Novosbed Mattress Review 2021

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Novosbed has established itself as a market-leading mattress company in Canada and offers its memory foam beds in the United States as well.

The strength of the Novosbed is its pressure-relieving memory foam. All of the available firmness options — Soft, Medium, and Firm — use this contouring foam to promote spinal alignment.

Higher-than-average density in the memory foams boosts the durability of these beds, allowing them to deliver years of excellent sleep to people of all sleeping positions and body shapes.

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Novosbed Mattress Review

Novosbed Mattress Prices and Sizes

All of the firmness models from Novosbed have the same dimensions and the same price.

Twin38” x 75” x 11”$899
Twin XL38” x 80” x 11”$949
Full54” x 75” x 11”$999
Queen60” x 80” x 11”$1,099
King76” x 80” x 11”$1,299
California King72” x 84” x 11”$1,299

The Novosbed is available in your choice of three firmness levels: Soft (3-4 on the typical firmness scale), Medium (5), and Firm (6-7).

After 30 nights trying out the mattress, you can request a free Comfort+ firmness adjustment. This involves Novosbed sending you a different foam layer by mail. You can unzip the mattress cover and place this new layer on the top of your bed in order to change the comfort feel.


Novosbed mattresses are available through the company’s website and through Amazon.


The cover of the Novosbed is a woven cover made with polyester and Tencel to offer stretch and softness. The cover is zippered and can be removed and machine-washed.

The interior of the Novosbed is made with 4 foam layers. The exact specifications for the mattress depend on whether you opt for the Soft, Medium, or Firm model.


  1. The top layer is 1” of gel-infused memory foam with a density of 3.7 pounds per cubic foot (PCF).
  2. The second layer is 1” of breathable polyfoam with a density of 2 PCF.
  3. The third layer is 2” of open-cell memory foam with a density of 2.5 PCF.
  4. The fourth layer is 7” of support polyfoam with a density of 1.8 PCF.


  1. The first layer is 1” of polyfoam with a density of 2 PCF.
  2. The second layer is 1” of memory foam with a density of 4 PCF.
  3. The third layer is 2” of memory foam with a density of 4 PCF.
  4. The fourth layer is 7” of support polyfoam with a density of 1.8 PCF.


  1. The top layer is 2” of memory foam with a density of 2.5 PCF.
  2. The second layer is 1” of open-cell memory foam with a density of 2.5 PCF.
  3. The third layer is 1” of memory foam with 4 PCF density.
  4. The bottom layer is 7” of support polyfoam with a density of 1.8 PCF.

Novosbed provides free shipping to the United States and Canada. Some additional charges may be required for shipping to remote locations or areas outside the contiguous 48 states.

Additional Services

No services for installation or removal of an old mattress are offered by Novosbed.

Sleep Trial

The Novosbed comes with a 120-night sleep trial. There are specific conditions in place regarding this trial.

You must keep the mattress for 30 nights. Neither returns nor comfort adjustments are available during this time period.

Between days 31 and 60, the company will provide a Comfort+ adjustment, but returns are still not accepted.

Between days 61 and 120, you can request a return for a full refund. Comfort+ kits can be requested during this time as well.

Mattresses purchased through Amazon may have different terms for returns and the sleep trial.


A 15-year warranty is provided by Novosbed. In the first 10 years of the warranty, any repair or replacement is fully covered if the mattress is found to be defective. Between years 11 and 15, the company will repair or replace the mattress but at a cost that is prorated depending on how many years you have had the mattress.

Novosbed Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

The Novosbed performs extremely well when it comes to motion isolation. The memory foam that powers the Novosbed absorbs the pressure of the body without transferring that movement to other parts of the foam, making it a great choice for people who prioritize motion isolation.

Edge Support

Memory foam has a tendency to suffer when it comes to edge support, and this is true of the Novosbed. This issue is more pronounced in the Soft and Medium models that use softer foams. There is no material included to reinforce the edges of this mattress.

Heat Retention

Because of the way that memory foam contours to the body, it can block the airflow that would otherwise naturally cool you down. Furthermore, as the foam heats up, it becomes softer, contributing to more hug and further reduced airflow.

This heat retention is a more serious issue in the Soft and to some extent the Medium versions of the Novosbed. The company has used different types of foam, including open-cell and gel-infused foam, to try to combat heat buildup, but people who naturally sleep hot may have issues with the Novosbed or any other memory foam mattress.


A minor smell from off-gassing is normal with the Novosbed and with other foam mattresses. As long as your bedroom is reasonably well-ventilated, this smell should be gone within a few hours or at most a few days.


Strong responsiveness and support is a trait of the Novosbed. Its layers of memory foam compress to provide the cushioning that each part of your body needs. As a result, it promotes spinal alignment and reduction of pain at pressure points.


For sleepers who want significant hug from a mattress, the Novosbed is a great choice. All models offer above-average contouring, but it is especially noticeable in the Soft and Medium models.


The Novosbed delivers above-average durability and will outlast most foam beds. This should translate into a useful life of 8 years or more.

Memory foam holds up far better over time if it is high-density, and the memory foam layers in the Novosbed trend toward higher density that help them stand the test of time.


Because of the increased level of sink, especially in the Soft and Medium versions of the Novosbed, there can be some difficulty in quickly moving on top of the mattress. The low-resilience of a memory foam bed like the Novosbed makes it below-average for facilitating sexual activity.

How Do Customers Rate the Novosbed Mattress?
Novosbed.com4.8/5 (3,801 reviews)
Amazon5/5 (2 reviews)
Google ShoppingNot applicable
Consumer Reports69 total CR score
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What Type of Sleeper is Suited to the Novosbed Mattress?

With the pressure-relieving qualities of memory foam and 3 different firmness options available, the Novosbed is an intriguing option for sleepers of all types. While there are many factors to consider, including your personal comfort preferences, in identifying which is best for you, your body weight and normal sleeping position are important to take into account.

Side sleepers: the responsiveness of memory foam tends to serve side sleepers extremely well since it can offer extra compression and cushioning at the shoulders and hips. Side sleepers who weigh 230 pounds or more are likely to find the Soft to have too much sink while side sleepers under 130 pounds will find the Firm model to be too firm.

Back sleepers: most back sleepers thrive with a more firm mattress, so the Soft Novosbed is not a great fit for the majority in this category regardless of body weight. The Medium may have enough firmness for back sleepers under 130 pounds, but the Firm model will work best for the majority of back sleepers.

Stomach sleepers: the Soft and Medium models will permit too much sink for the great majority of stomach sleepers although they may work for those of lighter body weight. The Firm Novosbed offers more appropriate contouring for stomach sleepers, especially those who weigh under 230 pounds.

 Under 130 lbs130-230 lbsAbove 230 lbs
Side SleepersVery goodGoodFair
Back Sleepers FairFairPoor
Stomach Sleepers FairPoorPoor
 Under 130 lbs130-230 lbsAbove 230 lbs
Side SleepersVery goodVery goodGood
Back Sleepers GoodFairFair
Stomach Sleepers GoodFairPoor
 Under 130 lbs130-230 lbsAbove 230 lbs
Side SleepersGoodVery goodVery good
Back Sleepers Very goodVery goodVery good
Stomach Sleepers Very goodVery goodGood

Our Verdict

Novosbed specializes in memory foam mattresses and utilizes this material in all of its mattress models. By using this material, the Novosbed delivers excellent contouring and pressure point relief.

Novosbed employs higher-quality and higher-density memory foams than many other manufacturers, and this helps these beds perform well over a longer timeframe.

The ability to choose between three firmness levels permits customers to find the best fit for their comfort preferences, sleeping position, and body weight. If the mattress doesn’t feel right, a free adjustment kit and/or return is available, though the company has conditions in place regarding when these can be requested.

Material Quality
9.4 / 10
9.5 / 10
Temperature Regulation
8.3 / 10
8.8 / 10
Suitability for Sex
8.5 / 10
Trial period
8.5 / 10
9.0 / 10
Company Reputation
9.4 / 10
Value for the Money
9.3 / 10


– Durable, high-density memory foam
– Top-notch responsiveness for pressure-point relief
– Choice of three firmness options
– Complimentary comfort adjustments


– Complicated sleep trial with 60 days required before initiating a return
– Memory foam can retain heat through the night
– Limited resilience can inhibit sex, especially on softer models

Company Information

Customer Service

Novosbed has won the approval of the large majority of its customers through attentive customer service. Even most customers who have chosen to return the mattress have been satisfied with the service from the company.


Novosbed is a Canadian company and has a more well-established reputation in Canada than in the United States. Overall, it is known there as a leader when it comes to affordable and quality memory foam beds.

BBB Rating

Novosbed has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Years in Business

Novosbed was founded in 2009 and has a longer track record than many other online mattress companies.

Physical Stores

The Novosbed mattresses are only available online and cannot be found in any physical stores.

Contact Information

1-877-496-3626 —