Best Online Mattresses of 2021

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Mattress shopping today is a dramatically different experience than it was just 5 or 10 years ago. While e-commerce has been growing for well over a decade, many people never expected it to reach the mattress industry.

After all, it was assumed that the desire to “try out” a mattress in a store would always confine mattress purchases to brick-and-mortar stores. But that assumption has turned out to be incredibly wrong.

Instead, online mattress sales have exploded with a plethora of companies selling mattresses directly to consumers through their own websites and through third-party retailers. These companies offer a huge range of options at extremely competitive prices and typically with free shipping and the opportunity to try out a mattress risk-free in your own home.

This has spurred more and more competition and better and better values for customers. In addition, online mattress companies have widely adopted a strong orientation toward customer care that stands in contrast to what was often the experience of in-store mattress shopping.

For all these reasons, more people than ever are choosing to shop for and buy a new mattress online. If you’ve started on this process, you’ve almost certainly noticed that your options are abundant. To help, we’ve written this guide to direct you to our top picks for the best mattresses online. For more details about the benefits and downsides of buying online and how it’s different from shopping in-store, check out our guide to Buying a Mattress Online.

What Are the Best Online Mattresses?

To get you started with your top picks, we’ve broken them down into a simple table that introduces you to some of their key characteristics including the type, firmness, and price of the mattress.

BrandModelMattress TypeFirmnessPrice (Queen)
NectarGel Memory FoamMedium Firm (6)$699
Casper OriginalFoamRelaxed Firm (5)$1,095
SaatvaInnerspringPlush Soft (4) / Luxury Firm (6) / Firm (7.5)$1,199
LeesaMemory FoamRelaxed Firm (6)$999
Brooklyn SignatureGel Memory Foam Soft (3) / Medium-Firm (6) / Firm (8)$949
DreamCloudGel Memory FoamMedium Firm (6.5)$999
WinkBedPolyfoam + Pocketed Microcoils3 Choices: Soft (4.5) / Luxury Firm (6.5), Firm (7.5)$1,599

*Price will vary based on mattress size from twin to California King (prices listed are for queen) and optional accessories chosen.

Online Mattress Reviews

Now that you have a basic introduction to the best mattresses online, it’s time to delve a bit deeper into the specifications of these mattresses and the reasons why they made our list.


Why we like it:

  • Doesn’t overheat or over-sink like most foam mattresses.
  • Contours and relieves pressure well
  • Ultra-low price point
  • Backed by a 365-night sleep trial

Nectar logo

Nectar Mattress

Within the competitive bed-in-a-box industry, the Nectar mattress manages to stand out with its premium construction, ultra-low price point, and generous 365-night sleep trial.

The all-foam bed is available in one firmness: Medium-Firm (6). At The 11” tall, the Nectar is made up of three distinct layers. It begins with a 1” quilted gel memory foam (4 PCF) above a 3” layer of semi-firm, fast-recovery memory foam gel (3.5 PCF). Next comes a 1.75” layer of transition polyfoam above a 5.25” layer of support polyfoam (2.2 PCF). The Nectar is wrapped in a cover of custom-milled tencel, an eco-friendly microfiber made from wood pulp.

The bed introduces technologies designed to eliminate problems associated with conventional foam mattresses, such as overheating and excessive sinking. The tencel cover helps regulate temperature and wick away moisture during the night. Meanwhile, the gel memory foam contours pressure points without allowing you to sink too deeply into the mattress, helping you keep cool and shift positions easily. The Nectar’s foam-based construction also allows for above-average motion isolation.

With its mid-level firmness, the Nectar is a solid choice for light to heavy-weight sleepers of all sleep styles, including back, side, and stomach. It’s also a good choice if you are a sleeper who enjoys the feeling of memory foam, but without the associated overheating or sinking sensation.

As noted, the Nectar comes with a 365-night sleep trial. A queen-size mattress can be purchased for as little as $699 with free shipping throughout the contiguous U.S. The Nectar includes a lifetime warranty.


Casper Original

Why we like it:

  • Plush, pressure-relieving foam layers
  • Isolates motion transfer for couples
  • Sleeps cooler than many all-foam beds
  • 100-night sleep trial

Casper Logo

The Casper Mattress

The Casper is a memory foam mattress crafted to conform closely and alleviate aches and pains for sleepers. It offers a medium (5) feel that balances softness and support, resulting in a comfortable body hug and even weight distribution without excessive sagging or sinking. This makes the bed ideal for any sleeper weighing 230 pounds or less.

The Casper is constructed with a memory foam layer resting between low- and medium-density layers of polyfoam. These components cradle the body and cushion the hips and shoulders, resulting in better spinal alignment for side sleepers. A high-density foam base reinforces the bed to help maintain an even sleep surface and protect the edges. Like many of its all-foam competitors, the Casper excels at motion isolation and does not make any noise. It also sleeps relatively cool, due in part to its breathable, paneled cover.

The Casper’s price-point is on par with that of the average memory foam bed. Casper also offers free shipping throughout the contiguous U.S. and Canada, and backs the mattress with a 100-night sleep trial and non-prorated 10-year warranty.



Why we like it:

  • More supportive and body-conforming than standard innersprings.
  • Bouncy and responsive, great for sex
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Free shipping, 120-night sleep trial and 15 year warranty

Saatva logo

Saatva mattress

Saatva is an innerspring mattress thriving in a world full of foam and latex. This impressive mattress provides an excellent night of sleep packaged with both luxury and affordability. Additionally, Saatva is known for their both their sustainability and free white-glove delivery, making them one of the preeminent, direct to consumer mattress companies.

The Saatva comes in three firmness options: Plush Soft (4), Luxury Firm (6) and Firm (7.5). These beds feature a support core made 13″ recycled bonnell coils. On top of that is a comfort layer that includes a layer of 14.5-gauge recycled steel pocket coils under layers of polyfoam and memory foam. Finally, these mattresses are topped by a pillowtop made of polyfoam, dacron and fiber with an organic cotton cover. Some aspects of these layers depend on the firmness (i.e. coil count, foam thickness, etc.).

With its unique coil-on-coil construction, the Saatva provides better support and body-contouring than standard innerspring mattresses. Best of all, this mattress has a very high-degree of bounciness and responsiveness, making it excellent for sex. Additionally, it has great edge support.

With an exceptionally eco-friendly construction, this mattress is great for consumers looking to invest in more sustainable products. With recycled steel in the coils, bio-based foams and organic cotton in the cover, the production of this bed has a significantly smaller environmental footprint than most.

Saatva offers a free full-service delivery, making their affordable price of $1,199 even more appealing. Further, they offer a 120-night sleep trial and a 15-year non-prorated warranty.



Why we like it:

  • Conforms closely to alleviate aches and pains
  • Absorbs and isolates motion transfer very well
  • Reasonably priced
  • 100-night sleep trial

Leesa Logo

Leesa Mattress

The Leesa is ideal for any sleeper who prefers medium firmness levels. Constructed with comfort layers of polyfoam and memory foam, the bed offers a balance of close body-conforming and even support. Extra padding around the shoulders and hips helps side sleepers improve their spinal alignment, while back and stomach sleepers experience even weight distribution without uncomfortable sagging.

A high-density polyfoam base adds extra reinforcement and support, which helps preserve the bed’s overall lifespan and eliminates the need for a topper. The Leesa also absorbs and minimizes motion transfer and does not make any noise when bearing weight. This makes the mattress a good option for couples who awaken easily due to movement or noise. The Leesa is also light and easy to move, even compared to other all-foam mattresses.

Leesa offers the mattress at an exceptionally low price-point and ships it for free to customers in all 50 states. The bed also comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.


Brooklyn Signature Mattress

Why we like it:

  • Hybrid design combines pressure-relief with responsiveness
  • Multiple firmness options
  • Sleeps relatively cool
  • Free shipping with 120-night sleep trial

Brooklyn Bedding Logo

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress

Formerly an all-foam mattress, the Brooklyn Signature was recently upgraded into a hybrid model. On a mission to design the #BestMattressEver, the Brooklyn Bedding company engineered a bed with proprietary foams and individually pocketed coils.

The 11.5” bed begins with a 1” layer of quilted gel memory foam. Next comes a 2” layer of TitanFlex polyfoam, a proprietary material infused with cooling gel. Below sits a slightly firmer and denser 2” layer of TitanFlex polyfoam.

At the core of the bed is a 6” layer of up to 1,024 individually pocketed coils. The bed is supported by a 1” layer of high-density base support foam.  

The Brooklyn Signature is available in three firmness choices: Soft (3), Medium Firm (6), and Firm (8). The Soft model is best suited for side sleepers or those who prefer additional pressure relief. The Medium Firm is recommended if you are a sleeper who tends to switch positions, while the Firm may be best if you generally sleep on your back or stomach. All firmness levels of the Brooklyn Signature are able to deliver above-average responsiveness, edge-support, and temperature neutrality.

The Brooklyn Signature can be yours at $949 for a queen. The mattress comes with free shipping within the U.S. and Canada, plus a 120-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty.


DreamCloud Mattress

Why we like it:

  • Great Support and pressure relief
  • Good choice for those with chronic injuries
  • Cashmere pillowtop is extremely comfortable.
  • 365-night sleep trial with a lifetime warranty.

DreamCloud logo

DreamCloud Mattress

One of the latest hybrid beds to join the marketplace, the DreamCloud blends performance memory foam with an advanced microcoil support system. Like the Nectar, the DreamCloud mattress comes with an ultra-generous 365-night sleep trial and relatively affordable price point.

The 15” mattress features a 2”, hand-tufted cashmere blend cover that acts as a European-style pillowtop. Beneath the cover, there are two thin layers of memory foam: a .5” gel-infused memory foam above a 1.75” quilted memory foam. Next up is a .5” layer of hypoallergenic natural latex above a .25” layer of high-density standard memory foam and 1.2” layer of even denser (5 PCF) memory foam.

Below the foam layers is an 8” system of microcoils, arranged to provide zoned support to different layers of the body. Finally, a high-density (5 PCF), 1.5” foundation of memory foam functions as the bed’s base.

The DreamCloud is available in Medium-Firm (6.5). The bed’s firmness and construction make it suitable for sleepers of all sizes, especially back sleepers. The mattress is also reviewed favorably by sleepers with chronic injuries who require additional support. However, some light sleepers found the DreamCloud overly firm.

The DreamCloud can be purchased for $1,199 for a queen, and comes with free shipping throughout all 50 states. The mattress also includes a 365-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty.



Why we like it:

  • Multiple firmness settings, including a design for heavier people
  • Targeted lower back support
  • Consistent temperature neutrality for hot sleepers
  • Lifetime warranty

WinkBeds Logo

WinkBeds Mattress

The WinkBed is a suitable choice for virtually any sleeper because it is available in four firmness settings. These include three options for the standard mattress: medium-soft (4.5), medium-firm (6.5), and firm (7.5). The standard model is constructed with two polyfoam comfort layers, along with foam-encased minicoils for added support and a compressed-cotton lumbar pad that provides extra cushioning for people with lower back pain.

Customers may also select the WinkBed Plus, a medium-firm (6.5) version of the mattress designed specifically for heavier individuals. This model substitutes a latex layer in place of the minicoils, which makes the bed more resistant to sagging – a common complaint from heavier sleepers. Due to this wide product range, most buyers should be able to find a suitable WinkBed model regardless of their weight or preferred position.

All WinkBed models include pocketed coil support cores encased in thick, high-density foam, which adds edge support to make the mattress more durable. Air circulates freely through the coils, which also allow the surface to sleep exceptionally cool.

The WinkBed and WinkBed Plus are both priced much lower than the average hybrid mattress. WinkBeds also offers a generous lifetime warranty complete with the ‘Any Reason’ option, which allows owners to exchange their mattress after the sleep trial ends at a 50% discount.


Top picks

5Brooklyn Signature$949
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