Emma Mattress Review 2021

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Emma is the new kid on the block, having burst onto the American mattress scene in 2018. Emma was founded in Frankfurt, Germany and has been expanding rapidly into different countries. Aside from the signature Emma Original mattress, the company also makes the Emma Pillow and the Slash Bed frame.

Emma has changed its product lineup a few times, experimenting with a hybrid mattress in Europe. In this Emma mattress review, we’ll be focusing on the Emma Original, the all-foam mattress currently available in the U.S.

The Emma mattress has three layers designed to provide a cool night’s sleep. It’s notable for its zoned cut-outs in the base layer, which are intended to provide better support for your spinal structure when sleeping on your side. The foams and mattresses are made in the U.S.

We’ll cover the construction of the Emma and how it affects the sleep experience so you can determine whether it’s right for you.

Emma mattress lifestyle

In-depth Emma Mattress Review

Emma Mattress Sizing and Pricing
Twin39” x 75” x 12”35 lbs$799
Twin XL38” x 80” x 12”37 lbs$899
Full54” x 75” x 12″48 lbs$1,099
Queen60” x 80” x 12”58 lbs$1,299
King76” x 80” x 12”72 lbs$1,449
California King72” x 84” x 12”72 lbs$1,449

Some of us like a mattress to be hard as a rock, while others prefer a mattress that’s soft as a feather. This quality is known as mattress firmness and is one of the most important factors that determine how comfortable a mattress will feel. Your preferred mattress firmness will be influenced by your body type and sleeping style, among other things.

Because mattress firmness is so subjective, we usually assign mattresses an approximate rating on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the firmest. The majority of sleepers prefer a mattress that’s medium firm, about a 6.5 out of 10. This is considered firm enough to provide adequate support, but plush enough to relieve pressure points.

Lying down on the Emma mattress, most sleepers will initially interact with the springy foam on top, but will quickly start to feel the memory foam below. This gives the mattress quite a plush feel overall, about a 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale.


The Emma mattress is available for purchase in the continental U.S. through the Emma website. The mattress is not currently available in Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada.

Emma construction

The Emma mattress cover is breathable and wicks away moisture and heat. It’s made of 99% polyester and 1% elastane and can be removed for machine washing. The cover also features handles, a nice touch for when you need to move it from place to place.

The first layer of foam is made of 1.5 inches of the company’s proprietary Airgocell® foam. This is a light, resilient foam that does a good job of relieving pressure points. However, unlike traditional memory foam, it’s resilient enough that you won’t feel like you’re sinking into the mattress. Airgocell foam has an open-pore cell structure that promotes airflow and prevents heat buildup.

The second layer is made of 2 inches of memory foam, which is known for its excellent contouring properties. This layer provides pressure relief for sensitive spots.

The 8-inch base layer is made of a cold polyfoam that provides extra support for the lower back and shoulders. The zoned cut-out technology has channels going through the length of the mattress for extra airflow, plus extra channels cut under the shoulders. This design is meant to promote healthy spinal alignment in side sleepers. The shoulders can sink into the mattress, but the mattress will still provide support under the hips.

The Emma mattress can be used with any bed frame, or even on the floor.


The Emma mattress ships for free to the continental U.S. via FedEx. The mattress ships as a bed-in-a-box, rolled up and shrink-wrapped in plastic. The box measures 19” x 19” x 42”. A welcome booklet with information on unboxing and general FAQs is included. Delivery usually takes between 14 and 21 business days after payment. You will receive an email when the order has shipped.

To unbox the mattress, just take it out of the box, unroll it, and slit open the plastic. Take care not to damage the mattress as you remove the plastic. It should inflate to full size within a few minutes after opening. Emma recommends waiting 30-60 minutes before sleeping on the mattress to let it fully expand.

Additional Service

Emma does not currently offer White Glove delivery or old mattress removal in the U.S.

Sleep Trial

The Emma mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial. If you decide you don’t like the mattress, just contact the company by phone or email within the first 100 nights after receiving the mattress. They will send someone from a local charity to pick up the mattress free of charge. You should receive a full refund within 14 days of pickup. Emma recommends trying the mattress for 3-4 weeks before making a decision, to give your body time to adjust.


A 10-year limited warranty starting on the date of delivery covers defects in the mattress core’s dimensional stability and durability. This includes cracks, dents, and other damage to the foam, and production damage to the zipper. The warranty will be void if the mattress has been subjected to improper use or handling.

Emma Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

A bed that has good motion isolation will prevent the movement on one part of the bed from being transferred to other parts of the bed. This may be important to you if you’re sharing the bed with a partner, pet, or child.

As with many foam mattresses, the Emma performs well on motion isolation. The foams in the Emma mattress feature “point-elastic caving,” which means they will only respond to pressure in the immediate vicinity where pressure is applied. The memory foam layer, in particular, plays an important role in ensuring you don’t wake up from your sleeping partner’s movements.

Edge Support

Depending on the design of a mattress, it may require some extra reinforcement around the edges to prevent them from collapsing when you put pressure on them. It’s common for foam mattresses to lack edge support, and this is probably the biggest weak point of the Emma mattress. Since it has no reinforcement around the perimeter of the bed, it can feel like the bed is collapsing underneath you when you sit on the edge of the bed. This is especially true in the shoulder area, because of the cut-out grooves in the support layer. Couples who share the bed may want to order a larger size, so you don’t feel like you’re falling off the edges of the bed.

Heat Retention

People who sleep hot will know the pain of trying to find a mattress that doesn’t make this problem even worse. Foam mattresses are especially notorious for trapping heat and restricting airflow.

With memory foam in the comfort layers, the Emma mattress won’t sleep as cool as some of its rivals. However, the top layer is made of breathable foam, and the cover material helps wick away heat. The base layer has channels cut all along the length in addition to the extra grooves under the shoulders, which will also disperse some heat.


It’s normal for foam mattresses to emit a slight off-gassing odor when they are first unpacked. You might notice some such odors with the Emma mattress, but these are not harmful and should go away within a few days if you air out the mattress in a well-ventilated room. The foams used in the Emma CertiPUR-US®  certified, which guarantees them to be low in volatile organic compound emissions (VOCs) and other harsh chemicals.


A good mattress will be not only comfortable  but also supportive enough to keep your spine aligned overnight so you don’t wake up sore.

The foams in the Emma mattress are designed to contour to your body while providing support in all the right places. In general, the mattress provides decent support considering how plush it feels. Of course, side sleepers will benefit the most from the special cut-outs in the foam base layer, which provide sturdy support under the hips for better spinal alignment.


Memory foam is celebrated for its ability to adapt perfectly to the shape of your body in response to heat and pressure. This eliminates the pressure points that often build up under areas like the hips and shoulders.

The Airgocell foam in the top comfort layer is a little more resilient, so you won’t get the extreme contouring typical of memory foam beds. However, as you sink through this layer down into the memory foam below, you’ll find the memory foam does a good job of cradling you. Overall, the mattress succeeds in conforming just enough to relieve pressure points without making you feel stuck in the mattress.


Emma is a new company and has changed its design several times since inception. For the most part, Emma uses proprietary foams that are a cut above what you might find in some other foam mattresses. Initial tests in Europe suggest the mattress should be fairly long-lasting.


Usually, mattresses with a bit of bounce are considered better for sex. These resilient mattresses also make it easier to move around on the bed and change sleeping positions, which is desirable for combination sleepers.

The Emma mattress does have a resilient foam in the top layer, but the memory foam layer underneath has next to zero bounce. As a result, this mattress may not be ideal for sex.


As an all-foam mattress, the Emma Original mattress should make minimal noise. This is a good choice for light sleepers.

Emma-Mattress.com4.75/5 (408 reviews)
Google ShoppingN/A
Consumer ReportsN/A
Emma Mattress

What Type of Sleeper Is Well Suited to an Emma Mattress?

Side Sleepers: The Emma Original mattress appears to have been specifically designed with side sleepers in mind. The innovative cut-outs in the support layer should virtually eliminate pressure points under the shoulders while still supporting the hips. This is one of the main frustrations for side sleepers, so it’s nice to have a mattress that focuses on improving this aspect of the sleeping experience. The only exception to this is heavier sleepers, who might need more support than an all-foam mattress can provide.

Back Sleepers: The foams in the comfort layers of the Emma Original mattress should contour to provide lumbar support and promote good spinal alignment when sleeping on your back. Again, heavier back sleepers may find the mattress a little too plush for comfort, leading to the hips sinking in too far.

Stomach Sleepers: Most stomach sleepers will likely find the Emma mattress too soft. Average-weight and heavyweight sleepers run the risk of their hips sinking in too far, which isn’t conducive to proper spinal alignment. Lightweight sleepers who interact more with the springy top layer may find the mattress all right for sleeping on the stomach.

Below Average Weight (under 130 lbs)Average Weight (130-230 lbs)Above Average Weight (above 230 lbs)
Side SleepersVery GoodVery GoodGood
Back SleepersVery GoodGoodFair
Stomach SleepersGoodGoodFair

Company Information

Customer Service: Most customers find Emma’s customer service team to be friendly and efficient at finding solutions to shipping and comfort problems.

Reputation: Although it only arrived in the United States in 2018, Emma is popular in Europe, where it has won a number of Consumer Testing awards. The company is present on three continents and expanding fast.

BBB Rating: Emma Mattress Inc. is owned and operated by Bettzeit GmbH. The company does not have a BBB rating yet.

Years in Business: Emma was founded in 2015 in Germany and arrived in the US in 2018.

Physical Stores: Emma does not currently have any brick-and-mortar stores or showrooms in the US.

Contact Information: [email protected], 1-833-EMMA-USA (1-833-366-2872), emma-mattress.com

Our Verdict

The Emma memory foam mattress succeeds in providing the pressure relief you would expect from an all-foam mattress, without the heat retention. The springy foam in the top layer does a nice job of easing the intense contouring feeling that keeps some people away from memory foam.

The mattress is best suited to side sleepers, who will reap the most benefits from the unique zoned support channels. Since the mattress also does a good job at minimizing motion transfer, this is also a solid choice for people who share the bed with a restless sleeping partner.

Although it’s an international company, Emma makes an effort to support local economies by constructing its mattresses in the country where they are sold. The Emma Original mattress we reviewed in this article is made in the USA.

If you like the feel of an all-foam mattress and you’re looking for more pressure relief as you sleep, the Emma mattress may be a good option.

Material Quality
8.1 / 10
8.6 / 10
Temperature Regulation
8.5 / 10
8.0 / 10
Suitability for Sex
7.9 / 10
Trial period
8.5 / 10
9.0 / 10
Company Reputation
8.0 / 10
Value for the Money
8.5 / 10


– Fantastic pressure relief
– Great for side sleepers
– Machine-washable cover
– Good motion isolation
– Handles for easier carrying
– Made in the USA


– Not supportive enough for heavier sleepers
– Too soft for stomach sleepers
– Lacks reinforced edge support
– No White Glove delivery or old mattress removal