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Innerspring Mattress Reviews

Innerspring mattresses have been around longer than any other type of mattress, and they’re still quite popular. Many sleepers prefer the quintessential “spring” of an innerspring bed. Plus, they’re excellent at temperature regulation, making them a favorite among hot sleepers. Their affordable price tag and wide availability in stores and online doesn’t hurt, either.

Below we’ve listed our top three recommendations for innerspring beds. Read the rest of our guide to determine whether an innerspring mattress is a good fit for you.

Brand Firmness Layers Price (Queen)


Soft, Medium, Firm 2” foam Eurotop, .3” memory foam, 4” pocket coils, 4-7” Bonnell coils $999


Soft, Medium Firm, Firm 2” foam and gel foam, 2.5” pocketed microcoils, 4” pocket coils, 2” foam $1,299

voila bed

Soft, Medium, Firm 2.5” gel memory foam, .75” latex foam, 6.25” pocketed coils, 1.5” foam $1,199

How To Choose the Best Innerspring Mattress

There is a wide variety of innerspring beds available, so you’ll have your choice of options. All innerspring mattresses feature a coil support core topped with comfort layers of polyfoam, memory foam, or fabric.

This coil support core is key to determining the firmness of the bed and how well it will support your sleep style. To ensure you select a high-quality innerspring mattress, pay special attention to the type of coils used, the coil count, and the coil gauge.

We explain each of these in detail below.

Different Types of Innerspring Coils

There are four main types of coils used in innerspring mattresses: Bonnell, offset, and continuous wire coils, which are all types of open coils, and pocket coils.

bonnell coilsBonnell Coils

Bonnell coils have an hourglass shape that’s reinforced with thick, low-gauge wire and spiral-shaped wires known as helicals. This type of coil is the most common in innerspring beds, but it’s also the cheapest. It results in a very firm feel but it doesn’t last as long and motion transfer is an issue.

offset coilsOffset Coils

Offset coils also have an hourglass shape reinforced with helicals. However, they’re designed to be more durable and as a result are often more expensive than Bonnell coils.

Continuous Wire Coilscontinuous wire coils

Continuous wire coils use a single piece of wire to create multiple rows of coils that are reinforced and connected by helicals on both ends. Like offset coils, these are also very durable, but they have the poorest contour ability of all four coil types.

pocket coilsPocket or Marshall Coils

Pocket coils are individually encased in fabric pockets. They’re the most expensive type of coil because they provide the best contour ability and are the quietest of all the coil types. Unfortunately, they’re also less durable.

Coil Count

The coil count refers to the number of coils in a mattress. Generally, the more coils, the more expensive the mattress and the longer it will last. However, past the 1,000 coil mark, the additional coils drive up the cost without adding significantly more benefit. For a quality innerspring mattress, look for a coil count ranging between 300 to 1,000.

Coil Gauge

The gauge refers to the thickness of the coils and wire. It’s a bit counterintuitive: a thinner coil has a higher gauge (up to 18) and provides a softer feel, while a thicker coil has a lower gauge (down to 12) and results in a firmer feel.

Pros of an Innerspring Mattress

Bounce Conducive for Sex

Thanks to their springy coil support core, innerspring mattresses are widely considered the best bed for sex. Their bounciness makes it easy to move about on the bed.

Temperature Regulation

Because they don’t have a lot of foam, innerspring beds sleep cooler than other mattress types. They don’t retain a sleeper’s body heat, making them well suited to anyone who sleeps hot or is prone to night sweats.

Very Affordable

Because they’ve been around for so long, manufacturers have found ways to improve technology and keep innerspring mattresses extremely affordable. A quality queen-size innerspring bed costs $600 on average, although prices can range from $200 on the cheap end to over $1,000.

Wide Availability

There is an impressive variety of innerspring models to choose from, and they’re widely available in stores and online, making it easy to test these mattresses out in person before buying.

Cons of an Innerspring Mattress

Short Lifespan

Innerspring mattresses tend to have the shortest lifespan among mattresses, especially in the case of ones made with cheaper materials and a lower-quality coil system. To prevent this issue, many premium innerspring models today pair a high-quality coil system with a foam edge support perimeter to avoid sagging and indentation.


While the bounciness of the coils allows for better movement during sex, it also makes for a noisy sex and sleep experience. Coils make an audible squeak which can be awkward during sex and can wake light sleepers who share their bed.

Lack of Contour Ability

While pocket coils do offer some contour, innerspring mattresses are generally known for not contouring to the sleeper’s body. For many sleepers with chronic pain, these mattresses can feel too firm to provide comfortable support.

High Motion Transfer

Innerspring beds are bad at isolating movement, so if a person gets up out of bed or moves often during sleep, the movement or noise may wake the other sleeper up.

Is an Innerspring Mattress a Good Fit for You?

Even though they remain one of the more popular mattress options, innerspring beds are a better fit for some sleepers over others.

Best Sleepers for an Innerspring Mattress:

  • Hot sleepers: The innerspring bed’s excellent temperature regulation makes them a great fit for hot sleepers.
  • Stomach sleepers: Stomach sleepers will not sink into an innerspring mattress, allowing them to receive proper spinal support.
  • Sleepers with moderate back pain: Although medium-firm innerspring beds do not provide the best pressure point relief, they do provide good relief for sleepers with moderate back pain.
  • Heavyset sleepers: The firmness of innerspring beds is able to support heavier sleepers for a longer time than other mattress types.

Worst Sleepers for an Innerspring Mattress:

  • Light sleepers: The noisiness of the coils and poor motion transfer of an innerspring bed will wake up light sleepers who share their bed with a partner or pet.
  • Side sleepers: Side sleepers often do not find an innerspring bed comfortable, since the coil support core doesn’t allow their hips and shoulders to sufficiently sink in to keep their spine aligned.
  • Sleepers with extreme pain: Sleepers with chronic or extreme pain will not find relief with an innerspring bed. A memory foam mattress may be a better fit.

Best Innerspring Mattress Reviews



  • Three Firmness Levels
  • Two Heights
  • 120-Day Sleep Trial
  • Full Service In-Home Delivery
  • Made in the USA

The Saatva bed features a coil-on-coil construction, where the 7-inch Bonnell coil support core is topped with a 4-inch pocket coil layer, allowing for long-term support with above-average contour. Above the pocket coils, a .3-inch comfort layer of memory foam is topped with a 2-inch Eurotop for added comfort and a clean look.  

The Saatva mattress is available in three firmness levels to accommodate a variety of sleeping positions. The Plush Soft provides a deeper contour for side and back sleepers, the Luxury Firm supports combination sleepers, and the Firm level is best for back and stomach sleepers.

The Saatva mattress is available in two heights: 14.5 and 11.5 inches, and works with an adjustable base.

Saatva offers a 120-day sleep trial and in-home delivery for $99.



  • Three Firmness Levels
  • Temperature Control System
  • 101-Day Sleep Trial
  • Free Shipping and In-Home Delivery
  • Made in the USA

The WinkBed has two layers of pocket coils, a 4-inch layer and a 2.5-inch microcoil layer, combined with other foam and gel foam layers to provide ultimate contour and comfort.

The WinkBed mattress comes in three firmness levels. The Soft level is best for side and back sleepers and includes an extra layer of foam and is best. The Luxury Firm level provides a medium firmness that supports all sleeping positions.The Firm level uses a firmer coil to provide better support for heavier sleepers.

For an additional fee, sleepers can opt for a Cool Control Base with their king or queen size bed. This temperature control system allows couples to adjust the temperature of the bed on either side of the mattress, up 30 degrees or down 10.

The WinkBed offers a 101-day sleep trial and free shipping.


voila bedHighlights:

  • Three Firmness Levels
  • Three Heights
  • 100-Day Sleep Trial
  • Free Shipping

The Voila bed contains comfort layers of cooling gel infused memory foam and Talalay latex foam, above a 768-count pocket coils surrounded with poly foam for edge support.

The Voila mattress comes in three firmness levels and heights: 12-inch Plush, 11-inch Medium, and 10-inch Firm. All three contain a 6.25-inch support base of pocket coils, with differing amounts of foam layers depending on the firmness.

Voila offers a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year limited warranty. The mattress ships free and arrives compressed and rolled in a box.

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