The Best Latex Pillows 2021

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When you think of latex, pillows probably aren’t the first product to pop into your head. And while it’s true that latex pillows don’t have the same longstanding reputation as pillows of some other materials, there’s no doubt that they can deliver excellent support, comfort, and value.

One of the things that makes latex pillows appealing is the unique characteristics of latex itself. Because it is a rubber product, it has a level of bounce that you would expect, but what surprises most people is how responsive and accommodating the latex can be at the same time. This allows it to contour to the head and neck and provide ample cushioning without causing your pillow to bottom out.

This guide will introduce you to latex pillows and their strengths and weaknesses, and if you’re looking for recommendations, it also names our top 5 best latex pillows available today.

What Are The Best Latex Pillows of 2019?

Brand/ModelType of PillowLoft LevelPrice
Nest Easy Breather Natural PillowNest Bedding Easy Breather Natural PillowLatex (shredded)Adjustable$89
Brooklyn Bedding Latex PillowBrooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex PillowTalalay Latex (one-piece)2 Options: Plush or Firm$59
Naturepedic Organic Sculpted Latex PillowNaturepedic Organic Sculpted Latex PillowOrganic Latex (one-piece)Medium$99
Organic Textiles All Natural Latex PillowOrganic Textiles Natural Latex PillowLatex (one-piece)Medium$50
Malouf Shredded Latex PillowMalouf Z Shredded Latex PillowTalalay Latex (shredded)2 Options: Low or High$99

Nest Bedding Easy Breather Natural Pillow

Why we like it:

  • 8” of shredded latex provides plenty of material for molding
  • Zipper allows material to be removed to adjust loft
  • Natural cotton cover for soft exterior
  • 30-night trial period to test pillow
  • 2-year warranty

Nest Bedding Logo

Nest Easy Breather Pillow Image

The Nest Bedding Easy Breather Natural Pillow is a shredded latex pillow that can work for people who sleep on their side, back, or stomach. The pillow initially comes with 8” of shredded latex inside of a cover that is half of an inch thick and made with all cotton. The latex is soft enough to be relaxing but has enough bounce to keep your head from sinking into the pillow.

If the starting amount of fill is too thick, you can unzip the cover and remove latex pieces until the pillow meets your desired level of loft. In addition, because it is shredded, you can adjust the latex on the fly to fit different shapes or angles of your head. All of this flexibility helps ensure that you can make this pillow work for you.

Nest Bedding offers a 30-night period to try out the pillow and provides a 2-year warranty, so you’re well covered if you decide to give the Easy Breather Natural Pillow a shot.


Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow

Why we like it:

  • Noticeable softness and comfort from use of Talalay latex
  • Aerated latex prevents excess heat retention
  • 2 firmness options so you can find the level of loft you need
  • Cover made from a blend of cotton and polyester provides breathability and softness
  • 120 nights to test the pillow risk-free

Brooklyn Bedding Logo

Brooklyn Bedding Latex Pillow

This pillow from Brooklyn Bedding uses one piece of Talalay latex, which is known for its softness and bounce, to give your head and neck the kind of cozy cradling it needs. Furthermore, this latex has many small holes in it that allow air to circulate, which keeps you sleeping cool through the night.

The pillow is available in either a Plush or Firm option. Firm is usually a better choice for side sleepers and back sleepers, although people who prefer more softness may still like the Plush even if they sleep in those positions. Some stomach sleepers may like the Plush pillow depending on their preferred amount of loft.

The pillow comes with an extended sleep trial of 120 nights during which you can decide to return the pillow for a refund if it isn’t comfortable or supportive enough for you.


Naturepedic Organic Sculpted Latex Pillow

Why we like it:

  • One-piece latex shape provides steady amount of medium loft while retaining softness
  • True organic latex as certified by the Global Organic Latex Standard
  • Stretch-knit cotton cover that is also certified by Global Organic Textile Standard
  • 30-day period to try the pillow in your own bedroom

Naturepedic logo

Naturepedic Organic Sculpted Latex Pillow

Naturepedic’s Organic Sculpted Latex Pillow utilizes latex that is certified by the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), which is the most reputable validation for the quality of the latex production process. The same goes for the cotton used in the cover: it’s not just stretchy and soft, but it’s also certified by a similar standard for textiles (GOTS).

The latex employed in this pillow is quite soft, but because it is one chunk of latex, it retains a stable shape. This means that the pillow will contour to your head without feeling like your head is being swallowed by the pillow. Its resilience also means that you can change the position of your head and neck easily on top of this pillow.


Organic Textiles Natural Latex Pillow

Why we like it:

  • One-piece latex style gives needed loft for side sleepers while cradling the head
  • Pin-core ventilation keeps latex from building up heat
  • Cover is made from 100% organic cotton
  • Affordable price point for latex

Organic Textiles

Organic Textiles All Natural Latex Pillow

The Natural Latex Pillow from Organic Textiles uses natural latex to offer a responsive surface for your head and neck that can promote proper alignment with the spine. A medium loft level accommodates most side sleepers and many back sleepers thanks to the softness of the latex. For people worried about sleeping hot, the small pinholes in the latex keep it from sleeping hot.

The cover material for this pillow is made from cotton that is 100% organic and that brings an even more luxurious feel to the pillow. Despite the quality materials used, this pillow is still available at a price point below many other latex offerings.


Malouf Z Shredded Latex Pillow

Why we like it:

  • Talalay latex gives pillow responsive and luxurious feel
  • Steady airflow from aerated latex protects against sleeping hot
  • Available as either a Plush or Firm pillow to suit your needs
  • Polyester-rayon blend in cover is highly breathable and soft

Malouf Logo Image

Malouf Z Latex Pillow

The Malouf Z pillow uses shredded Talalay latex that gives sleepers a unique blend of softness, resilience, and moldability. You can move the latex around to create the shape that you need all the while knowing that it will still cradle and cushion your head and neck in a satisfying way. For people who tend to sleep hot, this pillow can help you rest easy since it has aerated latex and a breathable polyester-rayon cover.

Customers can also select between a Plush and Firm option as well as a Low and High option when it comes to loft. Especially with the level of moldability that comes from shredded latex, these options virtually ensure that people in any sleeping position can find a model of the Malouf Z pillow that can fit their needs.


Latex Pillow Guide

What Are Latex Pillows Made Of?

Latex is a rubber product that can be produced directly from the sap of rubber trees or synthetically with petrochemicals. In many cases, products use a blend of natural and synthetic latex.

There are different ways of producing latex for a pillow. One process is known as the Dunlop process, and this involves stirring, molding, and then baking the latex. During this process, some of the latex moves to the bottom of the mold, so Dunlop latex is less uniform and generally has a firmer feel. The other process is called Talalay, which freezes the latex before baking it. This prevents the formation of sediment and creates a latex that is more consistent, lighter, and generally also softer and bouncier. For pillows, both can work well though Talalay latex is more commonly used.

You may also find latex labeled as natural or organic or other similar terms. There is no consensus on exactly what these terms mean across the industry. As a result, we recommend that customers who put a premium on buying latex whose production meets high standards for sustainability look for latex certified by the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). This is the most widely accepted process approval certification for latex.

After it is produced, latex can be formed as a pillow in one of two ways.

  • One-piece: this is a pillow that just has a single large piece of latex.
  • Shredded: for these pillows, the latex is in the form of thousands of small pieces of latex instead of a large chunk. A shredded latex pillow has a lighter and less consistent shape, which means it can be molded and adjusted far more than a one-piece pillow. A shredded latex pillow may also be adjustable if it is made with a zipper to remove some of the shards of latex.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Latex Pillow?

If you’re trying to ascertain whether a latex pillow is going to work for you, it may help to have an overview of the pros and cons of latex pillows.

We’ll start by reviewing the general pros and cons of latex pillows and then will compare one-piece and shredded latex.

The biggest benefits of latex pillows include:

  • Responsiveness: latex is able to contour to the head and neck and offer excellent cushioning allowing your head to collapse into the pillow. For this reason, it can provide excellent responsiveness that promotes spinal alignment.
  • Bounce: as with most rubber, latex has an element of bounce, which means that it pops back to its original shape when pressure is removed from it. This prevents you from feeling like you’re sinking too deeply into the pillow and helps assure a more consistent sense of loft and support.
  • Low noise: moving your head on latex won’t cause much noise, so there is little disturbance to you or a partner when using a latex pillow.
  • Sleeping cool: latex does not retain heat nearly as much as many other materials (like down or memory foam), and often it is aerated to help improve airflow even more.
  • Long lifespan: well-built latex tends to last for years meaning that you can get a significant amount of value out of a one-time purchase of a latex pillow.

The primary downsides of latex pillows include:

  • High price tag: latex pillows, especially well-made pillows or ones made to meet organic standards like GOLS, tend to come with a higher price tag than many other types of pillows.
  • Weight: latex is a naturally heavier material than other pillow fill materials like cotton, down, or polyester. As a result, these pillows have more heft, especially if they are a one-piece latex pillow.
  • Fewer options: even though they are becoming more popular, there are still not as many options available for latex pillows as there are for many other pillow types.
  • Smell: some people find latex to have a noticeable smell, especially when first removed from its packaging. This smell usually doesn’t last, but some people may be more sensitive to it.

When comparing one-piece and shredded latex pillows, there are a few key areas in which they differ.

  • Moldability: shredded latex can be moved around within the cover to take on different shapes, but a one-piece latex pillow has a much more consistent shape.
  • Need for fluffing: to even out a shredded latex pillow, you’ll have to fluff it regularly. One-piece latex pillows do not need to be fluffed.
  • Weight: while latex in general can be heavy, a one-piece latex pillow tends to have more weight than a shredded latex pillow.

Who is Best Suited to a Latex Pillow?

If you’ve never tried a latex pillow, it can be hard to know if you’ll like how it feels. For that reason, we’ll give some suggestions about who these pillows usually do and don’t work for.

People who get the most out of latex pillows are usually people who:

  • Sleep on their side: because of their loft, contouring, and resilience, these pillows can work very well in giving enough cushioning to the head and neck of side sleepers. A shredded pillow, especially an adjustable one, gives the most flexibility in modifying the pillow to fit the angle of a side sleeper.
  • Sleep on their back: as long as the loft isn’t too high, a latex pillow can do a great job of accommodating the neck of a back sleeper without causing too much sink into the pillow that could lead to an unnatural bend in the neck.
  • Worry about sleeping hot: since latex normally does not retain significant heat, a latex pillow can be a wise choice for people who are concerned about overheating at night.
  • Prefer consistent loft: if you want a pillow that will hold its shape, latex, especially one-piece latex, is a great option because of its resilience and heft.

Latex pillows are less likely to be a good choice for people who:

  • Sleep on their stomach: the level of loft and firmness of latex pillows is usually too much for stomach sleepers who can end up with excess bend in the neck if they use a latex pillow.
  • Want a plush feel: even though latex is a very accommodating material, it is not plush in the same way as materials like down or memory foam.