Leesa Mattress Review

Editor’s Rating – 8.9/10

In the midst of a long overdue renaissance, the mattress industry has seen major changes over the last two decades. As mattress technology evolves at a quickening pace, companies are revolutionizing the way they design and sell you a mattress.

A forerunner in the 1.5 billion bed-in-a-box movement, Leesa helped introduce the concept of direct-to-consumer beds with generous trial periods and return policies, free shipping, and competitive pricing. But most of Leesa’s success can be attributed to its technologically advanced performance foam mattress, engineered to provide support and pressure relief. With its creative construction, the Leesa mattress manages to deliver a universally comfortable sleep experience that eliminates the feelings of getting “stuck” or overheating often associated with older memory foam.

  • Built from three layers of performance foam to provide contouring pressure relief, comfort, and support to sleepers of many different styles and sizes.
  • Cooling Avena foam top layer prevents overheating and feeling of getting “trapped” often found in traditional memory foam.
  • Comes with free shipping and returns, in addition to a 100-night free trial.
  • Committed to making a difference, Leesa donates one mattress for every 10 sold and plants a tree for every mattress sold.
  • Some reviewers have complained about an initial off gassing odor with newly opened Leesa mattresses.
  • No data available on mattress longevity or company reliability, as Leesa has only been around for a few years.
  • Minimal edge support.

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Leesa Mattress Specs

Cover Seamless polyester-lycra blend
Top Comfort Layer Avena foam 2″  3.65 PCF
Middle Layer Memory foam 2″ 3.0 PCF
Base Layer Polyfoam 6″ 1.8 PCF

How is the Leesa Mattress built? 

The Leesa Mattress is 10-inches thick with a cover and three layers of performance foam. Remove the zippable cover, and you’ll find three, visibly distinctive materials.

We’ve broken down these layers below.

  • Cover – The Leesa mattress comes dressed in its signature cover, a seamless polyester-lycra blend with four white stripes. Despite being relatively thick, the ultra-soft, silky removable cover offers good breathability.
  • Top comfort layer (1): The top “comfort” layer of the Leesa is made from Avena foam, a trademark polyurethane material designed as an alternative to latex foam. Avena foam is engineered to provide a similar feel, support, and comfort as latex, but with even better durability than its already long-lasting latex competitor. Like latex, the Avena foam is bouncy and responsive, allowing you to effortly move around the mattress and switch positions. Engineered to allow constant airflow with aeration holes and an egg crate pattern, the two-inch top comfort layer offers an ultra-cool night’s sleep.
  • Middle layer (2) – Sitting below the comfort layer lies two inches of memory foam. While the Avena layer prevents sinkage, the slower-responding memory foam allows contouring and pressure relief. Placing memory foam below the Avena layer also protects you from the feeling of sinking or being stuck in the mattress, and prevents the overheating sometimes associated with memory foam.
  • Base layer (3) – At the base of the Leesa bed sits six inches of high-density polyfoam. Serving as the foundation of the bed, the support foam provides support, shape, and durability

Comfort and Firmness

Layering a bouncy top layer and contouring memory foam below, the Leesa bed creates a uniquely comfortable sleep experience trademarked as its “Universal Adaptive Feel”. The two inches of Avena foam promote airflow to keep you cool at night, while the memory foam below offers body contouring and pressure relief. The Universal Adaptive Feel design is engineered to accommodate sleepers of all shapes and sizes. Among Leesa bed customer reviews, we found positive feedback across sleeper types, from back sleepers, side sleepers, to stomach sleepers.

The Leesa mattress cuts a middle-of-the-road medium firmness, earning a 5 rating on our 1 – 10 mattress firmness scale. Soft and bouncy, the Leesa mattress offers moderate sinkage when pressure is applied, but springs back quickly to allow freedom of motion around the bed. While conforming and cradling the body, the Leesa manages to avoid excessive sinking or trapping sleepers on the mattress like conventional memory foam might. The medium firmness of the Leesa bed makes it a good choice for partners who disagree on ideal levels of firmness in a mattress.

Among Leesa review posts, reviewers report that the firmness level is good for average- to heavy-size sleepers. Sleepers with a lower BMI report experiencing more of a “float” than a sinking sensation. Some reviewers under 110 pounds have reported the mattress is overly firm because they are unable to exert enough pressure on the material.


Like any great mattress, the Leesa bed manages to deliver comfort without sacrificing support. The Leesa bed is soft and bouncy, but not to the extent that you lose your spinal alignment. It’s firm, but not so firm that it allows painful pressure points to build on your back.

The mid memory foam layer of the Leesa mattress gives it adaptive support and conforming capacity. These two qualities together deliver core support and superior spinal alignment, regardless of your sleeping style. The Leesa mattress does an excellent job maintaining the natural curves of the spine, offering support while eliminating pressure points. This allows your back to decompress in the night and recover from a day of strain, which is fundamental to a healthy spine.

Back sleepers may find that the Leesa mattress fills the area below their lower spine, promoting excellent lumbar support. For side sleepers, adequate support is provided to the shoulders and hips while being distributed evenly across the entire body. And those who sleep on their stomach may find that their hips are sufficiently floated to keep their spine aligned.

Thanks to the above-average spinal alignment and distributed core support offered by the bed, sleepers have reported pain relief in the back and other parts of the body in Leesa mattress review posts. However, some heavier sleepers have complained of insufficient support.

Sizing and Pricing

Mattress Sizes Price
Twin $525
Twin XL $695
Full $855
Queen $995
King $1,195
California King $1,195

Firmness, Trial, Warranty

Firmness Sleep Trial Warranty
5/10 100 nights 10 years

Leesa Mattress Ratings

  • Materials and Quality 85%
  • Support and Comfort 88%
  • Cooling 90%
  • Edge Support 76%
  • Trial/Warranty 87%
  • Value 93%

Edge Support

Edge support refers the amount of resistance a mattress provides on the edges, preventing sagging and falling out of bed.

Lacking any special edge support technology, the Leesa mattress offers little in the way of edge support. Like most foam mattresses, the Leesa bed may be insufficient to support sitting or sleeping on the edge over time, especially for heavier sleepers.

How does it handle motion? Is it responsive? 

In mattress lingo, “motion isolation” refers to how effectively a bed absorbs your movement. Decent motion isolation is important if you sleep with a partner, since it prevents actions like wiggling or getting in and out of bed from transferring across the mattress. Particularly for easily awoken sleepers, motion isolation keeps you being disturbed by your partner’s movements in the night.

As with many quality memory foam mattresses, the Leesa offers superior motion isolation. At the same time, the Leesa bed is more responsive than traditional memory foam. The combination of motion isolation and responsiveness set the Leesa apart. While conventional memory foam sometimes generates a sinking sensation that can make you feel trapped on the mattress, the Leesa allows you to shift positions and move around the mattress without effort. Effortless movement translates to a less restless, uninterrupted sleep.

Does it regulate temperature? Does it sleep hot?

Nearly 10 percent of sleepers complain of “sleeping hot”, or experiencing an uncomfortable level of warmth during the night. Overheating can cause restlessness, sweating, and a poor quality of sleep overall.

One of the biggest problems with conventional memory foam is its tendency to retain heat and sleep hot. The Leesa mattress solves this problem by separating the sleeper from memory foam with two inches of Avena foam. The Avena layer is naturally cooling, and constructed with holes and an eggshell design to promote even further breathability.  The Avena foam layer along with the Leesa’s velvety polyester-lycra cover work together to keep you cool during the night. 

Is there a smell?

Most mattresses give off a new mattress or “off-gassing” smell when they are first unpackaged. Foam mattresses, in particular, have a reputation for carrying an odor for the first 24 to 72 hours they are unpacked.

In Leesa review posts, some customers have reported an initial off-gassing smell. However, most users find that the odor disappears after a couple of days.

How durable is it?

Because the Leesa company has only been around since 2015, no data exists regarding the mattress’ longevity beyond a few years.

We can, however, make predictions about the durability of the Leesa mattress based on its materials. Avena foam, the material used in the Leesa’s top comfort layer, has been around since the 90s and has proven itself to being even more durable than even the mighty latex foam.  In addition to being resistant to sagging, crumbling, or cracking, the Avena material is hypoallergenic, preventing penetration from dust mites, bacteria, and fungus. Below the Avena foam, the dense mid- and base-layers may contribute to improved longevity.

However, poor edge support does mean the edges may sag after excessive use. This might present a problem for heavier users who tend to sleep or sit on the edge of their mattress. With the Leesa and nearly all kinds of mattresses — particularly memory foam — we recommend avoiding sitting on the edges to increase longevity. To further improve your Leesa bed’s lifespan, it’s a good idea to use a mattress protector and have your bed professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

With proper care and minimal edge pressure, we estimate the Leesa mattress will last around six years. This number is on par with top-quality latex, hybrid, and foam mattresses.

What Do Leesa Customers Think?

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Love it!

We were in the market for a new mattress and didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get a good night’s rest. LEESA to the rescue! We’re side and stomach sleepers and Wirecutter said this was the best bed-in-a-box for that. I was skeptical but have fallen in love (it just took a week or so to get used to the foam after 30+ years on springs).

Love this mattress!

Had bought a Casper in the past, but it was a bit too firm for us (I’ve heard they’ve since changed their firmness). But I thought I’d take a chance on a Leesa this time around. Received in about a week. Box is big and heavy, but we managed to get it up the stairs with some straps. Packaged well and loved it from day one–well not entirely from day one, since it does give off a smell at first. We had a fan on it and left the bedding off to help air it out. Took about 3 weeks to not notice the off-gassing smell. I’m very sensitive to odors so I’m not sure if others would be as bothered by it.

It’s just the right amount of softness and support. I agonized over which mattress to purchase since if too firm my hips will hurt (I’m a side sleeper). This mattress isn’t so soft that it’s difficult to turn over. You don’t feel as if you’re in a hole or quick sand. However, it’s not so firm that its jarring or stiff. Difficult to explain. Love not having a boxspring to deal with; however, be careful with the fittend sheets you purchase. You don’t need deep sides.

I love that I didn’t have to haggle over pricing at a retail store and then wait for them to deliver it.

– Amazon.com


Love my Leesa!

No more lower back pain since purchasing this mattress. It conforms to your shape and is cooler than my old tempurpedic mattress. I didn’t find it too firm or too soft. It is just right!


i had been deliberating about getting a new mattress for the longest, thinking, do i really need one? and how much better could anything be than the one i have? well, it turns out YES i needed one and a MILLION times better. i have been sleeping like a baby for the past 45 days and it’s improved all areas of my life. i look better and more rested,

and more importantly, am in a better mood. my leesa mattress is literally one of the best investments i’ve made.

– Leesa.com

Who is the Leesa Mattress best suited for?

With its Universal Adaptive Feel, the Leesa mattress is designed to adapt to all body types, sizes, and sleep styles. Among Leesa reviews, back, side, and stomach sleepers report sufficient to exceptional comfort, support, firmness, and spinal alignment with the mattress.

The Leesa is suited for light to heavier users. However, some sleepers under 110 pounds have complained of excessive firmness, lacking the weight needed to pressure the Avena layer into conforming. In addition, overweight sleepers may find the mattress is not firm enough to support their hips, back, and neck.

Leesa Mattress Review – Conclusion

With its creative construction of advanced performance foams, the Leesa mattress excels in terms of comfort, contouring, cooling, and support. Thanks to its Avena and memory foam layers, the mattress is able to offer a rare combination of pressure relief and responsiveness. This allows you the contouring and freedom of motion not typically found in traditional memory foam beds.

The Leesa is one of the rare mattresses on the market that we’d recommend for all sleep styles and a wide range of body types, though very light sleepers may find it overly firm, while overweight sleepers could experience insufficient support. However, it’s competitive price, generous 100-night trial, and free return policy mean you can find out if the mattress is right for your body type for relatively low risk.

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