Avocado Topper Review 2021

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Avocado Mattress launched in 2015 with a vision of making affordable, eco-friendly mattresses. In addition to producing mattresses, Avocado now sells pillows, furniture, mattress pad protectors, and mattress toppers.

The Avocado mattress topper is formally called the “Avocado Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper.” This mattress topper is composed of organic latex, wool, and cotton. The components of the topper are certified by a number of organizations. GOTS and GOLS certify the materials are organic, MADE SAFE certifies the materials are non-toxic, And GREENGUARD certifies the materials for low emissions.

In addition to the original Avocado Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper, Avocado recently introduced a vegan version of the topper that features the same design but substitutes cotton for wool.

These toppers are two inches thick and come in two firmness options. They feature numerous handmade touches, including double-stitched seams.

In this review, we’ll share detailed information on the Avocado mattress topper and discuss how it is constructed and how it is likely to perform. With a greater understanding of the topper, you’ll be in a better position to decide if it is right for you, and if so, which firmness option you may prefer.

Avocado Mattress Topper Lifestyle

Avocado Mattress Topper Quick Overview

  1. Natural, eco-friendly materials including vegan options
  2. Moderate contouring and substantial bounce
  3. Two firmness options
  4. 1-year return policy
  1. Latex toppers may not be advisable for sufferers of latex allergies
  2. The Avocado mattress topper is pricier than most toppers

Avocado Topper Sizing and Pricing

Avocado offers mattress toppers in the standard mattress sizes. The table below gives the specific dimensions for the topper in each of those sizes.

Some mattress toppers come in at a higher price point than others. This is due primarily to construction and materials. Higher-end materials and construction techniques can increase the price. While a higher-priced topper may induce some sticker shock, it’s important to remember that they may offer more benefits and/or a longer lifespan than cheaper options. The Avocado mattress topper uses latex and other eco-friendly materials, making the topper pricier than many others on the market. Full pricing information is in the table below.

Twin74″ x 38″ x 2.75″ $349
Twin XL80″ x 38″ x 2.75″$349
Full74″ x 54″ x 2.75″349
Queen80″ x 60″ x 2.75″$449
King80″ x 76″ x 2.75″$549
California King84″ x 72″ x 2.75″$549

In-depth Avocado Mattress Topper Reviews

Using a mattress topper puts a new spin on your bed. It can change the feel, support, and other critical elements of your sleep experience. Comfort and feel are personal preferences, so not everyone will share the same opinions on a mattress topper. The next section explains how you can expect the Avocado mattress topper to perform in the most important aspects of your sleep experience. While this won’t reflect every sleeper’s perspective, it provides a baseline to help you understand the benefits and downsides of the Avocado mattress topper.


Both the soft and firm mattress topper options offer plenty of support. The latex adjusts to your body shape, so it can allow the right areas to get the cushioning that the need, enhancing spinal alignment.


Latex has moderate contouring to the body. The contouring is enough to provide pressure relief for most sleep positions, but it’s not so contouring that you feel swallowed by the bed. The Avocado mattress topper is two inches thick, so it is deep enough to allow most sleepers to achieve a comfortable amount of conforming.

Temperature Neutrality

The latex used in the Avocado mattress topper offers greater breathability than most other foams. Additionally, the wool in the original Avocado Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper is moisture-wicking, giving the topper an additional temperature-regulating element.

Motion Isolation

The Avocado mattress topper does not transfer significant motion. Latex has some natural bounce, so it may not absorb quite as much motion as some memory foam toppers. However, if your existing mattress tends to transfer motion, the Avocado mattress topper could help reduce the extent to which you notice disturbances.


Latex offers more bounce than standard memory foam, so the Avocado mattress topper can provide a better sexual experience. Since the material is more resilient than memory foam, it is easier to move around on top of the Avocado topper than on many other mattress toppers.


The Avocado mattress topper should be virtually if not entirely silent. It could also dampen some of your motion, which may reduce the noise produced by your existing mattress.

Avocado Mattress Topper

What Type of Sleeper is Good for an Avocado Mattress Topper?

Your weight and favorite sleep position play a part in determining which mattress topper feels best to you. Since the Avocado mattress topper offers two different firmness options, it can provide a comfortable night’s sleep for a wide variety of sleepers and sleep styles. However, assessing your options can help you find a more compatible match.

Body weight influences the amount of pressure on a mattress topper, and it can also influence how that mattress topper feels to the individual. Sleepers who weigh over 230 pounds often find a firmer mattress topper to be more comfortable because they may sink in too deeply on soft mattress toppers. Sleepers who weigh under 130 pounds often find a soft mattress topper to be more comfortable since firm toppers may not allow them to sink in enough for conforming.

Similarly, sleeping position can affect how a mattress topper feels. Side sleepers often have sharp pressure points that may be relieved by a softer, thicker mattress topper. Back and stomach sleepers often need more support, which may be better with firmer mattress topper.

Below, we’ll share how we rate the Avocado mattress topper for different weight groups and sleep positions.

Plush Option

Lightweight Sleepers (Less than 130lb)Average-weight Sleepers (130-230lb)Heavyweight Sleepers (More than 230lb)
Side SleepersVery GoodVery GoodGood
Back SleepersVery GoodGoodFlair
Stomach SleepersGoodFairPoor

Firm Option

Lightweight Sleepers (Less than 130lb)Average-weight Sleepers (130-230lb)Heavyweight Sleepers (More than 230lb)
Side SleepersGoodGoodVery Good
Back SleepersGoodVery GoodVery Good
Stomach SleepersGoodVery GoodVery Good

Materials and Construction

A mattress topper’s materials and construction can impact its feel and durability. We’ll break down the construction of the Avocado mattress topper and provide more information on the materials used.

The Avocado mattress topper features two inches of natural, organic Dunlop latex. A layer of organic wool adds additional temperature regulation, moisture control, and breathability. The cover of the topper uses organic cotton that is also breathable and soft to the touch. The vegan version of the mattress is identical, except the wool is replaced with cotton batting. The various materials have several notable certifications, including certifications from GOTS, GOLS, MADE SAFE, and GREENGUARD.

Avocado Mattress Topper Inside

Delivery, Trial and Warranty Information

TRIAL PERIOD1-year sleep trial
WARRANTY10-year warranty
SHIPPING INFORMATIONShipping is free to all 50 US states. Delivery usually takes 3-11 business days depending on your location.
MADE INCalifornia

How to Use a Mattress Topper

The Avocado mattress topper arrives compressed in a box. Follow any instructions that you receive along with your mattress topper. Here are some general guidelines for setting up latex mattress toppers:

  • Move the packaged mattress topper to the room of your choice. Once unboxed, it will be more difficult to move, so you should get it as close to its intended destination as possible before opening the box.
  • Open the package carefully, and when doing so, try to keep sharp objects away from the topper to avoid damaging it.
  • Place the mattress topper on directly on your stripped mattress.
  • Make your bed as you ordinarily would, placing the fitted sheet snugly over the mattress and mattress topper.

Your Avocado mattress topper can be spot cleaned to remove stains. To do so, use mild substances only, like water and mild detergents. Harsher chemicals, like bleach, could damage the materials. Before applying any solution to a significant area, try testing it on a small patch to make sure it is compatible with the topper. Avocado provides detailed information on how to remove a variety of common stains from its latex, so you may wish to review this information before cleaning your mattress topper. Depending on the nature of the stain, the best course of action will vary.

To dry your mattress after spot cleaning, you should blot instead of rubbing. To finish drying, you can leave your mattress to air dry or use a blow dryer on a cool setting.

About Avocado

Customer Service: Many customer reviews praise Avocado’s customer service team.

Reputation: Avocado’s reputation is built primarily around its use of natural, eco-friendly materials in products that are handcrafted with notable attention-to-detail.

BBB Rating: Avocado Mattress has been given a B rating by the Better Business Bureau.

Years in Business: Avocado has been in business since 2015.

Physical Stores: Avocado has Experience Centers in Hoboken, New Jersey and Santa Monica, California.

Contact Information: Email and phone call back contact options are available via an online form, AvocadoGreenMattress.com