Casper Mattress Review

Editor’s Rating – 7.6/10

There was a time when the process of buying a mattress involved slogging into mattress stores, where – fully clothed and beneath bright lights – you’d awkwardly sprawl across a mattress and hastily decide whether to make a purchase. 

The Casper co-founders wanted to change that. From a one-bedroom apartment in New York, the sleep gurus launched a mattress company that shipped mattresses – free of charge – direct to consumers to try out at home. Four years later, Casper is a $300 million-a-year business credited with spearheading the bed-in-a-box movement and paving the way for other direct-to-consumer brands like Tuft & Needle and Purple.

For all its top-notch customer service and sleek marketing, the heart of Casper’s success lies in its mattress. Engineered from four layers of premium foam, the Casper mattress manages to cradle the body while providing above-average bounce and cooling.

Casper released two new models, the Casper Essential and Casper Wave, in 2017. However, this review will focus on the original Casper mattress.

  • Four layers of premium foam offer support, bounce, and pressure-relief to sleepers of many styles.
  • Open-cell foam top layer promotes breathability and sleeps cool.
  • Comes with free shipping, a 100-night free trial, and free returns with pickup.
  • Only one firmness option.
  • Minimal information available on mattress longevity beyond four years, since Casper has only been around since 2014.
  • Weak edge support.

Casper Mattress: Cools, Cradles, and Supports — Whatever Your Sleep Style

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Casper Mattress Specs


Cover 99% polyester with 1% elastane
Top Comfort Layer Open-cell foam 1.5″  3.5 lb
Middle Layer Memory foam 1.5″  3.5 lb
Transition Layer Transition foam 1.5″  2.5 lb
Base Layer Dense foam 5.5″ 1.8 lb


How is the Casper Mattress built? 



Standing 10 inches tall, the Casper is built from four layers of premium foam.

We’ve broken down Casper’s construction below.

  • Cover – The cover is made from a combination of 99 percent polyester and 1 percent elastane (more commonly known as spandex). The stretchy cover is at once thin and durable, crafted with premium stitching that resists pulling and movement. Light and breathable, the material contributes to a cool sleeping experience. The cover is zip-off and can be washed at 40 degrees.
  • Top comfort layer – Sitting on top of the Casper mattress, the top comfort layer is comprised of a 1.5-inch layer of proprietary comfort foam. The latex-like material delivers a decent bounce, allowing for freedom of movement during the night. At the same time, the comfort layer provides adequate sinkage for pressure relief. The open-cell foam material has minuscule pores that work to combat overheating by promoting airflow and breathability. 
  • Middle layerBelow the comfort material we have 1.5 inches of high-density memory foam. Compared to the upper material, the middle layer has a slower response time when responding to pressure. With its position below the comfort layer, the memory foam layer delivers classic pressure relief and contouring. 
  • Transition layerThe transition layer is a recent addition to the original Casper mattress. Engineered from two different types of polyfoam, the purpose of this 1.5-inch layer is to provide “zoned support” or weight distribution. The transition layer is firmer beneath the heavier hip area and softer below the shoulders. 
  • Base layer – Last but not least, we have the base layer: 5.5 inches of dense polyfoam that serve as the Casper bed foundation. The sturdy base works to support the upper layers of the mattress while keeping its shape and increasing longevity. 

Comfort and Firmness

Casper’s superior level of comfort and medium firmness are largely thanks to the creative combination of its middle and top layers. The middle layer of memory foam cradle and conform to the body’s pressure points. Lying down on the mattress, the heavier regions of your body can sink comfortably into the mattress. Meanwhile, the top comfort layer provides a latex-like firmness and bounciness. Providing more body-weight resistance than traditional memory foam, the comfort layer keeps you from getting trapped in the mattress.

In terms of firmness, our editors gave Casper a 5 out of 10 or medium level of firmness rating. Like other middle-of-the-road-firmness mattresses, the Casper offers the firmness needed for support and the softness to relieve pressure on sensitive areas.

It’s worth noting that firmness in a mattress can be subjective, and a mattress that feels soft to one sleeper might seem too firm to another. Among Casper bed review postings, some reviewers with lower BMIs have complained of excessive firmness due to an inability to exert sufficient pressure to reach the middle memory foam layer.





With its durable transition layer, the Casper bed is able to offer exceptional zoned support and spinal alignment. Placing a firmer polyfoam beneath the lumbar region and a softer foam beneath the shoulders, the transition layer works to support the spine. Designed to address varying needs of different areas, the zoned construction make the Casper mattress a good choice for sleepers who struggle to find a mattress that gets their alignment right.

For back sleepers, the transition layers elevates the lumbar area by filling the area below the spine. For those who sleep on their side, the transition layer is able to conform to the curves of the body while keeping the spine supported. Stomach sleepers may find the transition foam does a good job keeping their hip area elevated.

No matter what your sleep style, the Casper bed offers enough support to give even the heavier regions of your body a lift. The support offered by the top and transition layers create the feeling of sleeping on top the mattress rather than sinking into it.

The support provided by the Casper mattress is sufficient for light to heavy sleepers. Overweight sleepers, however, may find they require a mattress with additional support features.

Sizing and Pricing

Mattress Sizes Price
Twin $595
Twin XL $645
Full $895
Queen $995
King $1,195
California King $1,195

Firmness, Trial, Warranty

Firmness Sleep Trial Warranty
5/10 100 nights 10 years


Casper Mattress Ratings

  • Materials and Quality 77%
  • Support and Comfort 82%
  • Cooling 80%
  • Edge Support 70%
  • Trial/Warranty 82%
  • Value 75%

Edge Support

In the mattress world, “edge support” is a term used to describe the level of resistance on the edges of a mattress, which combats sagging and can extend its durability.

Most foam mattresses offer poor edge support, and Casper performs only slightly better than average in this area. With low to fair edge support, the edges of the Casper mattress may not be strong enough to accommodate sleeping or sitting, particularly for larger users.


How does it handle motion? Is it responsive? 

“Motion isolation” is an industry phrase used to describe how a mattress absorbs your movement. Motion isolation keeps movement from transferring across the bed and disturbing a partner as he or she sleeps. Foam mattresses, particularly ones with memory foam, tend to perform well when it comes to motion isolation.

As with its fellow foam beds, the Casper provides excellent motion isolation. With minimal motion detection, the Casper is a suitable choice for light sleepers who share the bed with a partner.

Even though Casper offers the motion isolating capacities of a memory foam mattress, it is much more responsive than many conventional memory foam beds. The top comfort layer that separates the sleeper from the mid memory foam layer provides a superior level of bounciness, responding instantly to pressure application and release. The high degree of responsiveness means you can move about your Casper mattress and shift positions effortlessly. It’s a significant improvement over traditional memory foam, notorious for being slow to respond and giving some sleepers the feeling of getting stuck in their mattress. By allowing sleepers freedom of movement, the Casper provides a more restful, deeper sleep.


Does it regulate temperature? Does it sleep hot?

With older memory foam beds, some users have complained of “sleeping hot” or becoming uncomfortably warm during the night. Overheating can cause night sweating and keep you from reaching a restorative level of sleep.

The Casper mattress puts an end to the problem of overheating with the design of its comfort layer and cover. The top comfort layer features an open-cell structure with tiny pores that allows air to flow freely. The open-cell comfort layer, along with the thin, breathable cover, work to keep your body from absorbing heat and provide a cool sleep experience. 

Is there a smell?



When unwrapped, most new mattresses emit a chemical new mattress odor referred to ask “off-gassing”. Foam mattresses, especially, are known for giving an off-gassing scent that lingers for a day or two.

Upon unboxing their new mattress, some users report an off-gassing smell in Casper review posts. However, the smell generally disappears within 48 to 72 hours.


How durable is it?

Since the Casper company has only been around since 2014, there is no data regarding the longevity of its mattresses beyond a few years.

Still, the durability and quality of  the Casper mattress materials suggest it may enjoy a lifespan comparable to modern-day competitors. Its advanced comfort layer may help to prevent the development of body impressions associated with older memory foam models. The Casper’s base layer of dense polyfoam should also contribute to the bed’s durability over time.  Note that the Casper’s lack of edge support could lead to premature sagging if you often sleep or sit on the edge of your bed.


What Do Casper Customers Think?

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Very comfortable!!


Best sleep I’ve ever had

Extremely comfortable! I’ve had back/neck pain for years and after the first night of sleeping on this bed I feel rested and more limber. I usually wake up countless times throughout the night but I can recall only waking up once. This bed equates to a “medium” on the firmness scale of a mattress. If you are looking for a bed with medium firmness I highly recommend this bed. Casper has an A+ rating from the better business bureau, a non-prorated 10 year warranty & a great customer service team. I did a lot of research on beds and Casper stood out above the rest!

Super comfortable AND COOL!

Returned a Tuft & Needle as it was too firm for my side sleeping. Apart from that, I would have given it a 5. The Casper is perfect for a side sleeper and I also feel fully supported on my back. Also no sleeping hot! However, after a couple of months, all four corners still are rounded as if the mattress was packaged too tightly in the box for too long, and occasionally there is still a tiny bit of the foam odor. Fairly small issues for an exceptional night’s sleep.

A dream come true

If you are thinking of switching from a normal mattress, do it right now. I mean, stop reading this, put down your phone, and buy one. Seriously … go now. The first few nights it’ll feel odd but after that your back won’t hurt, you’ll sleep through the night, and you’ll be a better version of yourself. Like the cool, fit person you remember in college. A deal at twice the price. And if you hate it, return it. I know this sounds like an ad, but it’s not, it’s just someone who wants you to know everything will be better. Colors that once seemed dull will brighten up again. Joy will once again fill your heart. So go, right now. You’ll thank Casper, I promise.


Who is the Casper mattress best suited for?

The Casper’s unique combination of comfort, medium firmness, and solid spinal alignment mean it is suited for sleepers of many shapes, sizes, and sleep styles. We’ve seen positive Casper bed reviews from a variety of users, including:

  • Back sleepers – Back sleepers may experience pressure relief, in addition to noticeable support to the hips and lumbar area.
  • Side sleepersOn the Casper, side sleepers will enjoy pressure relief in their hips and shoulders as their spine remains in a healthy alignment.
  • Stomach sleepersFor stomach sleepers, the Casper offers extra support for their hips, keeping this heavier region from sinking below the shoulders.

The Casper is able to provide adequate comfort and support to sleepers of average to heavier sizes. However, sleepers under 130 —particularly those who sleep on their side — may find the mattress overly firm due to their inability to exert enough pressure on the top comfort layer. Similarly, users over 230 pounds may find the mattress does not offer sufficient firmness or spinal support.


Casper Mattress Review – Conclusion

The versatility of the Casper mattress make it a solid choice for sleepers of many body types and preferences. Soft where you want it to be and resistant where you need it to be, the mattress supports your spine while offering relief to pressure points. It’s unique transition layer of polyfoam is softer beneath the shoulders and firmer beneath the lumbar region, providing much-needed spinal alignment – even to those who typically struggle to find adequate alignment in other mattresses. With a medium firmness, it’s a smart bet for couples with contrasting sleep styles and mattress preferences.

So what’s with the 7.6 rating? While the Casper performs adequately across all categories, it lacks any particular quality that makes it stand out from its bed-in-a-box competitors. Nevertheless, the Casper remains a reliable option that can provide healthy alignment and restful sleep to a wide range of sleepers. Its 100-day, no-risk return policy means you can see if it suits your particular sleep style for minimal commitment.


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