The The Best Slippers on Amazon 2021

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Slippers are comfortable footwear that can help you unwind before bed. Slippers can provide support, protection, and temperature regulation. They also can feel like a comfortable, cozy way to prepare yourself to sleep.

Personal preference on the feel of slippers varies. Our slipper picks are some of the best choices on the market because of their combination of comfort, quality, and versatility. While not all slippers will satisfy all customers, the choices on this list can satisfy a wide variety of preferences.

These best pick slippers all rank highly for comfort and durability, while offering different combinations of materials, designs, and styles.

Our Top Picks

clppiWomen’s Faux Fur SlippersSynthetic suede uppers, Faux fur lining, Synthetic rubber sole, 1-year warrantySee Best Price
uggWomen’s Ansley MoccasinPig leather upper, UGG pure wool lining, Rubber sole Indoor/outdoor slipperSee Best Price
ultraideasMen’s Cashmere SlippersKnit upper Coral fleece lining, Memory foam insole, Rubber sole Indoor/outdoor slipper, 1-year warrantySee Best Price
rockdoveMen’s Two-Tone Memory Foam SlipperKnit upper, Memory foam insole, Rubber sole, Indoor/outdoor slipperSee Best Price

CLPP’LI Women’s Faux Fur Slipper

Why We Like it

  • Synthetic suede uppers with faux fur lining
  • Slip-on, backless heel design
  • Synthetic rubber sole
  • Machine-washable
  • 1-year warranty


CLLPI slippers

The CLPP’LI Women’s Faux Fur Slippers feature synthetic materials in their construction. The faux fur lining has a soft, plushy feel that warms easily.  The rubber outsoles are tougher than most house slippers, making for added durability to the slippers and protection for your feet. While the CLPP’LI Women’s Faux Fur Slippers are not marketed as indoor/outdoor slippers, many customers report the outsole is sturdy enough for indoor/outdoor use. The slippers are machine-washable, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Six color options are available, including Black, Brown, Grey, Pink, Sand, and Tan. Because the lining makes the slippers fit smaller, the manufacturer recommends ordering a size up.

The CLPP’LI Women’s Faux Fur Slippers come with a 1-year warranty. CLPP’LI also offers 24/7 after-sale service. Amazon offers free shipping through Amazon Prime and free returns for select colors and sizes.


Ugg Women’s Ashley Moccasin

Why We Like it

  • 100% pig leather upper with UGGpure wool lining
  • Slip-on moccasin style with closed heel
  • Large variety of colors available
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Designed for indoor/outdoor use


ugg slippers

The UGG Women’s Ansley Moccasin is a luxury slipper option. The upper of the UGG Women’s Ansley Moccasin is constructed of water-resistant Silkee suede, made from pig leather. The lining and insole use UGGpure wool, which is well-rated for warmth and comfort. The outsole is composed of rubber. The slippers are made for indoor/outdoor use, and some customers report wearing them as shoes.

The UGG Women’s Ansley Moccasin is currently available in eleven color options, including Black, Chestnut, Chocolate, Light Grey, Pink Crystal, Slate, Spruce, Sunset, Bougainvillea, Nightfall, and Tamarind. Customers report that the slippers feel a little small at first but stretch over time.

Free returns are available for some sizes and colors.


ULTRAIDEAS Men’s Cashmere Slippers

Why We Like it

  • Knit upper with coral fleece lining
  • Layers of foam insoles over EVA support sole
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Designed for indoor/outdoor use
  • 1-year warranty


ultraideas slippers

The ULTRAIDEAS Men’s Cashmere Slippers feature a knit upper, coral fleece lining, memory foam insole, and rubber sole. The knit upper is breathable, which can help reduce foot odor. The coral fleece lining is a soft, high-quality polyester fabric that resists absorbing odors and moisture. The memory foam insole is layered over two support foams, with a bottom made from ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA). The EVA foam acts as a shock absorber. The rubber outsole is designed to be non-slip and durable.

The slippers are available in three color options, which include Coffee, Grey, and Navy. The ULTRAIDEAS Men’s Cashmere Slippers come with a 1-year warranty. Additionally, the company offers 24/7 after-sale service. These slippers ship free with Amazon Prime.


RockDove Men’s Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper

Why We Like it

  • Cotton-spandex knit upper built for airflow
  • Memory foam insole provides cushioning, contouring, and comfort
  • Rubber sole with anti-slip waterproof bottom
  • Designed for indoor/outdoor use


rockdove slippers

The RockDove Men’s Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper is designed for comfort and breathability. The waffle-knit upper and cotton footbed allow for airflow to help reduce foot odor. The memory foam insole adjusts to the shape of your foot. The rubber outsole is designed to be nonslip and grip to the floor.

The slipper is available in six vibrant color combinations: Black/Lime, Blue/Maize, Dark Gray/Blue, Army Green/Emerald, Denim/Sky Blue, and Heathered Gray/Blue. RockDove also offers women’s slippers with a similar design.

RockDove offers access to a 24/7 after-sale support team. Free returns are available for some size and color options.

Slippers Buyer’s Guide

Let’s discuss what to consider when you’re looking for the perfect pair of slippers. Some key considerations can affect the slippers’ comfort, durability, convenience, and more.

Slippers can envelop your feet in softness. Getting into a bedtime routine that offers comfort and calming can help prepare you for a quality night’s sleep, so the right slippers can be a useful sleep tool. Not only that, a good pair of slippers can provide added comfort and protection for your feet if you need to get up during the night.

What to Look for

Comfort: Comfort is usually one of the main factors when considering slippers. While slippers are designed to be comfortable, comfort often boils down to personal preference. Some people may prefer a plush slipper, while others may like a furrier texture.

Support: If you frequently walk or stand in your slippers, you may be more comfortable in a slipper that provides more arch support. Slippers with memory foam insoles often provide extra arch support by adjusting to the shape of your foot.

Material: Slippers may use a wide variety of materials in their constructions. These materials can affect multiple factors, including durability, ease of cleaning, support, and comfort.Wool, cotton, fleece, leather, memory foam, and rubber are some of the most common materials used in slippers.

  • Wool: Wool is popular for its temperature-regulating properties. Wool is often associated with a warm, cozy feel. However, wool can also help reduce the risk of retaining excessive heat. Not only does wool wick moisture, but also it is breathable, which could help keep your feet dry and cozy without overheating.
  • Cotton: Cotton is another breathable material that allows for cooling airflow. However, cotton can tend to absorb moisture. That means that if you’re prone to sweaty feet, cotton slippers could trap the sweat against your foot.
  • Fleece: Fleece is usually composed of polyester and feels soft and fuzzy to the touch. It can provide a warm, cozy, plush feel that many people enjoy. However, it is less breathable than cotton or wool, so it tends to trap heat.
  • Leather: Leather is made of tanned animal hides. It is usually water-resistant, but it shouldn’t be left wet for extended periods. Additionally, leather usually softens with age, so leather slippers could get more comfortable over time. Suede is similar to leather, but it is more prone to absorbing water.
  • Memory Foam: Memory foam’s contouring can lend well to a comfortable, supportive slipper. Slippers that use memory foam insoles often provide better arch support. Memory foam is not a very breathable material, so it tends to run hot.
  • Rubber: Slippers often use rubber outsoles,making them more durable. Many rubber outsoles are designed to be non-slip, so they are well-suited to wet and slippery environments.

Design: The design of your slippers may affect their comfort, convenience, and overall appeal. Depending on your personal comfort preferences, you may prefer slippers that hug closely to your foot or offer more space. Some slippers are designed to slip on and off easily, while others may require more effort. The visual appeal can affect how much you enjoy your slippers, so you may wish to select a style you like the look of.

Versatility: Depending on your lifestyle, you may want a more versatile slipper. Some slippers are designed for indoor and outdoor use, while some are constructed for exclusively indoor use. If you want to wear your slippers outside extensively, be sure to look for a more durable construction designed for outdoor use.

Durability: A slipper’s construction plays a role in its durability. Materials like rubber, leather, and wool are more durable If you wear your slippers outside or in the bathroom, you may also want to look for slippers that are water-resistant.

Ease of Use and Cleaning: Some slippers are machine washable, while other slippers can only be spot cleaned. When shopping for slippers, you may want to pay attention to cleaning instructions. If you wear your slippers barefoot and are prone to sweaty feet, your slippers may trap odor, so ease of cleaning can become important.

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