Brooklinen Comforter Review 2021

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Brooklinen launched in 2014, initially focusing on producing affordably-priced sheets with a luxury feel. The direct-to-consumer company found quick success and soon expanded its product line to include towels, bath mats, robes, loungewear, candles, pillows, blankets, comforters and more.

Brooklinen currently produces four comforters, including two down comforters and two down alternative comforters. The Brooklinen comforter lineup is as follows:

  • All-Season Down Comforter: The All-Season Down Comforter has a cotton sateen shell and 700 fill power.
  • Lightweight Down Comforter: The Lightweight Down Comforter uses the same cotton sateen shell. The fill power is lower for a more lightweight fill. 
  • All-Season Down Alternative Comforter: The All-Season Down Alternative Comforter uses a cotton sateen shell and 53 oz. of hypoallergenic polyfill. 
  • Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter: The Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter has a cotton sateen shell and 39 oz. of hypoallergenic polyfill. 

Our review provides an in-depth look at Brooklinen’s comforters. We’ll discuss their performance, construction, and other factors that might play a role in which comforter is best for you.


In-depth Brooklinen Comforter Review

Materials and Options

Brooklinen Comforter

Each Brooklinen comforter has a shell composed of 100% cotton. Cotton is popular for its moisture-wicking and breathability. The shell uses a sateen weave, which gives the surface of the comforter a smooth, silky feel.

Brooklinen’s comforters use baffle box construction to keep the fill in place. The composition of the fill varies between comforters. The All-Season Down Comforter has 700 fill power down from Hutterite Farms in Canada. The Lightweight Down Comforter has 600 fill power of the same down. The All-Season Down Alternative Comforter uses 53 oz. of hypoallergenic polyfill. The Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter uses 39 oz. of hypoallergenic polyfill.

All of Brooklinen’s comforters are OEKO-TEX certified. OEKO-TEX certification denotes that the comforters have been tested for an array of potentially harmful substances. 

Brooklinen comforters come in three sizes: twin/twin XL, full/queen, and king/cal king. The table below will give a quick overview of their construction, dimensions, and design options.

ProductFill MaterialShell MaterialDimensionsColor & Design Options
Natural Down ComforterDuck downCotton sateenTwin/Twin XL: 64” x 90”
Full/Queen: 90” x 90”
King/Cal King: 106” x 90”
(Duvet cover with 14 color/pattern  options can be purchased separately)
Down Alternative ComforterSynthetic, high-grade microfibersCotton sateenTwin/Twin XL: 64” x 90”
Full/Queen: 90” x 90”
King/Cal King: 106” x 90”
(Duvet cover with 14 color/pattern  options can be purchased separately)

Pricing Information

The cost and volume of the fill used in Brooklinen’s comforters directly affect their price points. Natural down is generally more expensive than polyfill, which is reflected in the price of the comforters. Brooklinen’s All-Season Comforters have more fill than the Lightweight Comforters, which also affects the price.

Whether or not the price difference is justified depends on your personal preferences. The All-Season Comforters have a cozier feel, so they may appeal to people living in a colder climate. The Lightweight Comforters may be preferable for people who live in a warmer climate or who tend to sleep hot. Fans of natural down may feel it is worth the extra cost, while allergy sufferers or those opposed to animal products may prefer the down alternative options.


SizeNatural Down ComforterDown Alternative Comforter
Twin/Twin XL$299$199
King/Cal King$399$299


SizeNatural Down ComforterDown Alternative Comforter
Twin/Twin XL$199$179
King/Cal King$349$269

**Prices listed are from company website. Prices may fluctuate on third-party sites like Amazon.

Brooklinen Comforter Performance

Brooklinen has four different comforters in its collection, giving enough options to suit a wide variety of preferences.

Brooklinen’s down comforters use natural duck down from Hutterite Farms in Canada. Duck down is generally less expensive than goose down, so Brooklinen down comforters are more affordable than many goose down comforters of similar quality.

The down alternative comforters use an allergy-friendly, vegan fill. The synthetic, high-grade microfibers are engineered to replicate the feel and warmth of natural down. 

The All-Season Comforters have more fill, creating a warmer, cozier feel and greater loft. This may make the All-Season Comforter a good choice for those who sleep cool or live in a colder climate. The Lightweight Comforters have less fill, so they may be good for warmer climates and people who tend to sleep hot.

All of Brooklinen’s comforters have a cotton sateen shell, which is smooth and breathable. Baffle box stitching helps keep the fill evenly distributed.

The Brooklinen comforters perform well across all of our categories. The table below shows how we rate the comforters on a scale from 1 (worst) to 10 (best):

Natural Down Comforters
Down Alternative Comforters
Inner Fill9.49.3
Outer Fill9.59.5
Ease of Use and Cleaning8.38.5
  • Inner Fill: The Natural Down Comforters use duck down. While this material doesn’t have as strong of a reputation as goose down, it is still a quality material. The down comes from mature ducks on the Hutterite Farms in Canada, so the down clusters are higher quality. The Down Alternative Comforters use hypoallergenic, vegan polyfill engineered to feel like natural down. 
  • Outer Fill: All of Brooklinen’s comforters have shells constructed of 100% cotton with a sateen weave. Each corner has a loop to attach a duvet cover securely. 
  • Breathability: The cotton sateen shell is breathable and moisture-wicking. The Lightweight Comforters have less fill, making them cooler and more breathable than the All-Season Comforters. 
  • Warmth: Down’s excellent insulating properties can make the Natural Down Comforters particularly warm. The Down Alternative Comforters also provide warmth. The All-Season Comforters have more fill and extra loft, so they sleep warmer than the Lightweight Comforters.
  • Durability: The Brooklinen comforters have baffle box construction, which distributes the fill throughout the comforter while allowing it to maintain its loft. This should prevent excessive shifting and bunching over time. 
  • Ease of Use and Cleaning: Brooklinen recommends you hang your comforter outside on a dry day and shake the dust out. You can spot clean with Woolite or Zero. The Natural Down Comforters and the Down Alternative Comforters can also be dry cleaned, but Brooklinen notes that dry cleaning will shorten the lifespan of the Natural Down Comforters.


  1. Natural down and down alternative options
  2. Two weight/fill options
  3. Baffle-box stitching
  4. Lifetime warranty, 365-day trial


  1. Higher-priced than some comforters
  2. Limited cleaning options

How Do Customers Rate the Buffy Comforter?

Company WebsiteNatural Down Comforters: 4.8/5 (1,495 reviews)
Down Alternative Comforters: 4.8/5 (651 reviews)
AmazonNatural Down Comforters: 5/5 (1 review)
Down Alternative Comforters: 5/5 (1 review)
Google ShoppingN/A
Consumer ReportsN/A

Company Information

We’ve broken down some company policies that might influence your purchasing decision, including the comforters’ availability, shipping, trial period, and warranty. We’ve also shared some more information on Brooklinen’s background and reputation.

AvailabilityBrooklinen sells its products primarily through its website. However, the All-Season Down Alternative comforter is also available on Amazon. 

Brooklinen ships its products within the United States and to over 20 other countries.
ShippingBrooklinen ships within the United States for free. International is also available to select destinations, but shipping fees, duties, and taxes may apply. In-stock items are usually shipped within one business day.
TrialBrooklinen has a 365-day return policy. Note that the customer pays return shipping and Final Sale items are not eligible for returns.
WarrantyBrooklinen provides a lifetime warranty on its comforters. If your comforter doesn’t hold up, Brooklinen will either repair or replace it free of charge.

Customer Service: The customer service team receives mixed reviews. Many customers seem to be satisfied, but others report issues, particularly with long response times.

Reputation: Brooklinen is known primarily for its sheets, but its reputation for other products continues to grow.

BBB Rating: Brooklinen receives a B+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Years in Business: Brooklinen launched in 2014.

Physical Stores: Brooklinen does not have brick-and-mortar stores.

Contact Information: [email protected], 1-646-798-7447,