1/10

Like many of the mighty modern mattress startups, Tuft & Needle was dreamed up during after a particularly frustrating experience in a mattress store. While mattress shopping with his new bride, JT Marino and his wife were hustled into buying a pricey model by a pushy salesman. They didn’t even like the mattress.

There’s got to be a better way, JT mused to colleague Daehee Park the next day at work. Inspired, the two entrepreneurs teamed up to form a mattress company that would ship quality foam beds direct to consumers, cutting out the middleman to reduce the price to  less than a third of the cost of many competitor beds. JT and Daehee’s flagship product is a performance mattress made from a proprietary Adaptive Foam designed to optimize pressure relief, support, and temperature distribution.

  • One-of-a-kind Adaptive Foam delivers the benefits of traditional memory foam, plus additional support
  • Cooling gel and graphite prevent the Tuft & Needle Bed from retaining body, helping you stay cool at night
  • Designed and manufactured in the U.S. with fabric from a generations-old, family-run textile mill
  • 100-night trial with full refund and option of donation or free pickup
  • Only one firmness option
  • Insufficient edge support
  • Limited data on durability of Tuft & Needle mattresses, since the company has only been around since 2012

Tuft & Needle Mattress – Quality and Comfort for an Unparalleled Price

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Tuft & Needle Mattress Specs


Cover Polyester-Tactel blend
Top Layer Adaptive Foam 3″   2.9 lbs
Support Layer High-density polyfoam 7″ 1.8


How is the Tuft & Needle Mattress built? 

Tuft & Needle Mattress Construction

While many mattress companies boast about the complexity of their multilayered mattresses, Tuft & Needle is proud to keep it simple. Standing at 10 inches tall, the Tuft & Needle bed is comprised of a mere two layers with a cover. By comparison, many competitor mattresses are constructed from more than four layers.

We’ve taken an in-depth look at the Tuft & Needle specs below.


  • Cover – A blend of polyester and Tactel, the cover of Tuft & Needle is light, stretchy, and breathable. The thinness of the material, in addition to the fast-drying Tactel fiber, contribute to a cool night’s sleep. The zippable cover can be removed and spot-cleaned.
  • Top layer – The top “comfort” layer of the Tuft & Needle bed is crafted from the company’s proprietary Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam. The 3-inch foam layer is designed to provide the contouring pressure relief and softness of classic memory foam. At the same time, the Adaptive Foam is engineered to eliminate common problems associated with memory foam beds, such as sleeping hot and excessive sinking. Graphite and cooling gel in this layer work to keep you cool.
  • Support layer –  The final layer of the Tuft & Needle is a seven-inch layer of ultradense polyfoam. The sturdy support layer acts as the foundation of the bed, supporting longevity and helping the mattress keep its shape over time.

Sizing and Pricing

Mattress Sizes Price
Twin $325
Twin XL $375
Full $475
Queen $575
King $700
California King $700

Firmness, Trial, Warranty

Firmness Sleep Trial Warranty
6.5/10 100 nights 10 years

Tuft & Needle Mattress Ratings

  • Materials and Quality 75%
  • Support and Comfort 79%
  • Cooling 86%
  • Edge Support 78%
  • Trial/Warranty 90%
  • Value 86%

Comfort and Firmness



The Tuft & Needle mattress combines the softness, comfort, and pressure relief of memory foam with the bounciness of a latex bed. When you first lie down on bed there is slight sinkage as the top layer conforms to your pressure points. Your body engages with the support layer beneath before you can sink too deep, providing healthy support.

In terms of firmness, our editors rated Tuft & Needle a 6.5 out of a 1 – 10 scale, or “medium firm”. Typical of many mattresses on the market today, medium firm can cater to a wide audience of sleepers. However, because the mattress lacks a transition between the comfort and support layers, heavier sleepers may find that there is excessive firmness in the hips and shoulders as these heavier areas push into the base.


The foam layers of the Tuft & Needle mattress are designed to conform to the body’s natural curves, relieving pressure and delivering the support needed for healthy spinal alignment. Proper spinal alignment, in turn, can help improve posture and eliminate back and neck pain.

Stretched out on a Tuft & Needle mattress, stomach sleepers may find their hips sink slightly but keep healthy alignment with the shoulders. Back sleepers, on the other hand, may notice their weight is distributed across the bed, while their lumbar area is comfortably supported. Side sleepers who are average-size may enjoy a comfortable pressure release as the mattress conforms to their natural curves. Note that heavier customers who tend to sleep on their side, however, may require additional support to keep their spine in healthy alignment.

Edge Support

In mattress talk, “edge support” is a term used to describe the strength of the outer areas of the mattress. Edge support is something to consider when shopping for a mattress if you tend to sleep or sit on the edge of your bed.

Like many foam mattresses, Tuft & Needle offers little to no edge support. In Tuft & Needle bed review listings, some sleepers report sagging around the edges of their mattress after a year of use.

How does it handle motion? Is it responsive? 

Among mattress reviewers, the term “motion transfer” is used to describe how effectively (or ineffectively) a mattress absorbs movement. A characteristic to consider if you share a bed, motion transfer keeps you from being disturbed as your partner shifts positions or climbs in and out of bed.

Foam beds are generally fairly competent in terms of motion isolation, and the Tuft & Needle mattress meets competitor standards. The mattress does an excellent job at absorbing movement, keeping motion from transferring across the bed and disturbing a sleep partner.

The proprietary Adaptive Foam used in Tuft & Needle beds is bouncy and responsive, coming off as less like memory foam and more like latex. The bed’s responsiveness means it allows you to move around the mattress change positions in the night with ease, which in turn contributes to a restful sleep.


Does it regulate temperature? Does it sleep hot?

As noted, memory foam and other types of foam mattresses have a reputation for retaining heat or “sleeping hot”. Overheating on your mattress can contribute to a sweaty and disruptive sleep.

To combat this issue, Tuft & Needle engineers infused their Adaptive Foam with graphite and cooling gel to wick away heat and moisture. The light, breathable, quick-to-dry cover works with the Adaptive Foam to help keep you cool and dry as you sleep.

Is there a smell?



Most mattresses come with varying degrees of “off-gassing” odor — sometimes described as a “new mattres smell”, when you first unwrap them. Polyfoam, in particular, is associated with a chemical scent due to the volatile organic compounds emitted in the manufacturing process.

For a polyfoam-containing bed, Tuft & Needle releases remarkably little off-gassing. In Tuft & Needle review postings, some users report a fresh odor that disappears within 24 hours.

How durable is it?

Because the Tuft & Needle company has only been around since 2012, there is no concrete data on their bed’s longevity past six years. However, Tuft & Needle is built to last as long as similar types of quality foam beds — around 6 years.

The mattress is made from dense, high-quality foam that may contribute to the mattress’ lifespan. However, some Tuft & Needle review postings have reported some sagging around the edges of the bed after a year of use.


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Great Customer Service and fast delivery. We also love the bed, I don’t wake up when my partner gets in or out of bed anymore and we both sleep through the night!

– Google Reviews


So far, so good

Initial impressions, since it just arrived today: It was packaged very well, and easy to handle for the weight (I live on the second floor). It unpacked easily and all that plastic stripped off without a fight. It was SUPER compressed, so we were a bit concerned about needing to sleep on it tonight, but it inflated quickly and seems to be at full height and density within 2 hours.
There are NO weird odors. No odors of any kind. I sort of expected some kind of smell from new foam, but it’s very neutral. It was also easy to position on the frame and easy to lift corners to put on sheets.
I’ll update this review after we’ve slept on it for a bit, but so far, two thumbs up.



Over a month afterwards: I love this mattress!

It was way past the time to replace my mattress, and I had seen this mattress with great reviews. I dreaded my last purchase experience with salesman at furniture stores! They follow you around, and sometimes do not know exactly what they’re talking about. Since I usually shop after reading and researching products before I shop I know what I’m ready to purchase. Salesmen often try to up-sell you at stores too, and I didn’t care to shop around all day from store to store and deal with them.

Buying this mattress via Amazon was simple, and the reviews are very helpful. As stated, this mattress is comfortable and is more on the firm side even though it is made of foam. It has great support, retains its shape, and stays pretty cool since I live in South Florida.


This bed is amazing! I’ve already told about 5 people about it so far!! It is the most comfortable bed I’ve slept in, I wake up more refreshed and rested, with no back or shoulder pain! Only took less than a week to get, customer service is very responsive and helpful. This is a great company and I will always buy beds from them!!
– Google Reviews

Who is the Tuft & Needle mattress best suited for?

Engineered to be “universally comfortable”, the Tuft & Needle suits sleepers of many different sizes and preferred sleep positions. At middle-of-the-road firmness, the mattress is designed to be neither too firm nor too soft. The Tuft & Needle bed can accomodate the following types of sleepers, among others:

  • Back sleepers – Back sleepers may find their weight is well-distributed across the mattress with their lumbar region adequately supported.
  • Stomach sleepers –  Similarly, stomach sleepers may also experience sufficient weight distribution. The mattress keeps the hips at a healthy elevation without putting too much pressure on the chest, allowing comfortable breathing.
  • Side sleepers – Side sleepers of average size should feel the mattress contours comfortably to their hips and shoulders.

Keep in mind, if you are a heavier sleeper who tends to sleep on your side, you may require additional relief for your pressure points and extra support to keep your spine in proper alignment than offered by the Tuft & Needle.


Tuft & Needle Mattress Review – Conclusion

Ultimately, Tuft & Needle sets itself apart from many of its fellow bed-in-a-box competitors with its ultra-low price point. Starting at $325 for a twin, the Tuft & Needle mattress is hundreds cheaper than beds from direct-to-consumer brands like Saatva or Casper. Offering quality at a low cost, Tuft & Needle is unarguably a good value. It’s a solid choice for anyone who wants a reliable mattress without having to shell out for some of the pricier luxury models. With its medium firmness, the Tuft & Needle bed is also well-suited for couples with differing sleep positions or tastes in firmness.

Those who are after a luxury mattress may want to look to slightly high-end competitors like the Nolah or Nectar. Still, with the bed’s lengthy 100-night return policy, you can give the  Tuft & Needle mattress mattress a try for minimal commitment.

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