The Best Heated Mattress Pads 2021

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Few things bring joy and calmness like a cozy bed. While enjoyable year-round, the soothing feel of a warm bed is especially important as you fight off the chill of the winter months.

A heated mattress pad is a sure-fire way to make your bed toasty and inviting. These pads fit over your mattress and have a built-in heating element that adds gentle warmth to your bed.

If you are looking to upgrade your sleep experience, a heated mattress pad is a perfect companion to a comfortable and supportive mattress. On top of keeping you cozy, this added temperature can work wonders for reducing minor pain and muscle aches.

In this guide, we’ll present our list of the best heated mattress pads and explain why they stood out from the competition. We will also review the why and how for making an informed purchase when shopping for a heated pad.

Our Top Picks

Chili technologyChillpad CubeHeating and cooling options, Wireless control, Dual temperature zonesSingle, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split Cal King$499-1,199
SertaSherpa Heated PadSafe & Warm technology for low-voltage warming, 10-hour auto-shut off for safety, Dual-zone heat in larger sizesTwin, Full, Queen, King, Cal King$84-211
SunbeamQuilted Heated Mattress PadQuilted polyester fill for extra comfort, ThermoFine system for even heat distribution, 10 heat settingsTwin, Full, Queen, King$49.99-114.99
Perfect FitSoftHeat Mattress PadWaterproof backing, Low-voltage heating, 11 heat settings with preheat optionTwin, Full, Queen, King, Cal King$42.69-157.50

The Chillpad Cube

Why we like it:

  • Ability to warm or cool bed
  • Wired and wireless controls
  • Adjust temperature for each side of bed
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee

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Sleep Help ChillPad Cube Image

The Chillpad Cube has a central unit that fits under your bed and is connected to a pad made of cotton and polyester that goes underneath your sheet. The pad contains numerous thin tubes, and the Cube pumps water through those tubes. The device heats or cools the water to adjust the temperature of your bed.

While many pads can only heat, the Chillpad Cube can offer heating and cooling in a range of 55 to 100 degrees. Each side of the bed can have a different temperature thanks to two zones of tubes. Changing the temperature is easy on either the main unit or with a wireless remote.

This is the most expensive option on our list, but it has the broadest range of features. You can try it out for 90 days risk-free with the company’s satisfaction guarantee.


Serta Sherpa Heated Pad

Why we like it:

  • Numerous safety features including low-power heat and auto-shutoff
  • Extremely thin wires prevent feeling them through the pad
  • Stretchy 100% polyester cover

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Serta Sherpa Heated Mattress Pad Image

The Sherpa Heated Mattress Pad is built to offer modest yet comforting warmth in any season. It uses low-voltage heat that provides a gentle rather than scalding heat. This makes it a solid choice for people who worry about overheating or who already have warm blankets and want some extra warmth.

A benefit of this reduced heat output is increased safety. The pad uses Safe & Warm technology that includes the low-voltage heat, temperature regulation, and a 10-hour automatic shut-off feature.

The controller offers 10 heat settings, and in the Queen and King sizes, you can set each side of the bed to a different level. The polyester cover is stretchy and thick enough to prevent feeling the wires inside the pad.

Polyester is not very breathable, but because the heat on this pad is lower, it is unlikely that you will have issues with sweating from sleeping hot.


Sunbeam Quilted Mattress Pad

Why we like it:

  • Evenly-spaced wires for better heat distribution
  • Quilted cover gives added softness
  • Dual-zone heating in Queen and King pads

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Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad SleepHelp

The Quilted Heated Mattress Pad from Sunbeam stands out for its plush cover. It has 5 ounces of polyester fill sewn into it, and this delivers a level of plushness that isn’t found with most heated pads. At the same time, this extra cushioning helps ensure that you don’t feel any of the wires when you lie down on the pad.

This pad has 10 heat settings, and its ThermoFine system keeps this heat spread evenly across the bed. For the Queen and King sizes, you have the option of setting each half to a different temperature and to control that heat with a separate controller. A preheat setting lets you get the bed warmed up before you turn in for the night.

Safety features include a 10-hour automatic shut-off in case you forget to turn the pad off when you get out of bed.


Perfect Fit SoftHeat Mattress Pad

Why we like it:

  • Waterproof backing protects your mattress and components of pad
  • Extra safety with low-voltage heat and auto shut-off
  • 11 heat levels and preheat function

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perfectfit softheat mattress pad

The Perfect Fit SoftHeat Mattress Pad combines several appealing features at an approachable price.

A defining element of this pad is its waterproof backing made with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). TPU provides a seal that keeps any spills from getting through the pad and damaging your mattress. This is a huge plus for anyone with an expensive mattress to protect.

For heating, this pad uses SoftHeat, which is a low-voltage system that offers 11 heat settings. While not the most powerful in heating elements, SoftHeat provides greater safety. This safety is bolstered by an automatic shut-off that kicks in after 10 hours. For people who share a bed and want different heat levels, the pad comes standard with two zones in the Queen and King sizes.

Some customers have reported issues with durability, but overall this mattress scores well in customer satisfaction.


Heated Mattress Pad Buyer’s Guide

Our Buyer’s Guide is a one-stop resource for anyone who is thinking about buying a heated mattress pad. If you’re wondering if a heated pad is right for you, or if you’re looking for details about how to find a great product, this guide has you covered.

Why You Should Consider a Heated Mattress Pad

A heated mattress pad serves two main goals: temperature regulation and pain relief.

Climbing into a cold bed can be a shock to the system and can keep you from getting comfortable enough to fall asleep. A heated mattress pad solves this issue by providing consistent warmth through its heating element. Preheating lets you to have your bed warmed-up well before you get tucked in.

The warmth from a heated pad comes from beneath your sheets, so this heat is more easily retained by your body and your blankets. This all-around warmth contributes to a cozy feel in your bed.

A heated pad achieves the goal of temperature regulation more efficiently than turning up your thermostat. Heating your whole bedroom or house with the thermostat can waste energy and drive up your heating bill. By just warming your bed, a pad gives you more bang for your buck.

On top of just staying warm, a heated pad can alleviate many aches and pains. Heat can be soothing for people with muscle or joint issues and can prevent waking up feeling cold and stiff.

Features and Considerations


A heated mattress pad has several components: the cover, the heating element, and the controller.

You typically place a heated mattress pad under your sheets, so you rarely make direct contact with the cover. Nevertheless, the material in the cover can influence your warmth and overall comfort.

Polyester is a synthetic material that is frequently used for covers. Polyester is stretchy and can be soft, but it is not very breathable. This means that it won’t help to wick away moisture if you start sweating. Microfiber is a type of polyester that is brushed to give it an extra-plush feel.

Cotton, which is much more breathable and still very soft, is another common material used in covers of heated mattress pads. The softness and durability will be greatly affected by the thread count of the cotton. It is also normal to see blends of cotton and polyester in these products.

Look for a cover that is thick enough to make sure that you won’t feel the wires inside the pad. The cover should have a skirt to hold tightly to the corners of the mattress so that the pad does not move around or bunch since this can cause uneven heat distribution and safety risks.

The heating element is a core component of a heated mattress pad. Most pads have tiny wires spaced throughout the pad, and electricity is used to heat up these wires. Specialty pads may use heated air or water instead of electric wires.

With any heated pad, you want the wires to be thin enough that they won’t feel uncomfortable. At the same time, the wires should be distributed evenly throughout the pad so that you don’t wind up with hot spots and cool zones.

The controller is what you use to turn the pad on and off and to set its heat level. Normally these are wired controllers, but some pads have wireless controls. If each side of the bed can be set to a different heat level, there may be two separate controllers.


A heated mattress pad needs to fit securely on your bed in order for it to function safely and effectively. If it is too tight, it may pinch cords or make the wires easier to feel. If it is too loose, it may cause bunching that can be a safety hazard due to overheating.

Check the dimensions of your bed, including its depth, and choose a heated mattress pad that will fit properly.


The best heated pads have features that let you home in on the temperature that’s right for you.

Having multiple heat settings, for example, allows you to dial-in to the exact amount of heat that you need. With a wider range of settings, you can make minor adjustments during the night if you start feeling too hot or cold.

Dual-zone heating is a desirable feature for anyone who shares a bed. This lets each person set the heat on their side. If you share a bed with someone who tends to run hotter or colder than you, make sure to look for this personalization feature. It often is only available in the larger sizes like Queen and King.

A timer and/or preheat option can be another great feature. Preheating makes it possible to avoid any blast of coldness when you first turn in. A timer can increase safety and can let you control how long the pad stays hot, which is useful if you tend to start to overheat and only want the pad to be warm for the first few hours of the night.


The more functions that a heated mattress pad has, the greater the risk that its controller(s) will be difficult to use. The best pads have digital controls with intuitive buttons and instructions.

Choosing among the settings should be clear, and ideally the controller should have a display that is big and bright enough to easily read at night but without so much brightness as to disrupt your sleep.


Heated mattress pads are safe for regular use, but many customers worry about potential risks. Thankfully, several features can dramatically reduce the risk of injury to yourself and others.

An auto shut-off feature prevents the device from running continuously if you forget to turn it off. Most heated pads will turn off automatically after 10 hours. Easy-to-use instructions contribute to safety, too, by promoting proper operation of the pad.

Another hedge against building up heat is over-temperature protection. With this feature, if the device detects that it’s retaining a lot of heat, it turns itself off.

UL Certification according to UL964 standards provide reassurance about the quality of the materials. This standard applies directly to heated bedding products and verifies that the product has gone through independent safety testing.


A heated pad is covered by your sheet and don’t have to be washed all that often. But you’ll still want to keep it fresh and clean.

Some pads can be machine-washed without damaging the wires while others can only be spot cleaned. If it is machine-washable, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidance about washer settings.


Top picks

1Chillpad Cube$499 – $1,199
2Serta Sherpa Heated Pad$84 – $211
3Sunbeam Quilted Heated Mattress Pad$49.99 – $114.99
4Perfect Fit SoftHeat Mattress Pad$42.69 – $157.50
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