The Best Pillows 2021

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If you’ve ever slept in a hotel or a guest room with horrible pillows, you know that this piece of bedding simply cannot be ignored. Though it’s common to think more about the importance of a quality mattress for getting a good night’s sleep, your pillow also has a huge impact on your comfort and spinal alignment.

Some people may think that all pillows are created equal, but the truth is that there’s a tremendous range of materials that can be used to make a pillow, and these materials directly influence how that pillow will feel.

This guide will help you understand why a good pillow matters, what your pillow options are, and which are the best pillows of 2019.

Our Top Picks

CategoryBrand/ModelFirmnessPrice (Standard)
Screen Shot    at  PMCoop Home Goods PillowCoop Home Goods Premium Adjustable Loft PillowAdjustable$60
Screen Shot    at  PMBrooklinen Down Alternative PillowBrooklinen Down Alternative PIllow3 choices: Plush, Mid-Plush, Firm$59
Eli ElmEli Elm Side SleeperEli & Elm Cotton Side Sleeper PillowMedium$150
Pillow CubePillow Cube ProPillow Cube ProMedium$100
FluffCoFluffCo PillowFluffCo Down & Feather Pillow2 choices: Soft, Firm$150
PlutoPluto PillowPluto PillowCustomizable$85
NaturepedicNaturepedic Organic Adjustable Latex PillowNaturepedic Organic 2-in-1 Adjustable Latex PillowReversible: Soft/Medium$99
KassatexKassatex down pillowKassatex European White Goose Down Pillow3 choices: Soft, Medium, Firm$200

Coop Home Goods Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow

Why We Like it

  • Loft level can be easily adjusted by removing some shredded foam
  • Cover of bamboo-derived rayon and polyester boosts breathability
  • Inner liner that helps with moldability and airflow
  • 100-night satisfaction guarantee

Coop Home Goods Logo

Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow

The Coop Home Goods Adjustable Memory Foam pillow is one of the most popular pillows sold online thanks to its quality of design and performance, especially at its price point.

It is made with a cover that is a blend of rayon and polyester that, along with an inner liner, keeps the pillow breathable. The shredded memory foam contours to your head and is malleable, and at the same time, the material can be easily removed for those who want less loft (such as stomach sleepers).


Brooklinen Down Alternative Pillow

Why We Like it

  • Carefully designed to mimic the soft feeling of down
  • Hypoallergenic polyfill
  • Available in three firmness levels
  • Full-year sleep trial

Brooklinen logo large

Brooklinen Down Alternative Pillow

The Brooklinen Down Alternative pillow has polyester fill (polyfill) that has fibers shaved in a way to as closely resemble the feeling of down as possible. This material is hypoallergenic, soft, light, and lofty. A 400 thread count cotton shell provides added softness and breathability, and double-stitched edges hold the material tightly inside the pillow.

Brooklinen offers this in a Plush, Mid-Plush, and Firm option to best suit your preferences and your sleeping position. The Plush fits best for stomach sleepers, Mid-Plush for back sleepers, and Firm for side sleepers.

Brooklinen is a well-regarded bedding company and offers a 365-night sleep trial that lets you return this pillow anytime within a year if you aren’t satisfied with its performance.

Eli & Elm Cotton Side Sleeper Pillow 

Why We Like it

  • Shredded fill can be added or removed to change the loft
  • Breathable blended latex and polyfiber fill
  • Contoured shape promotes even alignment for side sleepers
  • Pillowcase included with purchase

Eli Elm

Eli Elm Side Sleeper

Side sleepers often require lofty pillows that support the head and neck while promoting even spinal alignment – but specific loft needs vary from person to person. The Eli & Elm accommodates most side sleepers due to its adjustable design. The breathable blended fill consists of shredded latex and polyester fibers that can be added or removed to change the pillow’s thickness. 

People with smaller heads and narrower shoulders will likely prefer a narrower profile, while those with larger heads and wider shoulders can optimize their comfort with more loft.

Another benefit for side sleepers is the pillow’s shape, which includes a notch for cradling the neck without interfering with your alignment. The pillow is also easy to clean – simply remove the fill and machine wash the cover. For added protection, you’ll receive a free pillowcase with your purchase.

Ground shipping is free of charge for customers in the lower 48 states. All purchases include a 45-night sleep trial that includes free returns on all pillows, even if they have been used. You’ll also receive a 5-year warranty.


Pillow Cube Pro

Why We Like it

  • 3 loft options (4, 5, 6 inches)
  • Solid memory foam conforms closely and evenly
  • Ideal for side sleepers of all sizes
  • Pillowcase included with purchase

Pillow Cube

Pillow Cube Pro

The Pillow Cube Pro is another great option for side sleepers due to its thickness options. Buyers choose between loft levels of 4, 5, or 6 inches. The 6-inch option provides plenty of support for people with larger heads and wider shoulders, while the other two lofts should accommodate any other type of side sleeper – as well as back sleepers who prefer extra thickness for their pillows.

The core consists of solid memory foam and the pillow’s feel is medium, so you can expect a close yet even contour around the head and neck. This can improve alignment and alleviate aches, pains, and pressure points that often occur for people who use the side sleeping position. The cover is made of smooth polyester that is easy on sensitive skin, and your purchase also includes a quilted pillowcase.

Pillow Cube offers free returns within 30 days of the original order. You can also exchange your pillow for a different loft if your original choice is causing pain or discomfort.


FluffCo Down & Feather Pillow

Why We Like it

  • 2 firmness/density options
  • RDS-certified white duck feather and down fill
  • Discounts for bulk purchases
  • 30-night trial with free returns


FluffCo Pillow

While down and feather pillows offer a luxurious, cloud-like feel, a common complaint is that they don’t provide enough support for the head and neck. The Down & Feather Pillow from FluffCo addresses this issue with a chambered design. The inner chamber is filled with white duck feathers to stabilize the core, while the outer chamber is padded with white duck down for extra plushness on the surface. You can choose between a soft or firm feel for your pillow, but both provide good overall support.

The pillow should appeal to animal-conscious consumers, as the feathers and down have received certification from the Responsible Down Standard, indicating ethical treatment of the ducks. The shell is composed of breathable Tencel fabric, which offsets some of the down’s natural heat-absorbing properties and helps the pillow remain cool. 

FluffCo offers discounts of 10-20% for purchases that include up to six pillows, so bulk shoppers can save some money. Shipping is free to all 50 states, and returns and exchanges are allowed within 30 days of the original order. 


Pluto Pillow

Why We Like it

  • Fully customizable design with more than 30 variations
  • Breathable shell and core materials
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam
  • 100-night sleep trial


Pluto Pillow

The made-to-order Pluto Pillow is one of the most customizable sleep products on the market today. Every customer is asked to complete a comprehensive questionnaire that includes their preferences for pillow material, loft, firmness, and cover texture, as well as personal criteria such as sleep position, body type, and whether they sleep hot. After receiving the results, Pluto will craft a pillow to spec based on the shopper’s feedback. According to the company, more than 30 variations are available.

All Pluto Pillows are constructed with ventilated, adaptive polyfoam encased in a smooth microfiber shell. Both of these components are quite breathable, and the shell should be particularly comfortable for people with sensitive skin. The pillow has earned a CertiPUR-US certification, indicating none of the materials are hazardous.

Given its personalized design, the Pluto Pillow’s sticker price is quite approachable. The company also provides free ground shipping for all orders and backs the pillow with a 100-night sleep trial.


Naturepedic Organic 2-in-1 Adjustable Latex Pillow

Why We Like it

  • Reversible design with a different feel on each side
  • Shredded latex and PLA batting fill is both supportive and breathable
  • GOTS-certified organic cotton cover
  • 30-day trial with free returns

Naturepedic logo

Naturepedic Organic Adjustable Latex Pillow

Naturepedic’s Organic 2-in-1 Adjustable Latex Pillow is produced from sustainably sourced materials. The fill consists of shredded latex blended with downy-soft PLA patting, which creates a balance of plushness and support for your head and neck. You can add or remove the fill to adjust the pillow’s loft. The cover is composed of organic cotton that has received certification from the Global Organic Textile Standard. 

One side of the pillow is made of stretch-knit cotton for a luxuriously smooth feel. The other side is composed of plush, quilted cotton sateen. Since the latter feels softer than the former, the pillow will be a good option for people whose pillow firmness preferences vary from night to night.

The Organic 2-in-1 Adjustable Latex Pillow is priced much lower than many competing pillows with latex fill. Shipping is also free within the contiguous U.S. Each order is backed by a 30-day trial period that includes free returns.


Kassatex European White Goose Down Pillow

Why We Like It

  • High-loft fill with European white goose down
  • Fill power of 650
  • Three firmness levels to choose from
  • Sustainably washed to reduce allergens
  • 60-day sleep trial


Kassatex down pillow

The down pillows from Kassatex are made with high-quality European white goose down that is carefully washed and treated — using eco-friendly bluesign soaps — to reduce allergen exposure. This material is exceptionally soft and lofty with a fill power of 650. A cotton shell with a thread count of 350 supplements the softness and adds breathability.

The pillow is available in Soft, Medium, and Firm options that can suit sleepers in any position. The moldability of down makes these pillows extremely useful for people who like to adjust a pillow in real time.

Kassatex offers free shipping and provides a 60-day no-risk sleep trial to test this pillow out in your own home.

Pillow Buying Guide

Before choosing the right pillow, there are a handful of factors to take into account including the pillow size, loft, and composition.

Pillow Sizes

In general, pillows are sold in 6 different sizes, as shown below:

Pillow SizeDimensions
Standard20” x 26”
Super Standard20” x 28”
Queen20” x 30”
King20” x 36”
Body54” x 20”
Toddler14″ x 20″
  • Standard: what most people are used to and compatible with virtually all pillowcases.
  • Super Standard: less common but ideal for people who want added width compared with a standard.
  • Queen: a larger size and a better fit for a larger bed as 2 queen pillows stretch across a queen bed.
  • King: designed for king beds as 2 king pillows stretch across a king bed.
  • Body: very long and intended to be used to support the body such as for pregnant women or people with back pain.
  • Toddler: extra small for little sleepers.

Pillow Loft – Determining Your Needs

A key component of determining whether you’ll get what you need out of a pillow is its level of loft. Loft is the thickness of the pillow when it is flat on your bed. Some pillows have a stable loft level while others can have their loft adjusted either by molding the pillow or by adding or removing some of the interior material.

Several factors influence the proper loft level for your pillows. These factors are described in the sections below.

Sleeping Position

Your choice of sleeping position directly influences how your neck is aligned in relation to the mattress and thus the appropriate amount of loft.

The most common position is side sleeping, and people on their side generally need higher loft to keep the head in line with the shoulders. An adjustable loft pillow or one that is moldable to change the amount of loft can also be very useful for side sleepers so that they can make minor modifications to get the right height.

Stomach sleepers need a much lower loft pillow because they are lying flat and flush with the mattress. A pillow that is too tall can cause unnatural arching or bending of the neck in a stomach sleeper, so a lower loft pillow (including adjustable pillows) serve these sleepers best.

Back sleepers, who are also flush with the mattress, generally do not want too much loft in a pillow because of how it can cause craning of the neck.

Head Size

The larger someone’s head is, typically the more loft that they will need since they will tend to put more pressure on the pillow. Additional loft, then, helps to prevent the pillow from compressing too much.

Body Shape and Size

People who have a bigger frame and who have a higher weight (generally 200 pounds or more) are more likely to sink into a mattress, which means that they need a pillow with lower loft. If they use a high loft pillow but their body sinks into the bed, then there will be an exaggerated bending or elongation of the neck, which can potentially lead to aches and pains. On the flip side, a lighter person who won’t sink into the bed much at all will probably be better served by a higher loft pillow.

Firmness of the Mattress

As a general rule, the firmer your mattress, the higher the loft that you want because you will be less prone to sinking into the bed. People who have very plush mattresses should err toward a lower loft pillow or a pillow that has an adjustable loft level.

Shoulder Width

This matters mostly for side sleepers. For side sleepers with very broad or wide shoulders, higher loft is usually necessary since the space between the mattress and the head is higher.

Placement of the Pillow

There are different ways to rest your head on a pillow. Some people put their head entirely on the pillow while others only put part of their head on the pillow. The level of loft that you need can depend, then, on how exactly you are placing the pillow under your head and how that affects the angle of your neck.

Pillow Types and Materials

To help determine the type of pillow that you want, it’s important to know about all of the various materials that can be used to fill a pillow. The characteristics and performance of a pillow will change based on this material, and in this section, we’ll give you an overview of what to expect from each.

Memory Foam

This material, commonly used in mattresses as well, is known for its compression and ability to contour to pressure. In a pillow, this makes it especially attractive as it can give the kind of support your head needs depending on the weight of your head and how you rest it on the pillow.

There are generally three types of memory foam pillows:

  • Shredded: in these, the pillow is filled with many small pieces of foam. This makes the pillow more moldable while retaining its supportiveness. In many cases, a shredded foam pillow will be adjustable, meaning that you can add or remove pieces of foam to change the loft of the pillow. In general, the flexibility of these pillows makes them viable for sleepers in most positions. Shredded foam does not retain as much heat as a block of memory foam, helping the pillow stay cool in the night.
  • Molded: this type of pillow is one single piece of foam, and for this reason, it tends to have a higher and more consistent loft. It still will compress to accommodate your head and neck, but it is not moldable like a shredded foam pillow. It also tends to retain more heat.
  • Noodle Foam: these pillows have a noodle or wave shape meaning that they look like a long cylinder. These allow you to have a great deal of flexibility in adjusting their shape, but their unconventional size can make them difficult for many people to use as a primary pillow.


Latex pillows are made with latex rubber that is known for having qualities of both responsiveness and resilience. This resilience means that you are less inclined to feel that your head is sinking into the pillow, but it can still compress to give support.

These pillows tend to be durable and have a higher loft but generally have limited ability to be re-shaped. Most latex pillows are molded and made of one piece of latex, but there are some pillows that are made with shredded latex. As with memory foam, shredded latex has more moldability and retains less heat.


Polyfoam is a broad category of foam products that is distinct from memory foam. Polyfoam can be manufactured to have a wide range of different characteristics including some types of polyfoam that takes on characteristics of memory foam.

These pillows tend to be lower cost than memory foam and usually do not have quite as much sink. They can be a viable option for sleepers in any position depending on the loft level of the pillow and whether it is adjustable.


Down pillows are made with feathers from ducks or geese and specifically with the down feathers, which are from the underside of the plumage. These pillows are known for being soft, light, and easily molded. While they have a greater loft, they tend to compress a lot and can be adjusted to take on different forms.

Many side sleepers and some back and stomach sleepers like down pillows, but others may find it tedious to keep reshaping them. They also tend to be more expensive, and some people have allergies to down.

Down Alternative

Down alternative pillows are designed to have a performance and feeling akin to down but without using actual down feathers. To accomplish this, pillow makers usually employ synthetic fabrics that are much cheaper and do not have issues with provoking allergies.

Overall, they capture much of the moldability and lightness of down that works well for sleepers who want to be able to adjust their pillow into many different shapes through the night. However, down alternative pillows usually do not last as long as true down and may not be quite as soft.


Thousands of small buckwheat husks are used to make buckwheat pillows. While each of these husks feels hard, when they are combined in a pillow, they offer a surface that both supportive and firm.

The husks can be pushed around to make the pillow moldable and usable for sleepers in most positions. The nature of the filling also makes these pillows naturally breathable and unlikely to retain heat. This combination of features leads sleepers of all positions to be able to benefit from buckwheat pillows.

The only downsides are that they can be expensive and can also be noisy in the night from the movement of the husks. For this reason, they may not be the best choice for people who are easily disturbed by noise while sleeping. The firmer loft level may be an issue for some stomach and back sleepers, depending on the amount of filling.


A low-cost option, cotton pillows are stuffed with this ubiquitous textile. Cotton tends to be fluffy and moldable, but it has limited ability to offer real support and tailored contouring that comes from many other pillow types. Cotton also absorbs heat and is poor at moisture-wicking, so people who are concerned about temperature may find cotton to be problematic.

In general, a thin cotton pillow is most likely to work for a back or stomach sleeper who needs less overall support than for a side sleeper who puts more pressure on the head and neck.