Presidents’ Day Mattress Sales

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Once the calendar has turned to a new year, the first big holiday is Presidents’ Day. This holiday, which occurs every year on the third Monday in February, will be celebrated next on February 18, 2019.

Traditionally, Presidents’ Day has been a popular holiday for offering mattress sales at major mattress chains and department stores. Because it always creates 3-day weekend, Presidents’ Day features multi-day sales events.

With a larger and larger percentage of mattress sales taking place online, sales have spread to e-commerce as well. No matter where you’re shopping for a mattress on Presidents’ Day, you can expect to find meaningful discounts and promotions.

In this guide, we’ll review the pros and cons of buying a mattress online and in-store, and we’ll offer tips for finding the best value no matter where you decide to buy. Our research will direct you to the best deals being offered this year on the most trustworthy online mattress brands.

The Very Best Presidents’ Day Mattress Deals!

Buying a New Mattress: Online vs. In-Store

For decades, if you needed a new mattress, you visited a brick-and-mortar store. Even as e-commerce started growing for other products, mattresses remained in the domain of in-person purchases.

Now, all of that has changed, and there has been a boom in online mattress sales. Customer-friendly shipping and return policies along with great prices have encouraged millions of customers to buy online.

If you’re looking for a deal on Presidents’ Day, a smart place to start is to decide whether you want to make your purchase online or in-person. The table below covers the biggest benefits of buying online versus in a brick-and-mortar store.

Research and buy at home at your own pace and on your own time. You can lay down on a mattress and really tell how it feels.
No sales pressure from a store representative. Extensive FAQs and real customer reviews provide the key information you need. In-person comparison helps differentiate among various types and styles of mattresses.
Consistently low prices with lots of online-only discounts and promos. Salespeople can be a useful resource and help guide you through the buying process.
Easy to comparison shop with a huge range of products to browse.Negotiating the price is generally far more fruitful in-person.
Sleep trials offer months to try out a mattress in your own bedroom with the ability to return the mattress for a full refund.Big sales events and close-outs may only happen in-store.
Delivery is normally free within the continental U.S.Product overload can be easier to avoid in-store.

Finding a Great Presidents’ Day Deal Online

If you decide to buy a mattress online on Presidents’ Day weekend, odds are you won’t have to work hard to find discounts. Mattress companies tend to clearly advertise their deals on their websites through pop-up promos, banner ads, or clearly marked price reductions.

Many online mattress companies have a chat option where you can ask representatives about any special offerings for Presidents’ Day. You’ll usually know if a deal is unique to this holiday because it will be activated by a special coupon code that you’ll enter at checkout.

It’s normal for retailers to provide discounts of $50 to $200 or to offer free bedding, normally pillows, with the purchase of a mattress. If you see a discount being offered by one online merchant, you can always ask another mattress company if they will match it or offer a similar deal.

Another way to find deals on Presidents’ Day is to check third party sites, including review sites. These sites sometimes partner with mattress companies, and may have exclusive discounts not available on other pages. On those sites you can learn important information about mattresses to help inform your shopping experience.

An important tip is to stay true to your individual needs and priorities in a new mattress. Don’t jump for something different because you see a huge markdown. You need a mattress that provides critical support and comfort, and you shouldn’t sacrifice those things to get a lower price.

If this all seems overwhelming, try to focus on one or two brands that meet your key criteria. If even that seems hard to determine, check out our picks for the best deals on offer this Presidents’ Day.

In-Store Savings Opportunities on Presidents’ Day

Getting a deal in-store deal on Presidents’ Day is a familiar process to most people. Department stores, local furniture shops, and major mattress chains generally promote sales through classic advertising channels such as radio and print.

For example, it’s common to find ads with product photos and sales prices distributed with the weekly newspaper. A weekend sales event may also be featured in radio or TV spots. If you only hear part of the ad, you can typically find the full ad and sale details on the store’s website. A mailer delivered to your home can be another way to find out about a sale.

If you see a flyer ahead of time, you can do some preliminary research to help determine if it’s actually a good deal. Call other stores or look online to see what the going price is for that same mattress or a similar model. If you notice that the posted “deal” really isn’t much of a deal at all, that can be a great cue to negotiate.

If you go to a mattress store, don’t let sales pressure lead you away from what you know you want. Definitely don’t accept an inferior mattress because of a cut-rate price or go above your means for a luxury mattress just because it’s on sale. Stay focused on your budget and your needs, and you’ll go home with a bed you love.

Best Presidents’ Day Mattress Deals for 2019

We’ll continue to update this page with savings opportunities as it gets closer to the holiday. Be sure to check back regularly so you don’t miss out on great savings on a new mattress!