Labor Day Mattress Sale

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Labor Day is an important holiday that marks a transition in the year. During this holiday, families across the country take an opportunity to soak in the last vacation of the summer and prepare for the back-to-school season.

This holiday weekend is also eagerly anticipated because it is a day marked some of the biggest sales of the year in the mattress industry. Both online and in brick-and-mortar stores, there are major discounts on tons of brands and models, offering customers an opportunity to find a great mattress at a great price.

Labor Day recognizes the contributions of workers to the American economy and society. But all great workers need their nightly rest, and quality sleep can power productivity. If you’ve been thinking that it’s time for a new mattress, this holiday weekend is a perfect time to make an upgrade and start getting the sleep that you deserve.

With so many mattress options to choose from and so many deals being offered, it can be hard to know where to start. This guide takes you through our top picks for the best Labor Day mattress sales of 2019. We’ll summarize the top brands and show you their special pricing for this holiday.

In addition, our buying guide compares and contrasts buying online versus in store and provides the information that you need to be a savvy shopper and get the best deal possible no matter where you decide to make your mattress purchase.

The Very Best Labor Day Mattress Deals!

  • Saatva

    $100 OFF

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  • Nectar

    $100 OFF

    Save $100 plus two Free Pillows on the purchase of any Nectar mattress

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  • Brooklyn Bedding

    25% OFF

    Get 25% off any product on Brooklyn Bedding’s website

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  • Winkbeds

    $300 OFF

    Get $300 off any Winkbeds Mattress purchase

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  • DreamCloud

    $200 OFF

    Save $200 on the Dreamcloud Mattress

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  • Caspermed

    10% OFF

    Save 10% on any mattress purchase Use Code: LABORDAY

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  • alternate lockup black

    $100 OFF

    Save $100 off the Mint Mattress, plus 40% off any sheets purchased

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  • Leesa

    $150 OFF

    Get $150 off the Leesa or $200 off the Leesa Hybrid, plus two free pillows with purchase

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  • Loom and Leaf

    $100 OFF

    Save $100 on the purchase of the Loom & Leaf Mattress

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  • Tempur Pedic

    $300 OFF

    Up to $300 off Tempur-Pedic mattresses

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  • PlushBeds

    $125 OFF

    Get up to $1,200 off PlushBeds Mattress plus free Sheets, 2 Pillows, and Mattress Protector Use Code: PLUSH2019

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  • ZenHaven

    $125 OFF

    Save $100 on the Zenhaven Mattress

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  • Awara

    $200 OFF

    $200 off the Awara Mattress

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  • Purple

    FREE Pillows

    Receive two free pillows and a free set of sheets with the purchase of a mattress

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  • Avocado  e

    $175 OFF

    Get $175 off the Avocado Mattress

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  • layla new  png

    $125 OFF

    Save $125 on the Layla Mattress, plus get 2 free pillows with purchase

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  • Bear Mattress

    20% OFF

    Save 20% off any purchase sitewide, plus get two free pillows with purchase

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  • Ghostbed

    $200 OFF

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  • Puffy

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  • amerisleepprimarysmall

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  • Screen Shot    at  PM

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Additional BrandsSale DetailsDates Active
Screen Shot    at  PMFREE Gravity Weighted Blanket with Purchase of Eight Sleep PodAug. 26th – Sept. 2nd
Big Fig$300 OFF any Big Fig MattressAug. 26th – Sept. 2nd
Screen Shot    at  PM20% OFF Mattress, Duvet Inserts, Pillows and Decorative Pillows Code: LABORDAY20Aug. 26th – Sept. 2nd
MarpactoolsUp to $200 OFF Yogabed Mattress + 20% OFF Bedding Aug. 23rd – Sept. 3rd
mygreen$125 OFF Orders Over $599 $175 OFF Orders Over $1,049 $225 OFF Orders Over $1,299 $300 OFF Orders Over $2,000 20% OFF Accessories Aug. 28th – Sept. 3rd
aviyasmall$200 OFF and Free ShippingAug. 23rd – Sept. 3rd
idlesleep$300 OFF + 2 FREE Memory Foam Pillows Use Code: LABORDAYAug. 23rd – Sept. 5th
LatexforLess$200 OFF Any Latex for Less MattressAug. 23rd – Sept. 5th
Eco Terra$200 OFF Any Eco Terra MattressAug. 23rd – Sept. 5th

Buying Guide: Labor Day Mattress Sales

Some people get overwhelmed when looking for a new mattress. But while a new mattress is an important investment, finding and buying one doesn’t have to be a burden.

If you’re looking for a new mattress around Labor Day, you’re in luck because this is one of the best times all year to buy a new bed. One of the first things to decide as you start the mattress-buying process is where you want to shop.

Buying a New Mattress: Online v. In-Store

Labor Day is a big event in the mattress industry. Traditionally, deals have been offered by virtually every brick-and-mortar mattress store, but in recent years, more and more sales have been offered online as well. No matter where you shop, you can find solid values.

If you’ve never shopped for a mattress online, it may seem like a strange concept, but it has definite benefits. To help you decide where to buy a new mattress, the following table reviews the biggest positives of shopping online and in a physical store.

Actually lying down on a mattress gives you a tangible sense of how it feelsYou can search for product information at your own pace and in the comfort of home
Showrooms let you test more than one model and make comparisons in real-timeCompany websites and third-party reviews provide an abundance of information to learn about options and determine which best fits your needs
Limited options in a showroom help with focus and avoiding information overloadIt’s easy to comparison shop, and extensive competition keeps prices lower
Salespeople can offer helpful guidance and despite their reputation, frequently aren’t pushyThere’s no pressure to buy coming from a mattress salesperson
Major sales events can mean big savings, especially if there are inventory closeoutsSleep trials let you test out a mattress in your own bedroom with the option to return it
The ability to negotiate can generate more savings and/or freebies (like pillows or bedding)Free shipping to your front door

Getting The Best Deal On a New Mattress

Both online and in stores, you can find excellent prices on mattresses around Labor Day. In the following sections, we’ll cover how to get a great deal both online and in stores.

How to Get the Best Deal Online on Labor Day

Your starting point for finding the best deal depends on how much you already know about what you want in a mattress.

If You’re Just Getting Started

If you don’t know much about what you’re looking for, you have a few options to help get the ball rolling and take advantage of a Labor Day deal.

  • Study relevant background information: resources like our guide to How to Buy a Mattress walk you through some of the key background information to help identify the right mattress for you.
  • Browse the top deals: check out all the recommendations we’ve listed above in this guide. Those picks highlight the top brands and deals available this holiday weekend, and from those, you can narrow down to a couple of options to explore in more depth.

When You’ve Identified Your Top Choices

When you’ve figured out which mattresses you think are the best potential fit for your needs and budget, you can begin the process of looking for a deal.

Thankfully, deal-searching online is usually an easy process. Start by going directly to the site of the company whose mattress you are interested in. Almost all online mattress brands will display a promotion in a prominent spot on their website. Usually you can get the best price without any haggling, negotiating, or searching for promos.

In some cases, the promotion price requires using a specific coupon code. If you see that code listed in an ad, make sure to make a note of it so that you can apply it when you check out and confirm your purchase. If no promo code is listed, just make sure that the price in your cart is the advertised sale price.

If you don’t see any promotions or discounts, you have a few options:

  • Contact customer support: reach out through email or an online chat service, if available, to ask if they have any Labor Day specials.
  • Check third party sites: look on for special codes as we often are able to help the users of our site score the top deals with coupon codes or other discounts.

How to Get the Best Deal In Store on Labor Day

To find deals in your area, you’ll want to identify stores in your area that offer mattresses. These are usually stores that focus on mattresses as well as larger department stores.

The next step is to find out what deals they plan to offer. These are usually announced at least a few days in advance of the Friday before Labor Day. Most of these stores now have an online presence and post their flyers on their websites. Some stores even have mobile apps that will provide details about sales.

Local media is another place to learn about Labor Day mattress deals. Promotions are commonly mentioned on TV, radio, and in newspapers. A printed flyer may be distributed along with the local paper with other weekly ads (such as those for grocery stores and drug stores).

When you find information about these sales, make a note of the key information:

  • What products are on sale? Jot down both the brand and the model as this will help you do any further research or comparison shop.
  • What are the final prices of the products you’re interested in? Some ads will just say how much the price is reduced without mentioning the actual final price. You want to know the actual out-the-door cost, which in some cases may require calling the store or looking on their website.
  • What are the dates of the sale? Look closely at when the sale runs as well as the times when the store is open during the holiday period. Most sales will last through the entire Labor Day weekend if not longer, although some stores may close on Labor Day itself.

When you’ve identified some stores that seem to have solid deals, make a visit. Give yourself time to look around and to actually spend some time on each mattress that you want to consider. It’s best if you can lie down for 10-15 minutes or longer as this will give a more realistic sense of its feel; after all, first impressions can be deceiving.

If you’ve picked out some beds that are most appealing to you, you can do a price check with other stores by looking online or even calling up those other stores. At any mattress store, make sure to negotiate, and ask if they have a price match guarantee in case you find the bed at a lower price later during the weekend.

Remember That It’s Not Just About Price

Labor Day is one of the best times to find a deal on a new mattress, and we encourage you to make the most of this opportunity. But at the same time, make sure to keep the deals, discounts, and promos in perspective.

While price is critical, the single most important thing is buying a great mattress. Finding a screaming deal on a mattress you end up hating doesn’t actually serve your interests. Sacrificing your sleep to save a few bucks just isn’t worth it, and since you may have to replace an uncomfortable mattress, it can wind up costing you more in the end.

For that reason, we recommend looking for a mattress that fits what you need in terms of support and comfort based on your personal preferences, sleeping position, and body weight. Then use the Labor Day holiday to get the best price you can on that mattress regardless of whether it’s in a store or online.

How to Save In-Store on the 4th of July

Begin any search for a 4th of July in-store mattress deal by browsing local media: radio, TV, and newspapers. Just like grocery stores will distribute flyers with bargains for the barbecue, furniture stores, mattress stores, and department stores will often send out the details on their own sales.

In the days leading up to the holiday, check your mail and look for a glossy ad from local stores. These will normally be included with the weekly ads in the local newspaper as well. Shorter, less-detailed ads may be played on TV and radio, and if you know a store is having a sale, you can get more information from their website.

With any sale that’s going on, make sure to take note of which days the sale is running. While most will run Friday through Sunday, some may start on July 3rd.

If you can learn more about specific product discounts, take a few minutes to call other stores or search online to see if that’s actually the lowest price you can find. If you know lower prices are available elsewhere, try using that information to negotiate a better deal.

The important thing is not to lose sight of features beyond mattress price. Yes, you need to find a mattress that fits your budget, but don’t sacrifice your sleep for a great deal. Even a bargain basement price isn’t worth it if a mattress doesn’t support your spine or otherwise disrupts your sleep.