Nectar Mattress Review

Editor’s Rating – 7.7/10

A relative newcomer to the crowded bed-in-a-box scene, the Nectar sets itself from direct-to-consumer competitors like Casper and Leesa with its unparalleled 365-day return policy and “Forever Warranty”. Touting the bed as “the most comfortable mattress”, the Nectar company lets you try its mattress through for an entire year, risk-free. It’s generous Forever Warranty guarantees the materials, design, and longevity of the mattress for — you guessed it — forever.

Engineered for cool sleeping and support, Nectar bed itself is a memory foam mattress constructed from four layers of performance foam. At a mere $670 for a queen, the Nectar has one of the lowest price points around for a modern mattress of its caliber.

  • Four layers of premium foam provide the contouring support and motion isolation of classic memory foam
  • Functional Tencel cover and gel memory foam top layer promote a cooler sleep experience than traditional memory foam beds
  • Industry-unrivalled 356-day trial period with free shipping and free return pick up
  • Forever Warranty guarantees mattress materials and construction for owner’s lifetime
  • Reviewers complain of unreliable customer service and shipping delays
  • D+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Poor edge support
  • No data proving mattress longevity, since Nectar Sleep has only been around since 2017

Nectar Mattress - Experience Ultra-Cool, Comfy Sleep Risk-Free for 365 Days

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Nectar Mattress Specs


Cover fabric Tencel fiber and cotton
Top Layer Quilted gel memory foam 1″  14
Mid Layer Semi-open Lush memory foam 1″ 4 lb  15
Transition Layer Hi core foam 3″ 3 to 3.5 lb  45
Base Layer High-density support foam 6″ 2.2 lb  55


How is the Nectar Mattress built? 



The Nectar is comprised of four distinct layers of functional foam. We’ve broken down these layers below.

  • Cover fabric (1) – The cover fabric on the Nectar mattress is a blend of cotton and Tencel, a sustainable fabric extracted from wood pulp. This unique, eco-friendly material is resistant to bed bugs and heating. Silky and breathable, the Tencel fiber helps to wick away moisture and promote air circulation to keep you cool. According to Nectar Sleep, the company will replace the cover for free.
  • Top layer (2) – Quilted into the cotton-Tencel cover, the top gel memory foam layer of the Nectar mattress helps protect you from overheating. The quilting design promotes cooling and delivers a distinctively comfortable feel, while the gel foam helps create the sinking sensation and contouring associated with memory foam beds.
  • Mid layer (3) – Under the quilted cover lies a one-inch layer of Nectar’s proprietary LushFoam. The semi-open, fast-recovery memory foam gel absorbs and regulates body heat while conforming to your body’s natural curves.
  • Transition layer (4) – Next is a three-inch layer of adaptive hi core memory foam, a dense and heavy material that is bouncier and more responsive than the upper layers. The transition layer is designed to contour your pressure points and provide additional support.
  • Base layer (5) – Beneath all of these layers is a base made of 2.2-pound dense foam. The High Vegetable Base Super Core base acts as a foundation for the bed. In addition, the lowermost layer features strategic design elements designed to circulate fresh air.


Comfort and Firmness

The experience of sleeping on the Nectar is comparable to that of classic memory foam beds. Sprawling across the Nectar mattress, you may experience a slight sinking or hugging before you engage with firmer support layers. The slow-response top memory foam layers provide the initial softness and pressure relief associated with memory foam, while the quicker-response layers beneath keep you from sinking so far into the mattress that you feel “trapped”.

The Nectar bed comes with one firmness option, which our editors have rated as 6/10, or medium firm. For a better understanding of the Nectar’s firmness, look its ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) ratings. The ILD is a measure of softness or firmness in a mattress, with a lower ILD denoting a softer material and a higher ILD denoting a firmer material. With ILDs of 14 and 15, respectively, the two upper memory foam layers let you sink into the mattress. Moving on to the transition and base layers, the ILDs spike to 45 and 55, giving the mattress its firmness. Combined, the four layers work together to blend comfort and pressure relief with support.



In addition to comfort and pressure relief, support is one of the most important characteristics to consider when shopping for a mattress. In mattress language, support is often used to describe spinal alignment, which refers to how the head, shoulders, hips, knees, feet, and back level up with each other. Keeping the spine in proper alignment is essential to good back health and restful sleep. On the other hand, improper alignment can lead to pain and long-term back problems. The Nectar performs well in this category, offering sufficient support for side and back sleepers of different weights. The combination of foam layers work together to keep the spine in a healthy position while cradling the body’s pressure points. In other words, the mattress is supportive where it needs to be and soft where you want it to be.

Back sleepers may find the Nectar bed fills the lumbar area, a big factor in maintaining good spinal alignment. Alternatively, side sleepers may notice the mattress does a reliable job keeping their hips kept level with their shoulders. Stomach sleepers, however, may discover their hips falling into the mattress and require something firmer to support this heavier region.

Sizing and Pricing

Mattress Sizes Price
Twin $375
Twin XL $425
Full $575
Queen $670
King $775
California King $775

Firmness, Trial, Warranty

Firmness Sleep Trial Warranty
6 out of 10 365 days Lifetime

Nectar Mattress Ratings

  • Materials and Quality 73%
  • Support and Comfort 74%
  • Cooling 82%
  • Edge Support 75%
  • Trial/Warranty 99%
  • Value 80%

Edge Support

Edge support is a term used by mattress industry folks to describe the level of resistance provided around the edges of a mattress. Good edge support is important to prevent sleepers from falling out of bed and the mattress from sagging.

As with most memory foam mattress, the Nectar bed features weak edge support, which could lead to premature aging if you tend to sleep or sit on the edges — particularly for heavier owners. In Nectar bed review posts, some sleepers have reported sagging edges within a year of use.


How does it handle motion? Is it responsive? 

Motion isolation refers to how well a mattress absorbs movement when you change positions or enter and exit the bed. Mattresses with good motion isolation are able to keep movement from transferring across the surface and disturbing a sleeping partner.

Like most memory foam beds, the Nectar mattress provides excellent motion isolation. In Nectar review posts, sleepers who share a bed with partners have praised the mattress for reducing disruptions during the night.

Also like other memory foam mattresses, the Nectar bed has a relatively slow response time. That means you may experience the feeling of sinking or being hugged by your mattress when you climb into bed. While some sleepers prefer the experience sinking, others find that the slow response time creates the sensation of getting stuck in their mattress — it’s a matter of personal preferences.


Does it regulate temperature? Does it sleep hot?

With traditional memory foam beds, many users complain of “sleeping hot” because of the material’s tendency to retain warmth from the body. However, the Nectar combats this problem with its Tencel cover and top layer of quilted gel memory foam. The silky Tencel fiber wicks away moisture and heat while encouraging air circulation and regulating temperature. The gel layer ads to this cooling effect, while the quilting pattern promotes further breathability and prevents body heat retention.


Is there a smell?

If you’ve ever unwrapped a brand new mattress, you may have noticed an initial, chemical-like odor. In mattress-talk this smell is referred to as “off-gassing”. While all mattresses emit off-gassing to varying degrees of strength and duration, memory foam mattresses especially are often associated with long and lingering new-mattress smells.

In Nectar reviews, some sleepers have reported off-gassing when they first unpackage the mattress. The odor generally disappears in around 48 to 72 hours, users report.


How durable is it?



As the Nectar Sleep company is younger than two years old, it remains to be seen how the mattress will stand the test of time. However, with its quality upper layers and sturdy, ultra-dense base, our editors predict a comparable lifespan to other premium memory foam beds. Note that sagging has been reported in Nectar beds less than a year old, so it’s a good idea to avoid sitting on the edges to improve longevity.

One of the Nectar mattresses selling points is its Forever Warranty, which promises to replace a Nectar mattress with a brand new model for free if a mattress is defective in materials or design within the first 10 years of purchase. After 10 years, the company will repair and recover or replace your Nectar should a manufacturing defect be found and confirmed.


What Do Nectar Customers Think?

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Honestly, the best money I have spent!

Originally, I was reluctant to buy a mattress over the Internet. But, after looking at the prices of mattresses at stores, and even laying on some of them I was not impressed at all. I did not want to spend that kind of money on something that I thought was merely “Meh.” So, I started looking online. I had looked at several different options, and then saw Nectar’s 365 try it at home guarantee. ( how could I pass this up? ) I am so glad that I did not! After getting it set up, and waking up after my first night on I was totally impressed! The very best sleep I have ever, ever had!


So, so comfy

I have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night, and I honestly think this mattress has helped me a little! It’s seriously the comfiest mattress ever. I sometimes have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning because I’m so comfortable! Before this bed, I had a memory foam mattress that I was in love with. I thought it was the most comfortable mattress I’d ever sleep on. Nectar has proved me wrong!! Nectar is definitely my new favorite mattress. I recommend this mattress to everyone I know. Thank you so much for helping me sleep better!!!


Much better than any other bed we’ve tried

For the past ten years we had a terrible mattress, and now my wife and I are falling in love with our Nectar mattress. My wife loves it more than I do, because she no long wakes up sore and aching. I have sleep apnea, so it’s taking me a bit longer to adjust, but after a week, I’ve already noticed a big improvement in my own sleep. Finally!

Total Body Relief!

Wonderful mattress, one of the best purchases I’ve ever made! I did my homework and your product definitely lives up to everything I read about. I’m a big guy that has spent the past 25 years walking concrete floors 5 or 6 days per week, prior to that I played football for 10 years. Needless to say, aches and pains had became a part of life for me until I received my Nectar. Now I wake up refreshed and not wanting to get out of the bed. On the negative side, I’m dreading vacation because I won’t be able to take my Nectar with me.

Who is the Nectar Mattress best suited for?

Boasting healthy spinal support and pressure relief with medium firmness, the versatile Nectar mattress is suited for sleepers of different sizes and sleep styles. Back and side sleepers, in particular, may find the mattress is able to keep their spine in healthy alignment while cradling their pressure points. On the other hand, stomach sleepers may find they require a firmer mattress to keep their hips in line with their shoulders.

With its medium firmness, the Nectar bed is also suited for light to heavier sleepers. The top gel layers are soft enough that even sleepers with a lower BMI may find they are able to exert sufficient pressure so the mattress confirms to the natural curves of their body, while sleepers with a higher BMI should receive enough support thanks to the sturdy base layers.

Nectar Mattress Review – Conclusion

In the end, there is no “one mattress to rule them all” — that is to say, a mattress that seems perfect to one sleeper might seem too firm, too soft, or too bouncy for another. One of our favorite features with the Nectar mattress is you have the freedom to see for yourself if the mattress is right for you during a no-risk 365-day trial. At the end of the year, if you decide the Nectar isn’t right for you, the company will refund you 100 percent of your purchase and have the mattress removed from your home for free. Compared to the 60- to 120-day free trials offered by many competitors, the Nectar return policy is tops.

We recommend the Nectar mattress for someone who enjoys the feeling of sinking into bed at night associated with classic memory foam beds. Thanks to its motion isolation and versatility, Nectar is also a good choice for couples who have different sleep styles or find their sleep is often interrupted by their partner’s movements. The Nectar provides adequate support to back and side sleepers, though stomach sleepers may find they need something firmer to support their hips.

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