Saatva Mattress Review

Editor’s Rating – 9.3/10

Fusing the beloved qualities of classic innerspring bed with innovative new technologies, Saatva is shaking things up in the luxury coil mattress world. By cutting out the middleman, the direct-to-consumer mattress company can deliver a high-end innerspring bed at half the price of similar luxury competitors.

Offering three mattress firmness levels, the Saatva mattress company was one of the first in the biz to try and cater to different sleep styles and preferences. The soft, supportive, and versatile Saatva mattresses are made in the U.S. from high-quality sustainable, environmentally responsible materials.

  • Sophisticated “coil-on-coil” design offers contouring and spinal support for different weights and sleep positions.
  • European pillowtop provides pressure relief and additional cushion for the lumbar region.
  • Edge support outshines that offered with most competitor mattresses.
  • Three levels of firmness and two choices of heights.
  • Crafted from recycled steel, organic cotton and other natural, eco-friendly materials.
  • Free white glove delivery with 120-day, no-risk trial period.
  • More than 23,000 5-star reviews and above-average customer service rating.
  • Minimal motion isolation.
  • European pillowtop means potential to be less durable than other luxury innerspring mattresses.
  • May sleep hotter than other innerspring beds.

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Saatva Mattress – Luxury Coil Technology at a Competitive Price

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Saatva Mattress Specs

Cover Organic cotton
Euro-style Pillowtop Foam with one ounce Dacron and .75″ of fiber 1.25 – 1.5″
Lumbar Support Enhancement Layer Laminated foam with lumbar support .3″
Comfort Coil Layer Foam-wrapped coils 4″
Steel Coil Base Support Tempered steel coils 7″
Dual Perimeter Edge Support System Foam .7″

How is the Saatva Mattress built? 

With five unique layers of premium foam and state-of-the-art coil construction, the flagship premiere Saatva mattress stands over 14 inches tall. In 2017, the Saatva Company released a custom slim mattress that hovers just over 11 inches tall and was constructed to comply with an adjustable bed base.

Check out a break-down of the Saatva mattress below:

  • Cover – Velvety and breathable, the cover of the Saatva mattress is made from an environmentally responsible hypoallergenic organic cotton. The durable, non-removable fabric features a strategic quilting pattern that tightens beneath the lower back to offer additional lumbar support.
  • European-style pillowtop (5): A 1.25 to 1.5-inch layer of foam with Dacron and fiber is quilted into the cotton cover to create a European-style pillowtop. The Euro-style layer contributes to pressure relief while giving the mattress a cleaner-looking, longer-lasting shape.
  • Lumbar support enhancement layer (3)-  Next up is a layer of layer of convoluted foam that offers extra comfort and pressure relief. The transition layer includes an innovative memory foam area designed to target tension and stress in the lumbar region of the back.
  • Comfort coil layer (1) – Beneath the foam, you’ll find a layer made from 884 individually wrapped four-inch, 3g gauge coils. The pocket coils are designed to work independently and contour the body’s natural curves.
  • Steel coil base support (4) – Finally, we come to a base layer constructed from 416 connected recycled steel coals. The base layer is seven inches thick on the standard Saatva mattress and four inches tall on the slim model. With both the standard and slim beds, the hourglass tempered steel coils function as support for the sleeper and upper layers while improving mattress durability and preventing sagging. Working together, the mid and base layers of coil create the Saatva’s signature coil system, a one-of-a-kind construction designed to promote bounce and air circulation.
  • Dual-perimeter edge support system (2) – The base and coil layer of the Saatva bed are encased in a sturdy foam. This dual-perimeter support system is designed to safeguard the edges from sagging and keep you from falling out of bed.

Sizing and Pricing

Mattress Sizes Price
Twin $599
Twin XL $699
Full $899
Queen $999
King $1,399
California King $1,399

Firmness, Trial, Warranty

Firmness (out of 10) Sleep Trial Warranty
Plush Soft: 4

Luxury Firm: 6

Firm: 7.5

120 nights 15 years

Saatva Mattress Ratings

  • Materials and Quality 93%
  • Support and Comfort 91%
  • Cooling 94%
  • Edge Support 90%
  • Trial/Warranty 88%
  • Value 95%

Comfort and Firmness

The Saatva owes its exceptional comfort to its upper layers, which include a combination of foam and coils. The silky soft European-style pillowtop offers cushioning and pressure relief when you first sprawl out on the bed. Underneath the pillowtop, a layer of foam aids in pressure relief, targeting the lumbar region with a special memory foam section designed to relieve tension in the lower back.

The firmness of your Saatva bed will depend on which model you order. The mattress features three firmness options:

  • Plush Soft – Our editors gave the Saatva Plush Soft a 4 out of 10 or “medium soft” rating on our firmness scale. With the Plush Soft, the middle layer of coils are wrapped in a layer of foam to provide a little extra cushion and contouring. With slightly more sink, the Plush Soft layer is ideal for back or side sleepers who prefer the sensation of being cradled their bed. The Plush Soft mattress is a good choice if you have a lighter BMI or often to find other mattresses overly firm.
  • Luxury Firm – The original, most popular Saatva mattress, the Luxury Firm gets a 6 out of 10 or “medium firm” rating. Balancing comfort and firmness, the Luxury Firm Saatva is suitable for side, stomach, and back sleepers alike. It’s a particularly smart option if you tend to shift positions a lot or share a bed with a partner with a different sleep style or firmness preference than you.
  • Firm – The firmest model of Saatva beds, the Saatva Firm mattress earns a 7.5 out of 10 or “firm” rating from our editors. While the Plush Soft and Luxury Firm models offer more of a gentle sinking sensation, the Firm creates the feeling of floating on your mattress by wrapping the coils in the middle layer with a sturdier firm. The Saatva Firm is a viable option for heavier sleepers who tend to sleep on their back or stomach, or those who have been recommended to a firmer bed by their doctor.


All three firmness models of the Saatva bed perform well in terms of support and spinal alignment. The upper coil construction of the Saatva mattresses is designed to conform to the body’s pressure points while keeping the spine in a healthy, natural alignment. Meanwhile, the creative lumbar support enhancement layer supports the lower back with a very distinct, memory-foam feel and pressure-relieving capacity.

Because the Saatva is designed to distribute weight evenly and relieve lower pressure in the lumbar region, the mattress is able to deliver unparalleled support to back sleepers. Similarly, average- to heavy-sized side sleepers may find the mattress is able to conform to the natural curves of their body.

If you have a low BMI, you may want to consider the softer Saatva Plush Soft model, which can provide pressure relief even to sleepers who exert minimal pressure on their mattress. Alternatively, if you are larger and tend to sleep on your stomach, you may need the Saatva Firm to help keep your hips elevated.

Edge Support

When mattress shopping, the term “edge support” gets thrown around to describe how effectively the edges of a bed resist pressure. Good edge support is essential to prevent roll-offs and long-term sagging, particularly for heavier sleepers who tend to sleep or sit on the edges of their mattress.

As with other innerspring mattresses, the Saatva offers above-average edge support. This capacity comes from the Saatva bed’s dual perimeter edge support system, a sturdy foam border that encases the upper comfort coils and base of the bed. Thanks to this high-tech edge support system, you can sit or sleep on the edges of your Saatva without experiencing the sagging or sinking.

How does it handle motion? Is it responsive? 

Motion isolation is the measure of how effectively a mattress prevents movement from transferring across its surface. When compared to memory and latex, innerspring mattresses tend to perform poorly in the motion isolation area.

The Saatva mattress is better than most innerspring beds when it comes to motion isolation because of its individually wrapped coils and edge support system. The bed does not absorb movement as well as some of its foam or latex competitors, however. If you share a bed with a partner, you may be able to sense movement as he or she climbs in and out of bed or shifts position in the night.

In terms of responsiveness, the Saatva mattress offers a good bounce with its coil-on-coil design. The Saatva bed’s quick response to pressure allows for freedom of movement across the mattress, letting you shift positions in the night effortlessly. Note that the memory foam region below the lumbar area has a slightly slower response time than the rest of the mattress’ surface.

Does it regulate temperature? Does it sleep hot?

“Sleeping hot”, or becoming overly warm during the night, is a problem for an estimated 10 percent of sleepers. Sleeping hot can cause discomfort and sweating, ultimately leading to a poorer quality sleep overall.

The Saatva mattress sleeps slightly warmer than many innerspring mattresses due to the memory foam in its upper layer. While most innerspring mattresses provide a cooler-than-average sleeping experience, the memory foam in the Saatva’s comfort layer means the mattress may retain more heat. The lumbar layer’s convoluted design does work to prevent this by promoting airflow and cooling. In Saatva review posts, some sleepers report that the Plush Soft sleeps warmer than the other models because the body sinks further into the mattress.

Is there a smell?

With nearly all mattresses, you’ll notice a distinct “new smell” aroma when you first unwrap them. Referred to in the industry as “off-gassing”, the odor is the result of organic compounds being emitted and usually disappears within a few days. The smell may be particularly pungent with memory foam beds that are delivered in airtight packaging.

In many Saatva bed review posts, however, many reviewers report little-to-no off-gassing odor. Although the mattress does feature memory foam, this material is allowed to off-gas during manufacturing. The mattress’s unusual lack of off-gassing is good news if you tend to be sensitive to smells.

How durable is it?

With nearly all mattresses, you’ll notice a distinct “new smell” aroma when you first unwrap them. Referred to in the industry as “off-gassing”, the odor is the result of organic compounds being emitted and usually disappears within a few days. The smell may be particularly pungent with memory foam beds that are delivered in airtight packaging.

In many Saatva bed review posts, however, many reviewers report little-to-no off-gassing odor. Although the mattress does feature memory foam, this material is allowed to off-gas during manufacturing. The mattress’s unusual lack of off-gassing is good news if you tend to be sensitive to smells.

What Do Saatva Customers Think?

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Best Mattress Ever

I have been looking for the last couple of years for a mattress. I was very nervous about making a decision because you really can’t tell if you are going to like something by laying on it for 3 minutes in a store. And, very nervous about buying a mattress online, sight unseen.
While on Facebook, I saw the advertisement for Saatva. I started looking into it and reading the reviews.
I liked the fact that it had coil on coil construction and not just memory foam. I took a leap of faith and went ahead and ordered the Luxury Firm, King Size with the 8″ box frames.
This was the best decision ever. I received it sooner than expected and we love it. No more aches and pains when we get up in the morning.
According to a tracking device I recently received, I was getting an average of 3 – 4 hours of sleep every night. Now with the new Saatva, I am getting 6 – 7 hours of sleep per night.
I would recommend anyone who has any doubt to just try it out. I promise you’ll love it.


Feb 2015


Best Sleep of My Life

I have been sleeping on my Saatva Luxury Firm for about a year and I have never slept better! I used to think I had insomnia because I could never fall right to sleep but now I do. I can’t speak for helping sore backs or anything since I don’t have any back issues but if you are looking for a well made comfortable mattress, this one is great! And for how nice it is you couldn’t beat the price. It didn’t take me any time to adjust to it and it’s made of really nice and green materials!

Aug 2014


Love the mattress and the service

No doubt about the quality.I Ordered the Queen Luxury Firm. At first I ordered twins beds, thinking we would be able to use because King would not fit in our senior apt.(Wrong) We called Alan, told him our situation, he said no problem.They started making our new mattress right away, deposited the difference in cost into our account, delivered our new mattress. Love the matters and the service.. A+


Apr 2018


What a great company

I shopped for months for the perfect mattress. I was extremely skeptical to buy one online. I finally decided on Saatva. The whole experience from order placement to delivery was exceptional. The mattress arrived on Monday and I was very happy. It was so comfortable and exceeded my expectations. I sent pictures of it to my family and told all my co-workers on Tuesday. They were surprised to see me so excited about a purchase because I do not a lot of value on material possessions. I am an RN and work long hours. Looking forward to coming home on Tuesday to my new mattress, I was horrified to find that my son’s dog had ripped a hole in the cotton top! I was devastated and so disappointed. But, it was just a mattress, not the end of the world! I was thankful to have a home and the income to buy a nice mattress. Maybe it could be repaired, I thought. It was late in the evening and I got on the Saatva chat line unaware that someone was available 24/7. I typed to Cierra the story and she was very sympathetic. She asked if she could call me. When she did, she informed me that after speaking with her supervisor, Amber, that the company was going to replace the mattress free of charge, with a 99 dollar delivery fee. I was dumbfounded. Honestly, what company does that! Greatest mattress for the price, quality, comfort, health, environment with stellar customer service. I am buying two more mattresses in the near future for my sons and a kennel for that dog!


Oct 2017

Who is the Saatva Mattress best suited for?

With three firmness options and a balance of comfort and support, the Saatva mattress can deliver blissful, uninterrupted rest to even the pickiest sleepers. Saatva makes a mattress for all sleep-styles, including:

  • Back sleepers – The Saatva bed wins over back sleepers with its reliable weight distribution and terrific lumbar support.
  • Side sleepers – Side sleepers enjoy the combination of spinal support and pressure relief around heavier areas like their hips and shoulders.
  • Stomach sleepers – Stomach sleepers, particularly heavier ones, may want to consider the Saatva Firm, which provides the additional support they may need to keep their hips in healthy alignment with their shoulders.

The flagship Saatva Luxury foam is a solid choice for sleepers of average to heavier weights. It’s a particularly attractive choice for couples with differing sleep positions or firmness preferences. Alternatively, lightweight sleepers may want to try the Saatva Plush Soft for additional pressure relief, while heavier sleepers should consider the Firm for extra support.

Saatva Mattress Review – Conclusion

The Saatva bed’s advanced coil-on-coil design make it among the most inventive mattresses on the market. The Saatva has managed to fuse the best qualities of foam mattresses with the most admired qualities of innerspring beds.  And while similar luxury, high-end mattresses can set you back thousands, the Saatva keeps pricing ultra-competitive at only X for a queen.

One of the few drawbacks of the mattress is its relatively poor motion transfer, which might be less than ideal if you sleep with a restless partner and are easily stirred. Still, the uber-generous 120-night, risk-free trial means you and your partner can give the mattress a try for four entire months before making your purchase decision.

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