Memorial Day Mattress Sale

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Memorial Day is one of the best opportunities to score huge discounts on a new mattress. Savings abound in stores and online, and customers can benefit by finding some of the lowest prices of the year.

Memorial Day falls on the last Monday of May every year. Deals for mattresses usually run the entire weekend, beginning the Friday before and extending through the following Monday, on the holiday itself.

Prices are low during this weekend in large part because of the typical timeline for launching new products in the mattress industry. Major brands often release new models in the early summer. As a result, there is normally a huge incentive for them to sell as much of the old inventory in May to clear space for those new products.

This new product cycle means that low prices can be found the entire month of May, and these deals usually culminate with the Memorial Day weekend. Even though many online mattress companies don’t face the same inventory cycle, they regularly offer big discounts to compete with the brick-and-mortar stores.

If you’re hoping to bring home a new mattress this holiday weekend, our guide can help. We’ll touch on the benefits and downsides of shopping in-person and online, and we’ll give you insider tips on how to get the best price no matter where you shop. On top of all that, we’ll list our choices for the best Memorial Day mattress deals on the top performing models.

The Very Best Memorial Day Mattress Deals!


Buying a New Mattress: Online v. In-Store

If it’s been awhile since purchasing your last mattress, the amount of online options may come as quite a shock. A huge percentage of the industry is shifting to e-commerce, and a growing number of customers have decided that buying online is the way to go.

Ultimately, there’s no single best place to buy a mattress: you can have a good shopping experience online or in-person. But each approach has its own benefits, and understanding these benefits can help you know which route will be best for you.

If you’re unsure, this quick overview and comparison of the pluses of shopping online and in-store may help.

No need to go out to stores. Instead, you can research, browse, and buy in the relaxed environment of your own home.The tangible feel of a mattress is critical, and only in-store can you actually test out a mattress to see what it is like before making a purchase
There is no sales rep trying to encourage you to make a purchase. This lack of sales pressure can remove the uncomfortable feeling that some people get when shopping in a mattress store.A showroom lets you get immediate feedback on numerous models all in one shopping visit.
Tons of online resources — from independent reviews to customer comments to detailed FAQs — can answer questions and give insider views about individual products.Not all sales reps are pushy, and they can in fact be a great guide to help you learn about your options and find the right choice for you.
Price competition leads to great values plus coupon codes make for even better deals.The ability to negotiate can lead to steep discounts and free “extras” like sheets or pillows.
Use multiple browser tabs or save web pages to quickly and easily compare products and brands.Inventory pressures can mean closeouts and big sales, especially around holidays like Memorial Day.
No-risk sleep trials let you spend weeks or even months testing out a mattress with no long-term commitment.Less information overload that can come from the sheer number of mattress choices available online.
Delivery is usually included in the price, and setup is easy with bed-in-a-box models.

Finding a Great Memorial Day Deal Online

To get a discount online during Memorial Day weekend, start by visiting the mattress websites whose products are at the top of your list. Odds are you’ll be offered a discount right off the bat via a pop-up window or other large ad on their site.

These discounts are normally provided through coupon codes that give $50-$200 off the price or that may include freebies like a specialty pillow. Don’t forget to enter this code at checkout before you pay.

If you don’t see this kind of coupon code immediately, check with the company’s online customer service reps. You can usually chat with a representative right from their site or you can find a phone number or email address via their contact information page.

Beyond the site of the mattress company itself, third party websites offer lots of discounts and coupon codes. Special prices may be available through these sites thanks to their partnerships and relationships with mattress sellers. Check for special price cuts, especially for Memorial Day. At the same time, browsing these sites can beef up your product knowledge and buying confidence.

If you notice that a mattress seller isn’t offering many deals, contact them and reference the discount price on a similar bed. The sales representative may be authorized to price match or to reduce the price in light of a deal offered by a competitor.

Remember that a great deal is only great for you if you actually love the mattress. Springing for a steep discount on a mattress that you won’t like will eventually force you back to square one. Don’t compromise when it comes to your critical needs like support and appropriate firmness level.

Last but not least, if you’re feeling overburdened by this whole process, we’ve made it easy for you by including our list of the best Memorial Day deals on our favorite mattresses below.

How to Save In-Store on Memorial Day

Because Memorial Day is such a major sales holiday for brick-and-mortar stores, it’s often advertised extensively on local media. You can usually hear at least short ads on radio and TV. While these spots may offer only limited details, they’ll let you know the general outlines and dates of the sale.

Along with radio and TV, it’s almost certain that retailers will publish circulars and weekly ads in the local newspaper. These will have more information including many of the specific markdowns. If you can’t find any newspaper ads, check the websites for local merchants or major mattress and department store chains in your area.

Ideally, you’ll find out about the sales prices a few days in advance. You can then do some quick comparison shopping by calling around to other stores or by looking at what the same or comparable mattresses are going for online. When it comes to prices, knowledge is power, so if you know a discount is limited, go to a store with the plan to negotiate further.

The last point to remember is that while price is important, it’s not the be-all, end-all. You need a bed that serves your body and not just your wallet. Don’t buy a mattress that doesn’t meet your standards or priorities just because it’s marked-down.