The Best Sheets 2021

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Having the right sheets is vital to making your bed perfect for your needs.

Sheets play a central role in how your bed feels, its temperature, and its appearance. Without great sheets, it’s hard to make your bed a comfortable and attractive place to retire every night to rest.

Perhaps you’ve just bought a new mattress and want the perfect sheets to go along with it, or maybe you are just looking to give your bed a fresh feel. Regardless of the situation, our guide can help.

We’ll start by introducing our selections for the best bed sheets on the market, and then we’ll take a deep dive into the information you need to be fully informed as you shop for bed sheets.

Our Top Picks

ManufacturerSheet SetMaterialSpecial FeaturesPrice (Queen)
Screen Shot    at  PMClassic Percale Sheet Set100% long-staple cotton (270TC)Percale weave; 15-inch pocket depth; 6 sizes available$139
Miracle BrandSignature Sheet Set90% Supima cotton, 10% silver (350TC)Percale weave; 16-inch pocket depth; 5 sizes available$159
SleepgramBamboo Sheets100% rayon derived from bambooSateen weave; deep pockets; 6 sizes available$200
NollapelliSignature Sheet Set45% Tencel lyocell, 35% nylon, 20% cottonSateen weave; 20-inch pocket depth; 5 sizes available$300
EucalypsoClassic Sheet Set100% Tencel lyocellSateen weave; 16-inch pocket depth; 5 sizes available$179
Bed ThreadsFlax Linen Sheet Set100% linen15.7-inch pocket depth; 9 sizes available$250

Parachute Linen Sheets

Why we like this set:

    Crisp, lightweight feel ideal for warm or humid weather
  • 3 bundling options
  • 365-night sleep trial

Brooklinen logo large

Brooklinen Percale Sheets

The Brooklinen Classic Percale Sheet Set should appeal to hot sleepers and people who reside in warm or humid areas. Each item is composed of lightweight, breathable cotton percale that initially feels soft and gradually softens over time. Since the cotton is a long-staple variety, owners can also count on a longer-than-average lifespan for their sheets and pillowcases.

Brooklinen offers three Classic Percale bundle packages. The Classic Core Set is a standard-issue collection that includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and one to two pillowcases depending on the size. Those who don’t need a flat sheet should opt for the Classic Starter Set, which omits this item but includes the other Core components. Shoppers looking to fully revamp their bedding may want to consider the Classic Hardcore Bundle, which includes the full Core Set plus a duvet cover and two additional pillowcases.

The fitted sheet has a pocket depth of 15 inches, so the set will be compatible with many mattresses sold today apart from select high-profile models. Every component can be washed and dried at home for easy, convenient care. You can choose from a diverse range of solid color schemes and patterns for your set, ranging from neutral tones to more vibrant designs. 

The price-point for this set is quite approachable given its expected longevity, and shipping is free throughout the contiguous U.S. Brooklinen allows returns of the Classic Percale Sheet Set up to 365 days after your original order, even if you’ve used or cleaned the items. Those who keep their bedding are entitled to warranty coverage that extends for another year. 


Miracle Signature Sheet Set

Why we like this set:

  • Crisp, breathable bedding that softens over time
  • Infused with silver for added antimicrobial protection
  • 30-night sleep trial

Miracle Brand

Miracle Brand Signature Sheet Set

When on the lookout for new sheets and pillowcases, many shoppers want bedding that will hold up and remain fresh over time even after continuous use. The Miracle Signature Sheet Set is a good option for these folks. The items in this collection are constructed from premium Supima cotton infused with silver threads. Silver has natural antimicrobial properties to keep harmful bacteria out of your sleep area and also manage odors that occur between wash cycles.

Supima cotton is a U.S.-grown variety of long-staple cotton prized for its durability, silky-soft feel, and exceptional breathability. The sheets and pillowcases in this set sleep quite cool and will also wick moisture away from your body, keeping you dry and comfortable any time of year. The percale weave is also ideal for people who prefer crisp bedding that doesn’t drape too closely to the body.

Miracle offers three neutral shades for this collection that complement any bedroom decor. A pocket depth of 16 inches ensures a snug fit for most mattresses sold today. You can wash and dry the sheets at home without dry cleaning or visiting the laundromat, and thanks to their antimicrobial construction, you may not need to clean these items as often as your other bedding. 

Miracle provides free ground delivery anywhere in the U.S. You’ll receive a sleep trial with your purchase that allows you to test out the sheets and pillowcases for up to 30 nights before deciding whether to return or keep them. Exchanges during the trial period are free of charge.  


Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets

Why we like this set:

  • Silky-soft hand-feel and close draping
  • Excellent temperature control
  • 100-night sleep trial


Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets

The popularity of bedding made from bamboo-derived fabrics has skyrocketed in recent years. Bamboo is naturally breathable and the plant’s fibers retain this characteristic after they are woven together. The Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets are a standout set because they are crafted with a smooth sateen weave that accentuates the gentle texture of rayon derived from bamboo. This collection is ideal for people who enjoy bedding that closely drapes against the body.

Rayon derived from bamboo also provides good antimicrobial protection against harmful bacteria and wards off unpleasant odors that occur after continuous use. The smooth feel of these sheets and pillowcases should be comfortable for anyone with sensitive skin, while their temperature-regulating abilities make the set good fit for anyone who resides in hot or humid climates.

Sleepgram offers three neutral colors for the collection, as well as six sizes that correspond to standard mattress dimensions. The fitted sheet has deep pockets to ensure snugness and stability on most mattresses sold today, including many high-profile models. While you can wash these items in any household machine, you should avoid tumble drying them and opt for line drying instead – this will preserve their structure for longer use.

The Bamboo Sheets are competitively priced. Shipping is free for all orders, and Sleepgram gives each customer 100 nights to decide whether they want to keep the set or send it back for a full refund. 


Nollapelli Signature Sheet Set

Why we like this set:

  • Soft yet durable blended construction
  • Universal pocket depth
  • 30-night sleep trial


Nollapelli Signature Sheet Set

Bedding composed of fabric blends can be a mixed bag, but the Nollapelli Signature Sheet Set is a standout collection that draws from three distinct textiles. These sheets and pillowcases are made from a blend of breathable Tencel lyocell, ultra-durable nylon, and lightweight cotton that retains the positive characteristics of each material. The result is bedding that feels soft, regulates temperature well, and holds up over time – even after continuous use.

A sateen weave gives the fabric a smooth feel that should be comfortable for sleepers with sensitive skin. Those who sleep hot or reside in warm climates should also enjoy this collection. While sateen tends to be less breathable than percale, the Tencel and cotton help the fabric remain cool any time of year. 

The set comes in four sizes, including a split king for couples who share adjustable bed bases. All purchases regardless of size include a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. The fitted sheet has a pocket depth of 20 inches, which is considered universal compatibility for mattresses sold today. Each item can be laundered at home, and the nylon ensures the fabric will resist wear and tear over time.

Although the Signature Sheet Set seems pricey at first glance, its long expected lifespan makes the collection a good investment for shoppers seeking sheets and pillowcases that last for years. Delivery is free for U.S. orders, and each purchase includes a 30-night sleep trial with free return shipping. 


Eucalypso Classic Sheet Set

Why we like this set:

  • Produced from sustainably sourced eucalyptus trees
  • Exceptionally smooth feel optimal for sleepers with sensitive skin
  • 14-night sleep trial


Eucalypso Classic Sheets

Tencel lyocell is a type of rayon produced from eucalyptus fibers. Eucalyptus – like bamboo-derived fabrics – is an exceptionally breathable material with an ultrasoft feel that is conducive for comfortable sleep. Tencel is the inspiration for online bedding brand Eucalypso. The company’s Classic Sheet Set is composed with a sateen weave that heightens the silky feel of the fabric and creates an attractive sheen on the surface.

This collection also carries great appeal for eco-conscious consumers. Most Tencel materials are produced using less water and a smaller footprint compared to other textiles. More than 99% of the water and solvents used during the manufacturing processes are eventually recycled. The trees used for Eucalypso products are also sustainably grown and harvested without the use of pesticides.

Four neutral color palettes and five sizes are available for this collection. For cleaning, the sheets and pillowcases should be machine washed separately from other items, then line dried if possible to preserve their structure over time. Tencel bedding tends to become gradually softer with each wash cycle. The pocket depth is 16 inches, so most buyers will be able to use the set with their current mattress.

Given its high-quality materials and strong performance, this sheet set’s sticker price is very reasonable. Eucalypso offers a 14-night sleep trial. Those who return the sheets unwashed and unused qualify for a full refund, but you can also return the items after sleeping on them for a 50% refund. Exchanges for wrong sizes and colors are free of charge, provided none of the items have been used.


Bed Threads Flax Linen Sheet Set 

Why we like this set:

  • Prewashed linen offers an exceptionally crisp feel
  • Extensive color and size selection
  • 365-night sleep trial

Bed Threads

Bed Threads Flax Linen Sheets

If you’re shopping for sheets and want a collection with wide-ranging color options, the Bed Threads Flax Linen Sheet Set is available in 19 different solid colors and patterns. Options include whites and other neutrals, earth tones, and more offbeat shades such as “Turmeric,” “Rosewater,” and “Sage.” Regardless of your personal tastes, you should find at least one option that suits your bedroom aesthetic.

Linen bedding is renowned for its unique feel, which is best described as comfortably coarse. The material softens over time without sacrificing the crisp, lightweight construction that makes it so popular among sleepers – particularly those who live in hot or humid places. Linen is also quite durable when cared for correctly, so you can expect years of use from this sheet set.

Bed Threads also allows you to mix and match the flat sheet of your set based on size. These “special” bundles are available for full, queen, and king sizes, which feature queen, king, and California king flat sheets, respectively. Those who prefer a flat sheet that drapes over the side should definitely consider this option. All items can be washed in household machines, though linen should always be line dried.

Considering linen sheet sets can be quite expensive, this collection has a very approachable price-point. Shipping is free for all orders to the U.S., as well as Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Bed Threads allows you to test out the sheets for up to one year before deciding whether to keep or return them.


Bed Sheets Buying Guide

Because sheets don’t involve complex layering and construction, the material used to make them takes on central importance.


Cotton is immensely popular as a material for sheets. It is soft to the touch, can be woven to give it varying characteristics, and it is comfortable and familiar to most shoppers.

Cotton is a preferred material for hot sleepers because of how it promotes comfort cooling. The material absorbs moisture from the body and allows that moisture to evaporate, and this breathability reduces overheating.

Not all cotton is created equal. Cotton fibers are known as staples, and cotton products with longer staples tends to be softer and more durable. For this reason, they are normally more expensive as well.

Egyptian Cotton is a long-staple cotton that comes from the Nile River Valley. It has an outstanding reputation for quality, softness, and longevity. Pima cotton is grown in the United States and is another type of long-staple cotton.

If sheets do not specify that they are made from Egyptian or Pima cotton, they are probably made with American Upland cotton with shorter fibers.


Polyester is a synthetic material used in many clothing and bedding products. It does not have the natural softness of cotton but is still smooth to the touch. It is stretchy and typically easy to care for. Its price point is normally much lower than other sheet fabrics.

Microfiber is a type of polyester. To make microfiber, the polyester is brushed, giving more loft to each individual fiber. The resulting fabric has a pleasant softness that is more comparable to cotton.


Linen is made using fibers from the flax plant. It is one of the most durable materials and has a crisp texture. It has a weightier feel that many customers like, and it offers excellent breathability and moisture-wicking.

Linen is not soft like long-staple cotton, but it may be pre-washed or treated to provide more softness. It will soften with regular use.

Bamboo-Derived Fabrics

Bamboo material refers to viscose or rayon derived from bamboo. These semi-synthetic materials combine softness, breathability, and stretch. Sheets may be made of pure viscose or rayon derived from bamboo, but the material is often blended with polyester.

Tencel Lyocell

Tencel lyocell is a type of rayon derived from the fibers of eucalyptus trees. Like bamboo-derived textiles, this material can be very soft, smooth, and breathable, and it is frequently blended with polyester to make sheets.


Silk is one of the softest and smoothest materials available. It is extremely lightweight and has an elegant and timeless look. Silk sheets are a favorite among people who appreciate how it stays cool to the touch even in hot weather.

The downsides to silk are its high price and its fragility. It requires careful cleaning and maintenance to avoid damaging its fibers.


Flannel is material whose fibers have been brushed to make them thicker and more plush. Flannel is most frequently, though not exclusively, made with cotton.

Flannel sheets have a reputation for coziness thanks to their plush feel. They retain more heat than other materials, so they are most popular during winter and in colder climates.


Jersey sheets use fabric that is knit instead of woven, providing a dramatically different texture. Jersey is most often made with cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester, but other materials can be used as well.

Jersey sheets are incredibly soft and smooth. The knitted material has more stretch and enhanced wrinkle resistance. The price point for jersey sheets is normally lower than woven sheets.

The downside to jersey is that it can shrink, especially if it is not washed and dried carefully. It can also pill and be less durable than some woven sheets.

Additional Considerations

In addition to material composition, here are a few more factors to take into account when shopping for a new sheet set.


In order for your sheets to look and feel right, they need to appropriately fit your bed. If you have an extra-deep mattress, look closely at the specifications for any sheets to make sure they will fit. Keep in mind that many materials can shrink in the wash, especially if you do not closely follow manufacturer cleaning instructions.

Also check the pocket depth of the fitted sheet in any set you’d like to buy. Since fitted sheets have elasticated corners, this makes them compatible with mattresses that fall within a certain thickness range. If the pocket depth is less than the profile of your mattress, then you should keep shopping.


The way yarns are woven changes the feel of your sheets. This applies mostly to cotton and to blends using cotton.

A percale weave layers each horizontal yarn over each vertical yarn in a one-to-one checkerboard pattern. This provides a crisper texture and one that permits better airflow.

A sateen weave layers a horizontal yarn over several vertical yarns. Doing so has a smoothing and softening effect and can give these sheets a shinier appearance.

Color and Design

Most sheets are sold with an option of several solid colors, and often you will find patterned sheets as well. Consider the look you are going for in your bedroom – including your walls, furniture, and other bedding – and choose the design of your sheets accordingly.

Thread Count

For cotton sheets, look for a thread count between 200 and 400. This count represents the density of the yarns of cotton within a square inch of the material. A higher thread count typically correlates with durability and softness.

That said, thread count isn’t everything. A higher count of lower-quality material can be misleading. In addition, some thread counts are inflated by double-counting yarns, so be wary of assigning too much value to extremely high counts.


Our top picks are all sheet sets, meaning that they include a fitted sheet, a flat sheet – also known as a top sheet – and pillowcases. But remember that some sheet and pillowcases are sold as separates, so be sure to know what’s included when you’re comparing prices.

Organic and Natural

While many fabrics used in sheets come from natural sources, only a few are truly organic or natural. Pesticides or chemicals can be involved in the production of the base fibers. In addition, many materials are treated using chemicals to provide specific characteristics like enhanced softness or wrinkle-resistance.

If you value organic production, look for sheets certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This certification requires that the fabric meet high standards regarding processing without dangerous chemicals.

Oeko-Tex is another certification that can be obtained that indicates a fabric is made without chemicals that are known or suspected to cause problems for human health.

Return Policy and Warranty

Not all sheets will come with a policy for short-term returns or a long-term warranty. However, if you can find a sleep trial and/or extended warranty coverage, these can make sure that you get the most value out of your purchase and don’t wind up with sheets that don’t work for you.