Diamond Grateful Mattress Review 2021

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Diamond Mattress is a family-owned company that has produced sleep products for nearly 80 years.

Diamond Mattress produces several mattress models, including the Intention, the Faith, the Transformation, the Rally, and the Grateful. Even more mattresses produced by Diamond Mattress are available through DreamStage by Diamond Mattress.

This review will focus exclusively on the Diamond Grateful mattress. The Diamond Grateful mattress is an affordably-priced luxury hybrid. The cover of the mattress uses quilting and breathable fabric to allow airflow. The comfort layer of the mattress is composed of gel memory foam to contour to the body and relieve pressure. Next, another layer of foam provides additional contouring and regulates temperatures. The base of the mattress uses a patented zone support system of individually-wrapped coils.

Read our in-depth Diamond Grateful mattress review to learn more about the mattress.

In-depth Diamond Mattress Review

Diamond Grateful Mattress Sizing and Pricing

The Diamond Grateful mattress is available in all standard mattress sizes. We’ll share more information in the table below.

Twin39” x 75” x 10″53 lbs$799
Twin XL39” x 80” x 10″58 lbs$849
Full54” x 75” x 10″67 lbs$899
Queen60” x 80” x 10″80 lbs$999
King76” x 80” x 10″100 lbs$1,299
California King72” x 84” x 10″100 lbs$1,299

The Diamond Grateful mattress is available in three firmness options: plush, medium, and firm. The plush mattress rates about 4, the medium mattress rates about 6, and the firm mattress rates about 9.

The plush option should accommodate sleepers who prefer a soft feel or who weigh under 130 pounds. The medium mattress is appropriate for average-weight sleepers who like a medium-firm mattress. The firm mattress is most appropriate for sleepers who like an extra-firm feel or who weigh over 230 pounds.


The Diamond Grateful is sold through the Diamond Mattress website. The bed-in-a-box mattress can ship anywhere in the United States, but additional charges apply for shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.

In addition to being sold on the Diamond Mattress website, the Diamond Grateful is available in dozens of furniture and mattress stores across the United States.

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The cover of the Diamond Grateful mattress is composed of quilted, knit fabric. The comfort layer of the mattress uses 1 inch of gel memory foam. Next, the mattress uses a 2-inch layer of high-density comfort foam. The base of the mattress is composed of individually-wrapped coils that create a zoned support system. A foam encasement around the perimeter of the innerspring layer reinforces the edges.


Diamond Mattress ships anywhere in the contiguous United States for free. While Diamond Mattress ships to Alaska and Hawaii, additional shipping charges apply.

Times vary for standard shipping, but you can anticipate that your mattress will probably arrive 3-7 business days after you place the order.

Mattresses are shipped with FedEx Ground and arrive compressed in plastic and packed in a box. Owners who select free standard shipping are responsible for unpackaging and setting up their mattresses.

Additional Service

Diamond Mattress offers a White Glove Delivery Service option for an additional charge. You can select the White Glove Delivery Service option at checkout when you purchase your new mattress. If you select this option, you will receive help setting up your new mattress and removing your old mattress.

Sleep Trial

The Diamond Grateful mattress comes with a 120-night sleep trial. If you choose to return your mattress during this time, Diamond Mattress will arrange mattress pickup and refund your purchase price. However, White Glove Delivery Service is non-refundable.


The Diamond Grateful mattress comes with a “forever” warranty. This warranty protects the original mattress purchaser from defects in materials and workmanship. For the first 10 years of ownership, Diamond Mattress will replace defective mattresses at no charge. After 10 years, Diamond Mattress may repair or replace a defective mattress or offer you a discount on a new mattress.

Diamond Grateful Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

The Diamond Grateful mattress features two layers of foam, which should be able to absorb motion well. The Diamond Grateful also uses an innerspring layer. While some innerspring layers transfer motion, the Diamond Grateful uses pocketed coils, which can prevent motion from being transferred between coils. This allows the Diamond Grateful to isolate motion better than some other innerspring and hybrid mattresses.

Edge Support

The Diamond Grateful mattress uses a foam encasement around the perimeter of the innerspring layer. This creates a sturdier edge, making it easier to it or sleep near the edge without it feeling excessively unstable. Many other hybrid mattresses offer a similar level of edge support. Many hybrids (including the Diamond Grateful) offer better edge support than most memory foam mattresses.

Heat Retention

Like most other hybrid mattresses, the Diamond Grateful mattress should sleep cooler than many all-foam mattresses. The Diamond mattress’s quilted, knight cover offers breathability and moisture-wicking. The second layer of foam is designed to regulate temperatures. The innerspring support layer allows for greater airflow. While the top layer of memory foam could still trap some heat to the body, the cooling features should allow the Diamond Grateful to sleep cool enough for most people.


Many mattresses may have a slight odor when first introduced into your home. The Diamond Grateful may emit a slight odor at first, but it should dissipate within a few hours to a few days if you leave the mattress in a well-ventilated space. The odor is not harmful and is a result of the new foam being compressed for shipment.


The Diamond Grateful mattress features special zoning in the innerspring layer which provides more targeted support than many other hybrid mattresses on the market. The coils near the midsection of the mattress use a honeycomb pattern to leave smaller gaps between coils. This offers additional support to the midsection of the body and prevents it from sinking in too deeply, which could promote better alignment.


The Diamond Grateful mattress can provide enough conforming for most sleepers. Two layers of foam can contour to your body to provide comfort and pressure relief. The individually-wrapped coils in the innerspring layer can offer deep contouring. To get the right level of conforming, however, sleepers may need to select the best firmness for their weight and firmness preference. The Diamond Grateful plush mattress may be too soft for sleepers over 230 pounds, while the Diamond Grateful firm mattress may not allow sleepers under 130 pounds to sink in enough to experience much contouring.


Since the Diamond Grateful was introduced in 2019, there is not yet long-term data on how the mattress holds up over time. However, the materials should give it longevity comparable to many other hybrid mattresses. If the Diamond Grateful doesn’t hold up as well as anticipated, the lifetime warranty provides an additional layer of protection.


Like other hybrid mattresses, the innerspring layer of the Diamond Grateful provides bounce, which could be beneficial for sexual activity. The contouring of the foam layers may make the mattress slightly more difficult to move around on top of than some innerspring mattresses, but the spring system offers more bounce than most all-foam mattresses.


Like other hybrid mattresses, the foam layers of the Diamond Grateful absorb a lot of movement, which can make it quieter than many innerspring mattresses. Since the coils in the Diamond Grateful mattress are individually wrapped, the innerspring layer should also be quite quiet. However, hybrid mattresses are unlikely to be completely silent like some all-foam mattresses.


How Do Customers Rate the Diamond Grateful Mattress?

DiamondMattress.com5/5 (1 review)
Google ShoppingN/A
Consumer ReportsN/A

What Type of Sleeper Is Well Suited to a Diamond Grateful Mattress?

Side Sleepers: Side sleepers often require a mattress that will conform to their bodies to reduce pressure points. The top two layers of the Diamond Grateful mattress are composed of foam, which can adjust to your body shape to reduce pressure points and promote proper alignment. Side sleepers under 130 pounds may prefer the plush mattress in order to sink in enough, while sleepers over 230 pounds may benefit from the firm mattress for extra support.

Back Sleepers: Back sleepers usually benefit from a stable, even surface that doesn’t sag. The innerspring layer of the Diamond Grateful mattress can provide desirable support and stability that can be beneficial for back sleepers. If you select the right firmness option for you, the Diamond Grateful mattress can also provide back sleepers with contouring without excessive sink.

Stomach Sleepers: Since many people carry more weight around their midsections, stomach sleepers often prefer a mattress that prevents excessive sinking around the abdomen. Sinking in too deeply could force stomach sleepers into a position where their spines are out of alignment, which could cause pain. With the Diamond Grateful’s three firmness options, most stomach sleepers should be able to find a Diamond Grateful mattress appropriate for their weight and sleep style. Plus, the zoned support in the innerspring layer should provide additional support where stomach sleepers need it most.

Below Average Weight (under 130 lbs)Average Weight (130-230 lbs)Above Average Weight (above 230 lbs)
Side SleepersPlushMediumMedium
Back SleepersPlushMediumFirm
Stomach SleepersMediumMediumFirm

Company Information

Customer Service: Customer reviews of the service department are limited and mixed.

Reputation: While Diamond Mattress has a long history, it recently revamped its products and branding to focus more on health and wellness.

BBB Rating: Diamond Mattress receives an A- from the Better Business Bureau.

Years in Business: Diamond Mattress has been in business since 1946.

Physical Stores: Diamond Mattress products are sold at dozens of furniture and mattress stores around the United States.

Contact Information: Web form, 1-888-752-8051, diamondmattress.com/

Our Verdict

The Diamond Grateful is an affordable luxury hybrid mattress that can accommodate a wide array of sleep preferences and positions.

The Diamond Grateful comes in three firmness options, giving sleepers a better chance at finding the firmness that’s right for them. The medium mattress can accommodate most sleepers. Sleepers who are under 130 pounds or prefer a softer mattress can select the plush mattress. Sleepers who are over 230 pounds or who like an exceptionally firm mattress may benefit from the firm version of the Diamond Grateful.

The Diamond Grateful also offers some innovative features. For instance, the zoned innerspring coil system uses a unique method to provide extra support where you need it most.

While the Diamond Grateful mattress is still relatively new to the market, Diamond Mattress has been around since the 1940s, so it is more established than many bed-in-a-box companies.

Overall, the Diamond Grateful mattress scores well across our performance categories. Here’s how we rate the Diamond Grateful mattress on a scale of 1 to 10:

Material Quality
9.0 / 10
9.5 / 10
Temperature Regulation
9.3 / 10
9.0 / 10
Suitability for Sex
9.1 / 10
Trial period
8.8 / 10
9.8 / 10
Company Reputation
9.0 / 10
Value for the Money
9.2 / 10


– Multiple firmness options
– Lifetime warranty
– Good edge support
– Targeted support


– Still new to the market, so there is limited information on its long-term performance and durability
– Mixed feedback for customer service
– Information on foam density not easily accessible