Mattress Stores in Portland 2021

Updated on March 3, 2021

In the Rose City of Portland, Oregon, you’ll encounter one of America’s most picturesque cities, filled with views of rivers, bridges, and the ever-present Mt. Hood. In addition to this natural beauty, Portland has a dynamic populace that is forward-looking and tech-savvy.

Portlanders have been early adopters of e-commerce and have jumped enthusiastically on board with the trend of buying mattresses online. Nevertheless, many residents value the in-person mattress shopping process that lets them see how a mattress feels and talk with a salesperson face-to-face.

For people in Portland who are looking to shop in person, there are numerous stores with a quality selection of mattresses. Stores include major national mattress chains, local mattress shops, showrooms for online brands, and retail home goods stores that feature online mattress brands.

This guide outlines the options for in-person mattress shopping to help you find the best mattress stores in the Portland area.

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Physical Stores for Online Brands

Over the past decade, there has been a major transition taking place in the mattress industry. While historically mattresses were sold in brick-and-mortar stores, a larger and larger percentage of sales are moving online, reflecting a broader trend toward e-commerce for all types of consumer products.

As some online mattress companies have built their brand reputation, they’ve branched out, opening physical stores so that customers can come and see their products live and in person.

In the Portland area, there are three such stores that have been opened by mattress companies that first started by selling online and direct to consumers. At these stores, you can often buy a mattress to take home that day, or you can arrange for delivery to your home.

Information about each of these stores is listed in the table below.

Brand / StoreAddressKey ProductsWhy They Are Worth a Look

Washington Square 9685 SW Washington Square Road, Suite C07 Portland, OR 97223

Mattresses (Original and Wave, including hybrids) Bedding; Furniture (base, nightstands) Accessories

Leading online brand with multiple models and innovative designs
Tuft & Needle

Cedar Hills Crossing Shopping Center 2725 SW Cedar Hills Blvd Suite 115 Beaverton, OR 97005

Mattresses (foam, latex, hybrid) Bedding Furniture (bases)

Well-respected online brand that employs a proprietary foam that gets rave reviews from customers

Washington Square 9339 SW Washington Square Rd. Tigard, Oregon

Mattresses (memory foam) Bedding Furniture

Online mattress brand that offers memory foam beds to fit people in any sleeping position


Casper is widely considered to be a pioneer in the mattress industry for its bold push into the online, direct-to-consumer market. Casper helped make the bed-in-a-box mattress a reality for thousands of customers, and as a result, the company’s name is well-known among shoppers.

Casper started out with just one mattress, and they still sell that original Casper, which is an all-foam offering utilizing both polyfoam and memory foam. The Casper Hybrid uses a similar mix in its comfort system but has a support core made with pocketed innerspring coils. More recent product launches from Casper include the Wave and Wave Hybrid, luxury designs that provide customers with innovative features to promote spinal alignment, comfort, and temperature regulation.

Casper’s retail store in Washington Square Mall just outside of Portland lets customers get a close-up look at these mattresses alongside other Casper products like the Glow Light, bed frames, pillows, and other bedding.

Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle is another brand that has helped blaze a trail for the success of the online mattress industry. After years of success online, the company has opened a handful of retail showrooms to be able to reach even more customers.

At the showrooms, customers can view both of the mattresses offered by Tuft & Needle: the original Tuft & Needle mattress and the Tuft & Needle Mint. Both of these have an all-foam design and feature a comfort system that is composed of Adaptive Foam, the proprietary polyfoam developed by the company. Adaptive Foam blends the feel of memory foam and latex, combining both support and bounce. The Mint mattress, which has a higher price, contains an extra layer of Adaptive Foam along with other advanced design features.

Tuft & Needle has a showroom in Beaverton, just outside of Portland, at the Cedar Hills Crossing Shopping Center. At this showroom, you can see both Tuft & Needle mattresses as well as their popular pillow, sheets, and bedroom furniture.


Amerisleep’s product line is built on the success of memory foam as a mattress material. Each of the five Amerisleep models — the AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4, and AS5 — uses memory foam in the comfort layer, and this gives these beds the ability to contour to the body to relieve pressure and promote spinal alignment.

Amerisleep’s memory foam has an open-cell structure to reduce heat retention and is formulated in different firmness levels to cater to the needs of individual sleepers based on their weight and sleeping position.

Customers can try out the Amerisleep beds at the company’s showroom in the Washington Square shopping area near Portland. Other sleep products, such as bedroom furniture, pillows, and bedding, are also available from Amerisleep.


Retailers Featuring Online Brands

To see an online brand’s models in person doesn’t always require going to the showroom of that specific brand. In some cases, you can check out online brands because they have partnered with other retail stores to help showcase and distribute their mattresses.

In the following table, you can find out which online brands you can see in person and the retail stores that feature them in the Portland metro area.

StoreAddressFeatured Products
Mattress Firm & Macy’sMultiple LocationsPurple and All-New Purple (Hybrid)

Portland East: 9800 SE Washington St. Portland, OR 97216 Tigard: 9009 SW Hall Blvd Tigard, OR 97223 Beaverton: 18101 NW Evergreen Pkwy Beaverton, OR 97006

Casper Essential Mattress
West Elm1201 Northwest Couch, Block 5, #102, Portland, OR, 97209Leesa Mattress

Purple Mattresses – Mattress Firm & Macy’s

With so many mattresses on the market, some brands have a hard time standing out. That has never been a problem for Purple. While some may associate the company with its comical marketing campaigns, what really sets Purple apart is its specialty material used for the mattress comfort layer.

The Smart Comfort Grid is the secret sauce for Purple, and it is made of a material called a Hyper-Elastic Polymer. This grid is a series of squares, and when weight is applied, those squares compress to provide cushioning. When weight is removed, the squares quickly bounce back to take their original shape. This allows the Smart Comfort Grid to be both responsive and resilient, and its open-cell structure gives it best-in-class temperature regulation.

The original Purple mattress is all-foam and has a two-inch layer of the Smart Comfort Grid as its top layer. The All-New Purple is a hybrid that has a support core of innerspring coils. For the All-New Purple, customers can choose whether the Smart Comfort Grid is two, three, or four inches thick.

Purple’s growth has mostly been online, but recently the company partnered with Mattress Firm and with Macy’s for nationwide distribution. Mattress Firm has a huge network of showrooms across the country, including in Portland, and Macy’s is a major department store chain with a broad network of stores. Customers can find a list of locations and available products by using the Purple Store Locator.

Casper Essential – Target

Casper’s showrooms feature the Casper, Casper Hybrid, Casper Wave, and the Wave Hybrid mattress. But Casper also makes another mattress — the Casper Essential — that is a no-frills option with a more affordable price point that appeals to many customers.

The Essential is an all-foam bed that has a comfort system made up of memory foam and specialty polyfoam. The Essential is generally not available to be seen up-close at the Casper-branded showrooms, but it is available online and in select Target stores.

In the Portland area, there are three Target locations — Portland East, Tigard, and Beaverton — where customers can check out the Essential. The most up-to-date details about Casper products offered in Target can be found in the online Casper Store Locator.

Leesa Mattress – West Elm

Leesa is another popular and well-regarded online brand that has teamed up with national retail partners to help customers get a closer look at a Lessa mattress.

Leesa makes two mattresses, the original Leesa and the Leesa Hybrid. In the Portland area, only the original Leesa is available through retail partners. The Leesa mattress is made with three layers of foam. The comfort system is composed of the top two layers. One of these layers is a specialty latex-like polyfoam, and the other is memory foam. The support core is made with high-density polyfoam. The design of the mattress gives it an inviting blend of bounce and pressure relief that appeals to a wide range of sleepers.

Shoppers in the Portland area can see the Leesa at West Elm, a home furnishings chain with a location in downtown Portland. Further information about seeing Leesa products in person can be found by accessing the Leesa Store Finder.


Local Mattress Stores

While many of the options for in-store mattress shopping are large national chains, some customers prefer to seek out local mattress stores. In Portland, there are a number of family-run mattress shops that have great reputations for their pricing, products, and customer care.

The following table lists the best local mattress shops in Portland.

StoreAddressWhy They Are Worth a Look
Mattress Lot2406 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland, OR 97232Family-run neighborhood mattress store features locally made mattresses at competitive prices and with great service
Plank & Coil2259 NW Raleigh St. Portland, OR 97210Home furnishings showroom with a focus on organic mattresses including those made locally.
Mulligan Mattress1200 SE 7th Ave Portland, OR 97214Hand-made mattresses by this local manufacturer use organic latex and organic cotton with no fillers or chemicals
RKC Sleep Shop6500 SE Johnson Creek Blvd. Portland, OR 97206This family-run business has been serving the Portland area since 1995 and offers great prices on a wide range of brands with affordable delivery available throughout the Portland area.

Mattress Lot

The Mattress Lot is a family-owned mattress store in the Kerns Neighborhood. The store was started in 2010 and has been a hit with shoppers across Portland thanks to its selection, service, and prices.

The store does not carry big national brands and instead focuses on local and regional mattress makers. Many of the products carried by the Mattress Lot are natural or organic. The company offers free delivery if you come to the store via bike or transit, and in some cases, they even make deliveries by bike.

The Mattress Lot offers low prices from the get-go, avoiding the “mark up to mark down” sale prices found in many mattress showrooms. Salespeople are not paid on commission, reducing sales pressure when you visit the store.

Plank & Coil

Plank & Coil is a home furnishings store in Northwest Portland with a focus on health-safe and natural products. They offer numerous products for home decor as well as mattresses.

The selection of natural mattresses at Plank & Coil includes brands like Vispring and Naturepedic as well as a number of local brands that are made in Oregon. Customers who prioritize eco-friendly mattresses and want to see them in a calm, low-pressure environment can take advantage of a visit to the Plant & Coil showroom.

Mulligan Mattress

Mulligan Mattress is a local manufacturer that puts extra time and care into the making of each mattress. The company uses only organic latex and organic cotton and employs an old-fashioned lock-stich sewing machine to carefully construct each bed.

Mulligan builds your mattress to fit your needs and works carefully with each customer to make sure they are well supported. They have over 45 years in the industry and invite customers to visit their showroom and check out the difference that comes from a hand-made mattress.

RKC Sleep Shop

The RKC Sleep Shop, set in the Milwaukie neighborhood, has been in business since 1995 and is family-owned and operated. They carry a range of mattress models, including many options from major national brands. Customers praise this company for its pricing and high standard of customer service.

RKC Sleep Shop provides shipping in the greater Portland area for $50 and backs their mattress sales with a 60-day comfort guarantee.


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