The Best Adjustable Bed 2021

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Adjustable base beds can be an exciting upgrade to your sleep experience. Adjustable bases allow elevation of the head and foot of the bed to optimize comfort by giving you virtually limitless combinations of sleep positions.

The adjustable base shifts your position to take pressure off your back, elevates your head for reading or TV viewing, or your feet for comfort. Some come with massage functions to heighten the effect of customized relaxation and sleep in bed.

This guide will show you top adjustable base brands (features, sizes, and prices), detailed adjustable base reviews, and a buyer’s guide that explains the benefits and features of this upgraded sleep accessory.

Our Top Picks

SaatvaLineal Adjustable BaseWall-hugging design, 3 massage settings, free white-glove deliveryTwin – Twin XL – Full – Queen – King (Split) – Cal King$375-1,356
YaasaYaasa Adjustable BedExtensive range of motion, USB ports, wall-hugging designTwin XL – Queen – King – Split King$895-1,795
NectarNectar Adjustable BedFast Set-Up, USB ports, MassageTwin XL – Full – Queen – King – Split King$649-1,298
Tempur PedicTEMPUR-ERGOVariable massage mode, Greater incline options, Underbed lightsTwin XL – Full Queen/Split Queen – King/Split King – CA King/Split CA King$1,199-2,398

Yaasa Adjustable Base

Why we like it

  • Wall-hugging with adjustable head and foot of bed
  • Massage function with 3 massage types
  • Small light built-in under the bed
  • Free white-glove delivery and installation

Saatva logo

Saatva Lineal adjustable base

The Saatva Lineal is build with four metal legs and an upholstered platform. The legs have pegs that allow them to be adjusted from a height of 6” to 10”. Both the upper and lower sections are adjustable, and the wall-hugger design raises the top of the bed while keeping it in line with a nightstand. A light is included under the bed that can be turned on using the remote if you need to get up during the night.

  • Wireless remote
  • Both head and foot of bed are adjustable
  • Multiple types of massage settings
  • Lighted underside of bed
  • Quiet motor for non-disruptive operation
Zero Gravity

There is a Zero Gravity preset pre-programmed on the Saatva Lineal. 


The Lineal comes with free white-glove delivery and installation. This installation includes haul-away of an old mattress but not an old frame.


The Saatva Lineal has an above-average price point compared to most adjustable beds, but the cost is justified given the quality of the construction, the extended warranty, and the free in-home setup.


The Lineal works with any mattress that was designed for or is listed as compatible with an adjustable base. This includes the Saatva line of products that includes an innerspring, memory foam, and latex mattress.

The Lineal will work with open-cavity beds and does not require the use of a foundation or box spring.


Saatva offers a 25-year warranty on the Lineal adjustable frame. During the first five years, Saatva will repair any defects at no charge. From years six to 25, there is a limited warranty that requires some customer cost-sharing for repairs.

  • 25-year warranty
  • 3 massage settings
  • Wireless remote with easy operation
  • Built-in under-bed light controlled by remote
  • Wall-hugging design
  • High cost
  • No sleep trial
  • No USB outlets

Yaasa Adjustable Base

Why we like it:

  • Wall-hugging design keeps bedside furniture within reach
  • Advanced positioning including zero-gravity
  • Built-in USB ports for easy charging
  • Wireless remote is backlit for easy use at night


Yaasa Adjustable Bed

The Yaasa adjustable bed is constructed with a moving platform that elevates in multiple sections to give significant range of motion for the upper and lower body. The total height of the adjustable bed is 15”. USB ports are built into each side of the frame for easy charging of electronic devices. The bed is controlled by a backlit wireless remote.

  • Backlit wireless remote for frustration-free nighttime use
  • Wall-hugging design keeps nightstands well-positioned
  • Built-in USB ports for device charging
  • Elevates both head and feet
  • Zero-gravity position
Zero Gravity

The Yaasa base offers a Zero Gravity position as a programmed preset setting. 


The Yaasa is sent via standard shipping and is delivered in two boxes. Assembly is required to remove the parts from these boxes and set up the frame. Instructions are included, and Yaasa includes a video on their website.

White glove delivery and installation is available in many locations for an extra fee.


The cost of the Yaasa is higher than many adjustable beds, but its features and construction make this frame worthy of the added investment.


Most mattresses are compatible with the Yaasa adjustable frame including most memory foam and latex mattresses. Innersprings are compatible if they do not have a border rod. Yaasa’s customer service team can work with you to help determine if your mattress will be compatible.


The Yaasa adjustable bed comes with a 10-year warranty. During the first year, it is a full warranty that covers all repairs and transportation or shipping costs associated with warranty repairs. During years two through 10, warranty coverage decreases by 10% of the cost of repairs each year. The warranty does not cover electronics or motors.

  • Excellent range of positions for sleepers of all types
  • Compatible with almost all modern mattresses
  • Remote is wireless and backlit for easy use
  • Pre-installed USB ports
  • Higher price point
  • Not available in Twin or Full sizes

Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame

Why we like it:

  • Built-in USB ports
  • Head and foot elevation with programmable settings
  • Luxurious massage functions

Nectar logo

Nectar adjustable base

The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame has six legs for stability and adjustable under-bed clearance of 6, 9 or 12”. It’s upholstered with durable dark gray fabric and features a foot retainer bar to keep the mattress from moving when the base adjusts the position.

  • Three-zone massage
  • Programmable memory settings
  • Dual USB ports
  • Foot and head elevation
  • Independent massage motors
  • Simple to use wireless remote
Zero Gravity

The Nectar adjustable base offers low-stress Zero Gravity sleep positioning and a memory program that saves three favorite positions for ease of use.


Nectar promises the fastest set-up in the industry. Unlike some other adjustable bases, you don’t have to attach the motors. It all comes already attached to the base, and you just screw the legs onto the base and plug in the color-coded cables. It takes just minutes.


Nectar is modestly priced and offers a lot of functionality on a budget. The remote isn’t as high-tech looking as some others, but the base itself is a great value and the remote gets the job done.


This base was designed for Nectar mattresses but also works with other types. Foam and latex mattresses are usually compatible. Some hybrids might be, but innerspring with interlinked coils will not work. Mattresses closer to 12” (or shorter) in height are a better choice.


The three-year warranty includes the motion and massage motors.

  • Quick, tool-free set-up
  • Very quiet motor action
  • Separate massage motors
  • Remote doesn’t look high-tech
  • No under-bed lighting like other similar products
  • May not accommodate very tall mattresses


Why we like it:

Why we like it:

  • Easy-to-use preset positions
  • Multiple massage modes
  • Extra features like USB ports and underbed lighting

Tempur Pedic logo

tempur pedic adjustable


The total height of the TEMPUR-ERGO is 9-17” depending on which adjustable leg height you use. The under-bed clearance is in increments of 3” (3-9”). The upholstery is a stylish black. The foot retainer bar is taller than on comparable bases and works well with taller mattresses.


  • Three variable massage modes
  • Presets for Zero-G, anti-snoring, flat, and TV plus one customizable
  • Underbed LED lighting on three sides
  • Head adjusts up to 57 degrees and foot angles up to 46 degrees
  • Dual USB ports
  • Adjustable leg heights for 3-9” underbed clearance

Zero Gravity

The Zero Gravity setting on the TEMPUR-ERGO raises your head and feet optimally to take the pressure off your back. There’s a “ZERO G” button on the remote to get you there quickly.


The TEMPUR-ERGO base has a more extensive setup than some of the others on our list and requires a couple of tools. They recommend a two-person setup.


TEMPUR-PEDIC isn’t a bargain brand. It’s high-end, performs well, and offers durable products. The TEMPUR-ERGO is costlier than all others on the list, but customers love it.


The company recommends TEMPUR-ERGO for use with their mattresses, but say it will work with memory foam, latex, and hybrid, but some innerspring beds might not be compatible.


There is a three-year full warranty on the TEMPUR-ERGO then limited for the next two years, and the frame itself has a 25-year warranty.

  • Very quiet motor performance
  • Taller foot retainer better for loftier mattresses
  • Wave massage option
  • Thinner than other adjustable bases
  • Remote not backlit
  • Costlier than competing products

Adjustable Bed Frame Buyer’s Guide  

Why You Should Consider an Adjustable Bed

Even the most comfortable mattress might not give you the ergonomic rest you can get on an adjustable base bed. Mattresses lie flat and the only way you can adjust is with pillows. That’s not a good system for consistent comfort if you have back pain, medical condition, or special sleep needs.

Here are some of the benefits of sleeping on an adjustable bed:

Pain Relief

If you have back pain, neck pain, or joint issues, an adjustable bed can take the pressure off your spine, let you get to sleep easier, and wake without aches. Many adjustable beds come with a “zero gravity” setting which elevates the head and feet slightly to take the pressure off your spine.

Additional Comfort

When you can raise and lower the head and foot of the bed, you can get into a healthy sleep posture, whether you sleep on your stomach, back or side. This promotes circulation, pressure relief, and spinal alignment. You can experiment until you get optimal comfort to meet your needs.

Reduce or Eliminate Snoring

Snoring is a problem for many people and is worse when you sleep on your back. However, if that’s your comfortable go-to posture, you might not want to reposition. Anti-snore settings let you raise the head of the mattress slightly so that your head is tilted, your airway is clear, and you won’t snore.


If you like to lie in bed to read or watch TV, an adjustable bed can make the experience far more enjoyable and relaxing. Most adjustable beds come with pre-sets for TV watching that lift your head, raise your feet slightly, and take pressure off your spine.

Health Benefits

Some of the medical conditions that benefit from sleeping on an adjustable bed include asthma, sleep apnea, heartburn, GERD, circulation issues, arthritis, neck and shoulder pain, leg swelling or pain, and acid reflux.  

Features and Considerations

Adjustable beds all work the same fundamental way but vary significantly in features, quality, cost, performance, ease of assembly, and other critical factors. Here are some top features and considerations when shopping for an adjustable bed base.

What Types of Mattress Work with an Adjustable Bed

Many adjustable mattress bases are made by mattress manufacturers. Makers often recommend the bases be used with the mattresses they sell, but this is not required. Here’s how the four main mattress types work with adjustable bases. The primary consideration is the flexibility of the mattress.

  • Latex – Most latex mattresses will work with an adjustable base because they are pliable.
  • Memory Foam – This material works well with an adjustable base since it bends easily.
  • Hybrid – Some hybrids work with an adjustable base, but it depends on coil construction.
  • Innerspring – Only some adjustable bases work with innerspring – coil construction matters.
Does Mattress Size Matter?

Depending on the brand, you’ll be able to find an adjustable base to fit. They come in sizes ranging from Twin XL up to a split California King and everywhere in between. Regular twin beds aren’t compatible with adjustable bases. Not all base brands offer a product for every mattress size.

What is the Weight Capacity?

Weight capacity is important. Although it differs by brand, adjustable bases usually accommodate from 500-1,000 pounds total. Some state an overall weight limit while others specify a weight limit per side. The more weight on the bed, the faster the motors will wear out.

How Much Do Adjustable Bases Weigh?

The base weight is important particularly if you plan to set it up yourself. Adjustable bases are heavy, with steel parts, multiple motors, and are weighty for stability. They average 150-200 pounds, so you’ll probably need help setting it up. Some brands offer white glove delivery and set-up.

What Is Zero Gravity and Why Does It Matter?

The zero gravity sleep position mimics astronaut seating during launch because it counteracts intense g-force pressure. There’s a slight elevation of the head and feet to take pressure off the spine. This means no pressure pulling you out of spinal alignment. It’s an ideal sleep posture for many.

What’s the Lift Angle (Head and Foot)?

All adjustable heads will elevate your head and feet, but the maximum angle varies by manufacturer. Head elevation averages 55-70 degrees. Foot elevation averages 40-50 degrees. The greater the range of motion, the more customization you can achieve.

Is the Adjustable Base a Wall Hugger?

When you elevate the head of the mattress, some adjustable bases move the bed to keep you near the wall (thus, it’s called a wall hugger). This is important because it keeps you in easy reach of your nightstand versus having to reach back to get to your tablet, glasses, or water bottle.

Does the Adjustable Base Massage?

Most medium to high-end adjustable base beds offer a massage feature. The intensity of the massage effect depends on the quality of the massage motors. Some are more like massage pads while some are good-sized motors. The effect also varies based on the thickness of the base and your mattress.

Other Features to Consider in an Adjustable Base
  • Lighting – Adjustable bases sometimes offer underbed lighting to increase visibility in your bedroom with subtle lighting.
  • USB – Most adjustable base beds come with USB charging ports. Some come with two on each side and some just one.
  • Alarm and Speakers – Some adjustable bases come with a wake feature that will vibrate to wake you up at an appointed time. Speakers are another nice option available with some bases.
  • App – Recent high-tech adjustable base designs offer control via an app, not just a remote. This is a plus if you tend to misplace your gadget remotes.
  • Telescoping legs – Whether you prefer a lower profile bed or higher for accessibility or to create storage below the bed, adjustable bases with telescoping or adjustable height legs give you options.
What Are the Returns and Warranty Policies for Adjustable Bases?

Most adjustable bases offer a sleep night trial, like those offered for mattresses. These can range from 90-120 nights, but a few makers don’t offer a sleep trial at all. Returns are processed within the sleep night period, as with mattresses, but some companies won’t take them back at all.

Warranties range widely for adjustable bases but average three to five years. Most warranties have a shorter period where they warranty the entire base, and after that, it’s a limited warranty.

Top picks

1Saatva Lineal$1,399
2 Yassa Adjustable Base$1,699
3 Nectar Adjustable Bed$799
4 Nectar Adjustable Bed$1,299
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